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Hey Newgrounds, I've opened up personalized voice commissions!

Now. these wont replace what I normally do around these parts, I'm still open to voicing in unpaid and paid projects, but this is something more specific, quicker and smaller in scale.

Note: Please message me in pm either here or on the Ko-Fi link before purchasing a commission so we can discuss things.

Enough preamble, so what's on the menu?

For $5:

  • Are you a 2d / 3d artist hoping to practice lip syncing? I can record short audio for you to practice! (Also if you're testing fight scene choreography and need some dudes getting beaten up, offering quick taunts or dying, I can help out too!)

  • Do you stream on Twitch or elsewhere? Want some striking sounds to inform your viewers of a new subscriber or alert them of new donations? I got you covered!

  • Memorable Memos! Need a short, but dynamic reminder to study, outwit zombie quarterbacks from upstate, or pick up groceries? Ready to aid!

  • Ringtones! Sleeping through your morning alarm, how about getting a strange man yelling at you to rise and challenge the day with gusto?!

  • Many more options available! If you’re unsure if I’m down for a request, please just ask me in a pm here or on Twitter!

For the Deluxe $12:

  • AUDITORY ART! Have a few panels of a webcomic, a couple comic pages of your choosing, or want a piece of your art to soar with audio vitality? I can help! (Venom singing a few bars from “Maneater” probably sounds hilarious!)

Another thing I want to note is that I'm keeping these requests relatively short so I can produce them quickly and efficiently:

  • 2 sentences or 60 words max for now. If you have a bigger project in mind, you can pm me the details and we can work on something from there!

  • Also, this is for fun, let’s keep the subject matter light, okay? No callouts, politics, hate, drama or providing Skynet with a baseline voice to dominate humanity...please. I reserve the right to deny any request.

  • Please allow 1-2 days for delivery

For more information on the rules, restrictions, and procedure, feel free to check out my Ko-Fi link! Please read the rules before purchasing an order.

Samples of my voice are available below! Want more options or need questions answered, feel free to ask!