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Greetings everyone.

It's been quite a while since my last announcement, and I have a few things to tell.

First of all, I STILL haven't finished the next "game", and because the summer ended and I got less time for everything now, it would take some time if I actually consider continuing working on that thing. Which is why I decided to put animations on hold and simply draw images instead.

Also, I was thinking of opening myself for commissions. I tried to do a commissioned animation (which was probably going to be free of charge since it was a test at commissioned animation), but I just couldn't bring myself to do the stuff anyhow and, well, it's pretty much abandoned by now. Which is why I will NOT do animation commissions, until further noice at least. Instead, I will draw still images like I mentioned already, and it will be both my own stuff and, possibly, commissions.

However, I still haven't made enough decisions and I'm not even sure if I am good enough at it, so I think of doing a few "Test commissions" free of charge just to see if I can do it.