These type of people would be great for several of my series, although the RJL Show and Wavatar Land are my main series right now:

-People who are good at art and/or animation (in Adobe Animate/Flash (animation & art) and/or Photoshop (art))

-People who can create musical stings (or at least for the most part) & SFX

-People who can write funny scripts or come up with funny ideas

-People who can review audio mixes, animations, scripts, and others

-People who can create JSFLs in Adobe Flash/Animate like possible shortcuts or something like that

If anyone here wants to animate for the RJL Show and/or Wavat r Land, PM me for an animator audition file.

Here's the latest The RJL episode for reference:


Talk to me for a Wavatar Land episode reference since the show will change quite a bit starting from the 20th episode. The 19th episode is available now though.

God bless you all!