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Tchumi Tchumi musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

ok so doing this 50s radio show thing and a web comic, animation and a mini flash game all in the same universe where the 4 people are just trying to survive the times think bojack dark comedy so looking for more artists VA programmers and animators. ocelotcake#2103

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spenceroddie spenceroddie musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors

Hey all, over the Christmas period I have more time to work on other projects so I was wondering if anyone on here needs a podcast editor for themselves or someone they know? I'm a sound designer and could use the experience working with podcasts as this is something I'm interested in. DM me on here if you want to get the ball rolling

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Alecxs-Sunders Alecxs-Sunders musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Time to introduce myself… I’m Alecxs Sunders, a music composer focused on the creation of soundtracks for videogames. If you're an indie developer interested in the musical section of your game, then give it a try and check my work.

I'm open to make music for any genre or videogame types, although I love working dark orchestral and epic music for RPG or JRPG games and also metroidvanias.

I would love to work with indie game devs, because I support the idea we need more games like those.

If your budget is low but you still know that you have an exciting and original project at hand, contact me anyway, I would really like to help you out, especially on full-time projects.

I am currently finishing to score 2 projects and I would like to join another one as soon as posible.

My current rate per minute of finished music - $35-$50

People always ask me about prices and I would like to clarify:

Why the $35-$50 range?

Well…the range vary depending on the complexity of what you need, composing certain songs can be really time consuming but we can always adjust this until we reach an agreement. I will give an example, imagine that you need a song of approximately 3 minutes, this means that I could compose 1:30 mins which will then be looped 2 times until reach those 3 desired minutes.

Since my rates vary from $35-$50, assuming we have agreed to go for $40 that 3-minute song would cost you about $60 (1.5 mins x $40 = $60) is as simple as that.

All payments and commissions through Paypal.

My portfolio:

My discord:

Alecxs Sunders#9130

Thanks for dropping by…

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MaxAntonov MaxAntonov musician Message looking for artists, programmers

I make original music & sfx for animations and games!

Genres: Electronic, Orchestral, Fantasy, Ambient and more!

[Rates]: $50-$75 per minute of music, $5-$15 per sound. (negotiable)

My Music:

Discord: Maxergun#6705

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Rorrapalooza Rorrapalooza musician Message looking for artists, programmers

If anyone has a game that they are working on that needs dark, suspenseful music please do not hesitate to message me! Here is a good example of some of my capabilites:

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FLWR FLWR musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Greetings & Helloo Newgrounds Family!!!


My name is Chad also known as "Dead Flowerchild" throughout the internet
i work in conjunction with different musicians emerging into the current music industry
as well as bigger familiar Artists

Im looking to work with the best Animators NewGrounds has to offer.
& Pay

To bring to life:
Animated Flyers For concerts ( Priority)
Small clips for Content Promotion
& in the near future an Animated short series

If you all could contact me via PM if interested that would be Amazing!

Have a Good Day :)

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WildSide WildSide artist / musician / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Looking for a writing crew to help me edit scripts for an adult animated web series (not NSFW). Also looking for animators and voice actors willing to lend a hand with the project, but mostly looking for editors. Most people on the team won't be paid, but editors get paid for scripts.

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