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I want to write a story for the greatest art game ever.

Many people that I know personally would tell you that I have several good qualities. Among those qualities are 2 very specific ones. The ability to tell a good story and the ability to come up with brain crushing theories. What does this have to do with an art game? Well I have been on NG for a few years and prior to making this account was a frequent user of it way before that. In that time I have played many games and specifically am I huge fan of art games. If I was about to connect with the right person or persons I think that we could together create something front page worthy.

What I am seeking to create this masterpiece is a few people. Some who can create game music, a few (like 1 to 4) who can create art and last someone to help program it all together and make it into an art game.

While I wont go into detail on the story for the game publicly I will say it is a story that has NEVER been done on NG before and I imagine when people see the story unfold it will blow their minds.

If anyone is interested in working with me and helping me on this project please send me a message.