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Hello everyone!

I'm currently in the process of creating a Friday Night Funkin mod featuring my original character's, I'm working on the character sprites and the background assets as we speak however I'm in need of some help in making this the best mod it can be.

For this AU story I have about 7 week's planned and 8 different character's I'll be making sprites for along with the background asset's, I also have a document that contains the backstory, character dialogue, Track names & Week names for each character so I'll be sending the document through the Charcoal Studios discord to those apart of the team in order for all of us to be on the same page throughout development. Also if anyone collaborating on this project has any ideas to add to make this project even better, then we can discuss your ideas through email, through newgrounds, though discord or any other platform you're comfortable using (if necessary).

In order for this to work, communication is key and we gotta work as a team so only respond to this post if you're serious about this project.

Who We have now:

Music Producer - CaliKat (aka OverDecorated)

2D Asset Artist #1 - sprinklepuff360

Keith/Boyfriend & Alexander Leviathan (week 5) Voice Actor - PaleFreak

Jessica Noir (week 1) Voice Actress - Echo Studios

Who We'll Need:

Cutscene Animator

2D Asset Artist #2

Game/Mod Programmers

Voice Actor/Actress 2 (Jordan Noir)

Voice Actor/Actress 3 (Opheliah Monroe)

Voice Actor/Actress 4 (CAUTION)

Voice Actor/Actress 5 (Lilith)

Voice Actor/Actress 6 (Charlotte Valenti)

Voice Actor/Actress 7 (Maddie Mars)

Voice Actor/Actress 8 (Girlfriend)

You can submit your auditions or portfolios to this link https://www.castingcall.club/projects/fnf-noir-mod-project (the VA audition lines will also be located on this site) or to my email address suitflesh@gmail.com (make sure to have the subject header as the role you're applying for).

You also must be age 18+ in order to apply.


Thank you for your time!