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Ultramartyr Ultramartyr musician Message looking for musicians

Ultramartyr (Tony LaForge and TSRBand) is looking for a guitarist to do solos for us. Not paid, just collaboration. Check out our latest song, Honor, for an idea of our kind of music. We have unreleased music waiting for a solos as well.

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PancakePocket PancakePocket artist / musician Message looking for artists

Looking for an artist that is willing to create a drawn logo for free. If interested, please e-mail me -

This will be a free project because I'm broke XD

Thanks - PancakePocket

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Wondermeow Wondermeow artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi All,

Hope you are all well seeking out those who are skilled in after effects to join us. This isn't a paid role however we release animation frequently. If you also have a good voice we also searching for more actresses to take up more roles with us.

Very easy to apply just send an examples of your work and we will get back to you. Examples of my animation can be found below:

Kind regards,


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Aliondark Aliondark musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I'm music producer!
I can make some music for you =)

Music for RPG, Emotional, etc (Except rock)

I make genres such as:
- Hands Up
- Happy Hardcore
- Orchestral
- A little bit of 8-bit game
- Trance

if you are interested, send me a message or add me on LINE.
LINE id: alion_d

Work for free! =D

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MaiGeims MaiGeims musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

What about, creating a music producers crew/group? ;)
Basically, this'll move on Skype or Discords, depends which one is easier for the members.
Ok so, what's all this about?
Between us, the members, we'll do songs together and release them with the name of the group.
Obviosuly, you can give some credits when it comes to descriptions and stuff.

What are the genres this'll be based on?
-Melodic dubstep
-Future Bass
-And almost everything that ends with a "step", like chillstep, brostep, and so on.

Please, PM me if you're interested in joining.

The DAW the Members will use must be FL Studio, not another one.
PM Me with your best song, and I'll probably tell you that you're in, cause I'm lazy xD.

Right now, I can't afford to pay every member, so that's why with the help with you all, we can promote this, get famous, and join places where we do get money, virtual stores, radios, etc...

Remember, from now, it's free and just for fun, then, when we do find a option to get money from what we love doing, we'll do get paid for our work ;)

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NeuronMatrix NeuronMatrix musician Message looking for musicians

I need a "male" singer to do some vocals for my song. Please note that this is a free project that YOU are willing to do. Message me on NG for more info.

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NeoAlchemist247 NeoAlchemist247 musician Message looking for musicians

I'm making a remake of MCR's Cancer.

I've recorded the vocals, but I lack talent in instrumental construction. So I'm begging this community that I love so much to come help me, once again, to make this track a thing.

I will not say why. But it must be my best work.

Here are my vocals for you to work with:

Please do not try to be humorous or troll this.

Thank you.


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StefanoFasce StefanoFasce musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hi everyone!

I’m a composer from Italy, living in London. Over the past few years I’ve worked for all kind of media and last year I had the chance to work on 3 video games, I loved it!

I'm very versatile, my background is orchestral and I like themes, but I'm open to everything and I welcome challenges.

I have a website where you can listen to some of my work and soundcloud

Again, it’s great to be here, and I look forward to chatting with you and collaborating on exciting projects!


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FR4NKT4NK FR4NKT4NK musician Message looking for artists

Hello, I'm looking for an artist to animate a music video for a song of mine. Private message me if you can help me out. Thanks!

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Userblamer Userblamer artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

This month i would like to get together and make a brief animation about our current society

Pm me if you want to collab

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<deleted> <deleted> musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Update: My "Portfolio" with some select songs i've made.

My name is Kristjan Thomas Haaristo, I am a semi-professional composer looking to work on Animations, Video Games, Films, you name it! I compose orchestral music, profesionally created with Cinestrings, Cinebrass, Berlin Woodwinds, and many more high quality kontakt 5 libraries. Music is mastered myself and will sound absolutely amazing on speakers and headphones, if you're looking for a calm woodwinds song for your fantasy RPG, i can do it, if you're looking for an intense string section with an epic choir for your animation or film, i can make it.

There is no price starting point, offer your own budget and we'll negotitate accordingly, my prices are very affordable.
Sadly, i do not work for free.

Message me here on newgrounds or preferably at:

Additional Notes:
You can hire me for soundtracks
You can hire me as a guest musician (1 or 2 songs produced by me alongside a main composer)
You can hire me to work together with musicians, although that is hard to conduct properly, perhaps if we have the same tools it can be possible.
You can absolutely tell me what you want your track to sound like, but be wary, what you get is the best attempt i'll do at it, and best i can offer is restructuring and or improvements in general, starting over again is not an option, so i'll create drafts and if you like it, i'll make it into a full thing.
I can make things related to: Woodwinds, Strings, Brass, Precussion, Electronic (synths), and a few other things.
I could list more things, but ask away with an email!

How will the payment work?
I'll complete the track, make you sign a license agreement that allows you to commercially use the music after payment has been made and the payment mustn't be refunded or cashed back, whatever paypal calls it, otherwise i'll take you down, and i mean it. The track will be sent FIRST > License Agreement > Payment, not following the License Agreement will lead to the takedown of your project (or removal of my used music) and or court if not removed, hopefully that won't happen though.

Sincerely - Kristjan Thomas Haaristo

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Sorav Sorav musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hey all. Big ass project I'm working on. Basically a Cowboy Bebop/ Samurai Champloo styled show. I need pretty much everyone except musicians...

I need animators, writers, voice actors, people to help me with a concept... etc. I'm paying most of this budget out of my own pocket. Please read this thread for more information:

God bless

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Djjaner Djjaner musician Message looking for musicians

Finally, we are ready! Just for FL Studio users. :(

Welcome on my second Remix Contest on my newest track called New Dimension with Zeophyte
If you are interested join to Remix Contest so.

You must have a Newgrounds account and must be older than 3 months.
Must be in your account uploaded minimum 3 tracks (yours, not the remixes!)

Send me a message that you would like to join a Remix Contest and you get rar archive containing waves and flp file for open on Fruity Loops. (FLP you can open on version 12.4.1 and higher).

Listen full version

Top 10 best remix will be released in an album on my bandcamp.

Deadline: 28.2.2018

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Atlas Atlas musician Message looking for musicians, voice actors

I'm a musician looking for another musician. I need a rapper who can vibe with an old-school beat. If you're interested in rapping over my beat let me know and we'll see what we get.

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ericpolley ericpolley artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Background artists, animators, voice actors, and writers needed: I am working on a series of shorts, made specifically to release consistently. The art style is limited to do so. I use flash, videopad, and some aftereffects for touch-ups and effects. I am looking for someone(s) to help me write, voice act, and animate. I have samples of previous work here on newgrounds, or . If you want to work on something like this and/or bring your ideas to the table, contact me.
@erpolley on instagram.

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PapoFuradoPA PapoFuradoPA artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I wanna meet new talent people to make a crew. We can make animations, music, games... i only wanna work with another artists.
Sounds good? PM me! See ya!

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