Hi, RobbieRom speaking here.

A few days ago, I just finished an independent project myself. As you can see, I'm a beginner and I'm not good at animating. For the time being I'm not able to learn animation properly or get an ideal software(my OS can't run Flash now). So, I'm thinking about handing the job to someone else - someone who really knows how to animate, and who creates great art.

I'm not fulfilled to create short comedies only. Instead, I want to create a whole complete drama. An animation with actual story line and great style. So it will be a big project.

What's more, it will be a supernatural story with teenagers as main characters. Don't get me wrong, it's not a silly fighting or romance story. It will fall in psychological horror genre.

Story Outline (so far)

A schoolboy stays late alone at school, doing his cleaning job. Suddenly he meets a girl whom he's never seen before. They had a brief talk, and the schoolboy simply feels a bit weird. Later on, he found out the school is actually haunted and the girl is a ghost. The girl visits him and talks to him often, while more disturbing things happen.

I will do:

Writing - Building the whole story.

Designing - Character designing, background designing, etc.

Directing - Give directions and organize things.

Talents I'm looking for:

Animators - Who animates real quality contents.

Artists - Can contribute to character designs, background designs, etc.

Writers - Can share ideas and contribute new thoughts on the plot.

Musicians - Can make original music that fits the tone of the movie.

P.S. Although I myself is good at editing, there's something wrong with my software as you can see a bit of sound delay in my recent project. That's rather painful. So I guess I have to find someone else to edit it for me.

PM me if you are interested! Also, our main communication tool is my Workshop.

I'll also post a forum thread for further updates of stuff I create for this project.

Notice: This job is unpaid - 'work for free, work for fun' is our slogan.