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Hello! I'm looking for people to join us in the making of Reaper's Storm, a passion project of mine.

This is going to be a webcomic that will extend across 3 "Books", which are essentially just Seasons... we're not actually putting it into three books, it's just easier to refer to it that way and bunch certain arcs together.

We're looking for people to help us over the long term, but unfortunately you'll have to wait to see if being paid is a possibility... once I get a proper job, I'll try and put some money towards that!

But right now this is purely a passion project, so I apologize in advance

Regardless, we're looking for team members that are fine working under these conditions! We won't really ask much of you until we flesh out the actual lore and characters first. After all, it's no good to simply charge in and make up stuff as you go-

If you're not interested in becoming a team member, you can join us to watch the project come along, or you can help in short bits! Whatever works for you!

Here's the premise of the series:

The world has entered chaos. All order we once had now resides in how big your guns are.
That's the world we live in now. The military dictates what we do. It decides who lives. It also decides who dies out in the wastes.
We're trying to end this war, me and my group of soldiers. We all came together for a pretty honorable goal: liberate humanity from the reapers.
There's three of them, actually. Every single one can wipe all of us out without a sweat... actually, it's kinda funny that they haven't yet. Either way, we're waging war upon the forces that made our world a wasteland to begin with.
We're waging war upon all of the humans that oppose us.
We're waging war upon everything that doesn't like us, really.
And at this point, that's the whole goddamn world.
So be it.

We do mostly everything in our Discord!

Access it from our website, alongside all the lore!


Or just have the link: https://discord.com/invite/A9Yy7csgwF

(Character information and their designs are in the Characters document, which you can access from the website)

I hope we can meet soon ^^