There is no updates to what I draw...

It's mainly a pricing

Charges $20 Full background + Character

$12 For no background, but still characters

+$5 To make it NSFW

Partial background ( A circle around character with minor details is ) $14

Color and Shading ARE AUTOMATIC. So don't worry about those...

I won't draw children, all characters I draw here are either adult or adultified.

Yes, I will draw your OC no matter if it is a Furry, Scaley, Amphibiany ( is that a thing? ), Bug, Mullusk, or Pan-athropod thing... I do not sexualize loli OC's though.. Sorry I am not that way >=X ...

This update is designed to help both of us... My end is to save time, your end is to save money for what you want specificly.

Just be concrete on what you want. It saves us both time.

Yes, I do not do free artwork... If ask me, I won't respond due to if you pay a barber for his craft on hair despite "anyone" can do it, the same concept applies to artist.