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, here are some commission info for yall:

When commissions are open I'll be accepting up to

20 requests

at a time.

If you're interested in commissioning, e-mail me at


with COMMISSION as a subject with your request and references. If I decide to take your request I'll e-mail you back with a confirmation, including my personal Discord. If you already have me on Discord contact me directly instead of sending an e-mail.




Single character: 40 USD

(+25 per each extra character)

Backgrounds starting from +10



Single character: 25 USD

(+15 per each extra character)

Backgrounds starting from +10

I draw both SFW and NSFW

Will not draw


  • Furries (can be discussed)
  • MLP
  • Mecha
  • Vehicles
  • Vore
  • Sexualized gore
  • Real people or OCs based on real people
  • Any fetish I find too extreme, please ask! :D


  • Payments are done via
  • PAYPAL invoice only
  • ;

  • After the request is accepted I'll draw a rough sketch and send you via Discord (or e-mail if you don't have a Discord), any changes that you see fit shall be made during this phase. After the sketch is approved I'll be sending a PAYPAL invoice to your e-mail and only after payment is done I'll proceed with inking and colouring.
  • No design changes will be made during or after inking/colouring process
  • , but colour adjustments can still be requested;

  • No refunds unless I'm unable to complete your request;

  • The finished piece will be posted both on my Newgrounds gallery and Twitter unless asked to be kept private.


Thanks a lot for your support!