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My original account: @kingpug672 will no longer be in use. I recommend you follow me here if you plan to stay in touch. Thank You.

Long story short... "I like to draw, I need friends--ANNNNNND I enjoy giving people oxygen tanks... Why? Cuz it makes me feel good!"

Shout Out List

@KingPug672 (Is on Newgrounds) that's a me, KP!

@TheRedEyedPeeper (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah Bro

@TylerThePanda (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah frand

@MrBlitz2017 (Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

@Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

@Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)---That's mah loyal buddy

@IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)

LemonSquidNG (He doesn't have a newgrounds)----Rest In Peace, died May 7th 2019. Suicide


@Thecheckeredcalhoun (is on newgrounds)---A very skilled artist

@Maffei-1 (Is on newgrounds)---another wonderful artist

@Raintheracoon (is on newgrounds)---Earths Being

@Redeyesthesecound (is on newgrounds)---STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. HIS NAME IS ONLY HERE AS A WARNING

@sagelighting671 (is on newgrounds)--- A proper furry

@0nef0 (is on newgrounds)---shes not a dwarf, she's an elf

@paladintiger (is on newgrounds)---A badass artist

@Kotsu-Kun (is on Newgrounds)---an amazing artist, great style

@BlueNova11 (is on newgrounds)---A wonderful artist, they do some great traditional artwork also!

@AliGonzheimer (is on newgrounds)---A kind artist with a relaxing style

@LazyMuffin (is on newgrounds)---All around fantastic user, has been here since '03

@CyberneticShotoKan (is on Newgrounds)--- A wonderful person overall. He really brightens my day and cheers me up when things are tough, I highly appreciate it

If you are paying me for a commission or something of that sort. It will go to my KoFi. https://ko-fi.com/mrroombus

The minimum price you can pay is 3... But if you want, I can throw in an extra small one to make it a tad more worth the price.