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I just noticed this was here so I'm putting this here too because people might be more likely to respond to it if its in the right place:

:: i already got a couple vague ideas for it but im still figuring stuff out

:: basically all i need is a programmer, someone who can help me animate (i can do the key frames i just dont have good animation software), and a musician (edit: got a musician and a programmer)

:: i dont have any money so i hope thats ok

:: i also might not be able to get to you right away because college

:: im expanding on an idea from my art of my oc thistel and doing a plot thing with thistel's coworker brambleby

:: thistel went missing so b is looking for them but stumbles upon bf and gf

:: b asks them if they seen thistel but doesnt understand beep boops and oops track 1 happens

:: i dont really expect replies but that would be nice

:: ill post some more art of some progress i made when i get a chance but for now you get this sketch

:: https://img.ngfiles.com/collab/243000/iu_243996_8451478.png

:: and yes im planning on fixing a couple things to make it fit with the artstyle for the game better and just trying to fix up b's design in general

:: if youre interested let me know so we can figure stuff out (preferably on discord)