Hello reader.

A friend and I are looking to work on a long-term game development project. At the time of writing, the project is simply in the concept stages so there is not much to show other than ideas being spit-balled, however the ideas that have been spit-balled require some extra hands to make this a reality within a realistic time-frame.

I myself am a programmer currently working on back-end PHP development for my website. I have made games before and have developed mobile apps.

They are a sound designer/engineer who helped me with the sound design in Ghost House (on NG) and has worked professionally in sound mastering.

Ideal peers would have knowledge in:

  • 3D modelling, 2D asset production, graphic design, making stuff look pretty (desired)
  • Animation (desired)
  • Game theory/design
  • Software development for PC and mobile
  • Writing

Please send me a private message with examples of your work (unless you have work already on NG, in which case just point me to it)

This is not a paid opportunity at first, although we want to make the game a commercial product and there will be a legal document written up for fair distribution of profits, and of course you will be credited for your hard work. Ideally I want to come out of this project with a game development company.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to people sliding in my DMs