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Hello everyone! I am MeatySentai and I just wanted to put out there I'm here to work with anyone who would

 need some sort of animation,game, or even narration voice work done 

for your project! Right now I'm more interested in growing my

 experience and resume than I am to be paid, so I welcome any and all projects!

I have been on the following projects and series

  • SRS (Original Animation)
  • Adora Project (Video Game)
  • Sword Sisters ( Video Game)
  • Black Clover Abridged
  • Castle Swimmers Comic Dub 
  • Run With the Wind Abridged 

Below is my contacts and demo reel! Hope to work with you soon!

Discord - HalfBoiledRamen#7878

Email - meatysentaiva@gmail.com

And on NewGrounds of course!

Demo Reel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQDBHMU3UQE