He all,

I'm working on a EPIC game no rush I want to take my time making it good.

And a good game needs an good team I'm just looking for anybody that can help (even programers can help).

Just send me a PM with what you can do.

However i do have a few criteria:

◉ For ARTIST i would like to work with limitations like only using x amount of layers or only using a handful of colors, and to export to png and a file like .paint that can be edited later

◉For MUSICIANS i would love it if you would send in some random 10 sec audio so i can say he i like that share those instruments with the rest so we can use that, And for exporting a final product please export to the following files: MP3,WAV and OGG.

◉For PROGRAMERS i'm just looking for people that can program in JavaScript but most importantly of all send me an PM with the following js+html application: An application that counts to 100 and replaces every multible of 3(3,6,9,12,15) with an word looks don't matter the code does.

If your talent type wasn't mentioned then you will just have to write an nice PM.