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Karsys Karsys artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Hello animators!

I am looking for anyone interested in animating a clip for the 'Ren and Stimpy Reanimated' collaboration! We have several animators on the team already, but there are still plenty of spots to fill! It's a super fun collab, and if you enjoy Ren and Stimpy or animating wacky and fun comedy, I suggest taking a peek!

Project info:
Project Discord:

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Sawcey Sawcey voice actor Message looking for artists, writers

I'm here and there, but when I'm here I'd like to improve and any practice is good practice. Send me a message if you like what you hear.

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AngryDuck16 AngryDuck16 artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors

Hello, everybody. I'm the Independent Animator. I made the first animation called Nick watching the Super Bowl. It's about the Adult Animated Comedy Gaming Adventure Web Series. I'm making another Short Film. I finished the Script, I have done for my Storyboard. I like to be the voice of Nick King. Ginos chose Mario, Sonic, and Toad voices. If you are a New Voice Actor, You can be a voice of Brent Robot or Bowser. If you record your voice, You can choose you're any recording software, You can read your Script. If you are a Co-Artist, You can sketch your Model Sheets or Backgrounds or Animatic. I have my Adobe Animate but You need an Adobe Animate or Adobe Flash (AS3) for your Animatic.

contact me at

Nick watching the Super Bowl:

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iamsteve iamsteve voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers


My name's Steve and I'm an English speaking Voice Actor who specializes in games, visual novels, animations, and e-learning content. Notable clients include ArcadeCloud, Antoons, Kubbs-hd, Black Plasma Studios, Cheetoh, Twin Tales, Far-off Daydream Games, Amrita Studios, and many more.


I have 2&1/2 years of field work experience, and ready to bring your next project to life!

For samples and previous works, check out my profile here on NewGrounds:
For all project inquiries, rates, and other additional info, please refer to my website at:

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