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Imaginary EP:

This album is a long time coming, it was supposed to be done over the summer but obviously that didn't happen. Fortunately it is done right now! and you can listen to it here right now! or on most other platforms very soon.

Imaginary is an album about an imaginary world brought to life through music. All the songs represent locations on the child's map. Hope you guys enjoy!



Other Updates:

I'm currently working on a commission for the series Concluse.


If you want me to do a commission for you, email me at joshua.cole.ellis@gmail.com or pm me on my Instagram

Pricing is flexible based on the variety, complexity, and requirements of the music you request. I still maintain rights to the music i make for you, and will post it personally when your project is complete. Payments are done through my Paypal

My example work can be found on my Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Here!

That's it guys, Happy 2019 and heres to a new year filled with lots of great music!