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Natty23 Natty23 artist / writer Message looking for artists, writers

Some writers, animators, and artists can be helpful for my Blugrays series:

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Mirth Mirth writer Message looking for artists, musicians

For an indie game project we're looking for Composer and artist.
Information will be given in private.
Please write to

Thank you!

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AriezArt AriezArt artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I do pixel art and simple pixel animations. I'm open to any ideas and you can also contact me on twitter @AriezArt

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Teqneek Teqneek musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

I have the greatest idea ever, and in order for it to manifest I need a battle-hardened team of visionaries.

Basically a music producer and an animator. And a voice actor or two.

PM me for super-secret details. I'm dead serious... shit's about to change in this boring world.

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Conal Conal musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

Voice actor, rapper, writer; looking to make music and give voices to content creators.

I'm currently making ways in hip-hop because it's easy to find a beat maker, or someone wanting to spit bars on them. I can provide you with beats, lyrics and vocals, but I'd really like to work with others because that's more fun.

It would be cool to voice act cartoon characters or dub over things. I've had a long interest in voice acting and do have IRL experience in acting roles. I also possess the appropriate equipment with which to record myself.

You'll usually find me on Discord, so it's a plus but not a necessity if you have that.

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Macho-1878 Macho-1878 voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi, I'm working on a project called Luigi's Story and need some animators and musicians. I can send the story to you by e-mail and will be recording voice acting sessions myself. Please reply if you are interested.

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NyanaCreation NyanaCreation writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers


My name is N (or known as MinecraftGirl2) i have been writing for more than 6 years and come up with any story in a couple minutes. i am looking for someone who is making a script or story for animation or for a bigger story for like games. i work now for free and just want nice team work and be treated with respect and of course credit for my work but further than that i don't ask much. if you want to see what story's i can write i usually write story's in these themes: Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Action (and somethimes 18+ stories) if you want to see them you can visit my page and see how i write (you can usually find my stories on my news posts) i have a creative mind so i can also help out with other stuff if needed and find solutions to problems pretty fast.

If you are intressted in me helping out, you can send me an PM and i will try to respond as soon as possible.
(just notice that i mostly react in the weekends)
i hope if your the one intressted i can help out ^_^

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SkamStudio SkamStudio artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I would colaborate for expirience and fun
I will be happy to help

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Kings-Art-YT Kings-Art-YT artist / writer Message looking for voice actors, writers

Hi, I'm King. Working on characters and a rough idea for an FPS-like video game and primarily need voice actors, but writers can definitely help me if they're interested. Female voice actors priority right now, but male ones can definitely be a huge help right now too. PM me if interested in voice acting or writing. Thank you!

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PapoFuradoPA PapoFuradoPA artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, writers

Hello, NG!
What do you think of create something new?! I mean, something very cool.
I wanna met new artist with open mind and serching for be a part of cool projects.
I am writher, designer and musician. If you wanna collab with me just PM me!
Let's make it happen! Tnx!

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi All,

Back again seeking voices actresses for upcoming mini animation skits. There are plenty of roles to fill examples of my work can be found on my main page:

If you like what you see look forward to working with you, however please provide audio samples a link would be enough.

Kind regards,


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FyreeTSG FyreeTSG artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for voice actors

I'm looking for Voice Actors--mainly Guys--who can do varying accents or a wide range of voices--for a new series of mine on YT.

It's a Dark/Dramatic series with a Futuristic/Sci-Fi theme. Some humor, as is my style.

Title: "Total Warriors: Alpha Squad"---set in a distant world, after a great war. The premiere story line is already written, with several characters in it. I do a lot of voice acting across my other series on YT, but am looking to EXPAND that cast as I build a brand.

Tweet me @FyreeTSG, or email
Check my website:

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JayWEccent JayWEccent voice actor / writer Message looking for writers

Batman: The West Tower will be a detective audio drama set in the Batman universe. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Arnold Wesker (wth Scarface), Baby Doll (Mary Louise Dahl), Poison Ivy, Two-face (Harvey Dent) and Catwoman wake up in a dark room in the mysterious West Tower.

What is the tower? Who created the tower? What motive does this mysterious man or woman have in abducting these particular villains?

They must escape the Tower by solving puzzles in each room and traversing dangerous obstacles along the way. The whole theme is "the moral compass" that most villains don't have really. That is the focus on the challenges in each room. They basically have to get into the mind of Batman and be the hero in order to escape.

I need a group of at least four or three. I want more to work with on writing because I want to get it right. I like creating things that deal with the human condition and the bad guys in this project need to come alive.


1. Must have knowledge of the Batman universe
2. Must have a passion for what you do
3. Must also have knowledge of the animated series and films (animated or otherwise)
4. Must be willing to give 100% and have fun

I have some great voice actors so far for this including Ty Anderson and Olivia Steele as well as some newcomers to voice acting. Some parts still need to be filled.

This will be probono (working for free) but you will be credited for your work on the project. Basically I want to put together a group of fans who know the genre and universe who love throwing ideas around and would like to put together a good story for fun.

If you are interested please PM me. I will set up a private group and we all can get started.

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danielson28 danielson28 artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for writers

We have talented writers, animators, and a co-creator but I'd like to have a few people help create some story for the show. Story as in episode ideas. This isn't a kiddy show, so if you're interested send me an email at for info on the show.

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Midgesaurus Midgesaurus artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm willing to create art and possibly animations for projects. I'm super new to the animation world and am learning it at college whilst practising at home. My animations are drawn frame by frame and take a while to produce as well as being pretty simple for now.
Art Examples:

I'm willing to provide my voice for projects also. I prefer to do these myself in my own time but of course before a deadline, no skype calling or discord calling involved please. I prefer to be given a script to record me voicing and then send it to you.
Voicing Examples:

I'm also willing to do some writing for projects or if you have an idea or something and you want it written up but don't have the means of doing so, I'd be more than happy to. My current writing is like 90% fanficion, I do have my own story currently in progress of being written, but that doesn't lower my writing capability.
Writing Examples:

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