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Rorrapalooza Rorrapalooza musician Message looking for artists, programmers

If anyone has a game that they are working on that needs dark, suspenseful music please do not hesitate to message me! Here is a good example of some of my capabilites:

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FLWR FLWR musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Greetings & Helloo Newgrounds Family!!!


My name is Chad also known as "Dead Flowerchild" throughout the internet
i work in conjunction with different musicians emerging into the current music industry
as well as bigger familiar Artists

Im looking to work with the best Animators NewGrounds has to offer.
& Pay

To bring to life:
Animated Flyers For concerts ( Priority)
Small clips for Content Promotion
& in the near future an Animated short series

If you all could contact me via PM if interested that would be Amazing!

Have a Good Day :)

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R4IN R4IN programmer / musician Message looking for artists

Hi, I’m a game developer and also a composer. I need a good pixel artist to make sprites for the game.

games will be in the genre of Top down shooter.
more information will be when working with me

my discord: R4IN (Death Orchestra) # 8567

p.s Если ты знаешь русский тогда ты мне точно нужен!

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JPhetis JPhetis musician Message looking for musicians

Looking for someone who can make a light to heavy hip hop beat. Have a rap in my head just don’t have enough time to work on a beat. If you wish to help out and collab just note I can not pay you but you will be credited for your work when I post it up. Thank you

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NeuronMatrix NeuronMatrix musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Hey, I'm just some guy on newgrounds looking for developers to help me make a .io game. I've always wanted to do this and I think it'll be great if we could make a .io game together. Dm me on discord if you're interested: Joseph Joestar#6649

DISCLAIMER: I do not pay, this is a volunteering job thing and if we can really get profit somehow through the game y'all can take it

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critical-mass2 critical-mass2 musician Message looking for artists

Hello i have a release and i would like an Music video/animation done for it. royalties are up for grabs,50/50.upon releasing the animation,its gonna be pushed worldwide.hit me up soonest,peace

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FriedShowdown FriedShowdown artist / musician / writer Message looking for voice actors

Currently looking for female and male voice actors for a Batwoman fan film. Animated in 3d, this is the first in the series and will be a sort of dark story of survival. Voices are needed for thugs as well as Batwoman. Please contact if interested here, or via email

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JMSy JMSy musician / voice actor Message looking for musicians, voice actors

hi I make music, I make all kinds of music but often people comment my music sounds good for video games. A few of my songs have been used for games already. I want some new projects, to get experience and improve. Check out my portfolio if you wish, mix of all kinds of crap and good ones to haha...hit me up..

I also offer my talents as a voice actor. I do all kinds of accents and pitches. I've never done it as a job before just for fun but again if you seeking ill provide. no charge.

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vidu3k333 vidu3k333 musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm an EDM producer and looking for commissions. Prices can be discussed.

My specialties are house and future bass but I can make any genres you wanted me to: chiptune, hiphop, orchestral...

Upon completion (depends on the complexity, which I would inform you beforehand) I will send you the unofficial version to see if you liked it or not, and can be scraped entirely if you want to.

just please commission me i'm a college student and i'm really short on cash i don't want to eat ramen everyday

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DarkInRed DarkInRed musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hello... I'm looking for a female voice... I only need a little sample saying "pink"... To my current song... Do you can help me please?

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BjornIdentity BjornIdentity musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am looking write music for free on non-profit projects. If you're willing to take a shot with me, I'd love to work on your project! :)

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