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Hey Yall,

I've started up here not too long ago and I gotta say, I REALLY appreciate all the support I've been getting. I don't really have too much to say about myself at the moment besides me being a weird dude who draws a lot of monster girls and the like. 

I do want to be more active here and meet some new and awesome artists. If ya ever feel like messaging me randomly or just want to have a good ol chat about any shit, feel free to do so anytime (i don't bite lol)

Commissions are currently open on my Twitter (and here i guess lol). Here's a link to the Commission price sheet:


In short, I can do full body commission of whatever character ya want for $45.

-Send me a message if you are interested whether on Newgrounds or Twitter

-I'm all okay with suggestive stuff but i try to lean away from doing straight up NSFW stuff.