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SeagullTV SeagullTV musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey, I'm a representative from SureDroid, we're a group that makes games and we're interested in getting new people to work with us, so come join our discord if you wanna work with other developers and talents.

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crount60 crount60 voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers


I'm a male voice actor/over artist and I want SO BAD to work anything. For free. If you need some voice acting I want so bad to participate ;)

PM (except hentai - porn)

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RandyRandom RandyRandom artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking for people who speak either German, Polish or French because I want to add another translation to my game. There are about 12 sentences and a few words that needs translation. Contact me if you're interested :)

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SureDroid SureDroid artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am a programmer who loves creating apps, games, and websites for everyone to see and use. The problem is that it is too hard for me to do this alone, and that’s why I need your help! SureDroid is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating amazing content for the community. We are trying to find people who love their hobby as much as we love creating games, and anyone can help. We currently have two major game-dev projects, one of which is a 2d pixel fantasy with the theme of floating islands, and another a 3d horror game. These projects can be a great way to improve the quality of your work, get realistic experience in a team-based environment, and work on a game if you never had the chance or knowledge to do so before. There are other teams as well you can be part of, including our Blogging and App-dev team. If you have any questions or comments, pop by on the discord server and send me a message. Even if you are not interested in joining a team, feel free to join the discord server and chat with others.
Go to or join the server at See you there!

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FairCash FairCash artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

The SureDroid team welcomes gamedev enthusiasts and artists.

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chromeas chromeas musician Message looking for artists

can someone make a stupid animation to my song "wow! that's very amazing and innovative!"?

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Pr0tagonist Pr0tagonist musician Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Hello! I am trying to expand my portfolio by lending my music production abilities to your game or animation! Will produce for low pay (perhaps free for smaller projects). I compose in a plethora of genres and appreciate the opportunity to expand on them!

Check out my profile for examples of my work. My soundcloud is linked there as well. To contact me, PM me here or email me

Love ya, hope to work with ya

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goldengamer32 goldengamer32 writer Message looking for artists

hello my name is jason im here a to ask for a key artist for a serie im workng on from the writing forms so im going to do a contest

i will pick one person to be my key artist you can look for the 2 scenes i release so far here the link

you can send me message me from my newgrond account if one of you win from sending one of your key art you will be my key
artist for future this serie will be a mouthly thing so that will give you time to come up something and i'll make sure you get tell the people how did so good luck

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EthanDraws-YT EthanDraws-YT artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

My name is Ethan, and I'm currently working on a Smash fangame, which features Nintendo content creators rather than the main roster. The game's current name is Super Switch Bros., but this might change as development continues.

We have almost everything we need to pull this off, except for music, sound effects and programming, which I hope you'll be able to help with. You'll be paid for your work (And for the record, everyone regardless of gender will be paid equally.)

For whichever you choose, you'll need to have Discord, so you can communicate with the others in the team ( is the server). For programming, feel free to use whichever engine you're comfortable with! For music, we're after a 16-bit type of sound, although if you have a better idea, we may use that. For sound effects, its a case of whatever you feel is more effective.

Finally, note that if you do join the team, you can be put in the roster if you so choose.

Thanks, have a good day!

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AnnieQuinn AnnieQuinn voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

My name is Anairis Q. I've been working as a freelance voice actress for 9 years now, providing voiceover for various indie video games and animations. I got a lot of my first roles here on Newgrounds, and I've always loved being involved in the process of creating an animation and seeing it all come together.

You can check out my work on my NG+ page or my website:

I am available for both paid and nonpaid projects on this community. I will not participate in content with derogatory humor or statements. Contact me regarding 18+ projects!

I’m also super interested in working on covers and original music with musicians! My singing demo is on my website. I love singing jazzy, slow, funky, orchestral, and pop music.

You can send me an email at, or message me privately. I will reply most quickly to email inquiries, though.

Thanks so much! <3

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GriffinLancer GriffinLancer writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Writer seeking ambitious team to create a near-future RPG with a narrative: Fire Emblem meets Battletanx.

-Seeking additional writers to create and condense story into easily interpreted and digested text both for players and voice actors.

-Programmers who have a background in RPG elements a plus.

-Musicians welcome to submit content inspired by the idea of Mercenary Tank crews.

-Voice actors capable of conveying strong emotions that can be believed. Capable of becoming a character to play out their thoughts and motives.

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Astro-reality Astro-reality writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

We are working on a project for an animation series. We are looking for people for a dark fantasy-style story set in the ancient world.

We need both 2D and 3D animators/designers, 3D mostly for backgrounds, and illustrators which can design 2D characters. We will possibly use 2D backgrounds too, so if you are skilled in this too you can contact us too. Designers need to be skilled, if you contact us we ask you to send us examples of your work so that we can see if it fits our project.

For voice acting we are mostly looking for female voice actresses at this moment, but we also accept new male voice actors. SPEAKING a language other than English can be an advantage, we for example are also looking for people which know a Celtic language as their native language, (Irish male; Welsh female).

For music we already have several composers, but we are still looking for folk music.

Contributors to this project will be paid in a later stage.

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Ragkul Ragkul artist Message looking for artists

I'm looking for work: I can make scenes for your proyect videogame or caprice, you can see my last artworks in my Instagram:

First scene is free!!
The next at $3

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dark-spit dark-spit programmer Message looking for artists

i just want some sprite files please
just better than i can do
pixel or otherwise
i will pm you when i know what i am making

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Superswans2000 Superswans2000 voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey everyone I am very interested in voice acting and I would be more than happy to help out anyone that's looking for voice actors! I am a female. Please contact me either directly on here on via my e-mail which is; , very happy and eager to help out!

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ngpoweruser ngpoweruser programmer / musician Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

I am making a top-down java game I would like to distribute to the android and web. I need assistance with graphics and possibly writing to enhance the game play and maybe testers to test the game. I need help with graphics and can provide very specific details of what I need to be drawn but will also give you space to express your self artistically. I need top down drawings of houses, characters, weapons and anything else you might see in a playable level but I also have a blue print of the level that you can use as a template. The more details the better

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Canvass Canvass writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'd like to get some work by writing scripts or writing just about anything that you would need. I can show off some work I've done and things I'm currently working on, I also can work for experience for a bit to show off my abilities.

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DarkInRed DarkInRed programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Being serious, I'm looking for some animators, but mainly, I'm looking for the Main Character Animator, first, I want to know your experience, and the real work starts into around one month... If you want to know the details: or contact me via PM
The game will be a 2D platformer or a run n gun, will be simple but with style...
If you are not an animator, but you can draw, design, voice acting, make soundtracks, or have a great idea, contact me and we can discuss the details...

Current phase: Designing, Game Documentation and Story Documentation

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AxiomTheoryEDM AxiomTheoryEDM musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors


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Edman520 Edman520 musician Message looking for artists, programmers

Hey all! I am a musician who is looking for any kind of work on a project whether it's paid or not paid. You can listen to the kind of music I make on my page and message me if you're interested. Thanks!

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LionRyan LionRyan musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there! I’m a musician looking to collaborate with just about anyone. Check out my music on my page! Thanks 😊

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Binsu Binsu artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello everyone, my name is Binsu, and I have a project that I need help making. I am currently developing a Garry's Mod Machinima series called, GLife.

The short summary is that Scott McGuire enters the new world of VR that teleports you into the game, and plays the only game that is available, Garry’s Mod. He then realizes that he is trapped in the game along with a million other people, and can’t leave unless someone beats the game, but he honestly would rather chill.

Essentially, it's Sword Art Online, but it's Garry's Mod, and instead of actually fighting to escape, the characters just chill and enjoy their new life.

The project is planned to be a comedy with bits of action, adventure, drama, and a few more genres.

So what I need, is people who can temporarily join my Indie Media Company, Bingsu Media, and help turn this project into something amazing. Here are the talents I am in need of with short descriptions as to what I am looking for.

Writer(s) - Currently I am still in the planning phase and I keep getting writer's block. I'm looking for someone with a creative mind to help me finish the planning, and start writing the scripts. If you are interested, send me a link(s) to some of your works, and if I like what you make, I will most definitely consider you.

Gamers - I am in need of multiple gamers who own Garry's Mod that can play as the characters and make movements in-game accordingly to the script and the audio that the voice actors provide. No machinima experience required. Hmu if interested.

Music Composer(s) - I already have one person that has allowed me to use their music in my series, but I think I might need more. If you'd like to contribute your own music, send me a link(s) to some of your projects, and if I like what you make, I will most definitely consider you.

Project Manager(s) - I'm not the best when it comes to managing a team based project, so some additional help would be appreciated. Hmu if interested.

Voice Actors - Not needed at the moment, but if you want, feel free to send me a link(s) to some of the projects you were in, and if I like your voice, I will most definately consider you. But I'd suggest waiting until I hold actual auditions via and Newgrounds Help Wanted Forum announcement.

Discord Admin(s) - I plan to make an official Discord for my company, thus I will need a couple/few people with Discord server administration experience to help me keep the state of the server stable, all whilst making the server a fun and friendly environment. Hmu if interested.

Any and all links should be sent to me via my business email: Just so it's easier to organise, but if you want, you can just DM them to me. I will also accept files, but I require that they do not exceed 100mb. Also keep in mind that the project will be unmonetized, but in the hopeful event that the project kicks off and goes viral, I will most definately monetize the project and give compensation accordingly.

Please take this opportunity into consideration, and once the project is finished, I will offer those who excelled a position in my indie company if they so desire to be an official staff member than a temporary one.

Trenton "Binsu" Little

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Actual78 Actual78 writer Message looking for artists, programmers

i am looking for a animator and a programmer i can make any genre so be free to tell me anything. i can give character traits and apperance and also storyline and script. so please just help me create a game and i will add you to the people who created it

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guyanermanator guyanermanator artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Hello. I am a person who does a large number of things and just wants to do something with someone. I would really like to voice act right now though. I do well in surreal and contemporary works as well as mixed media.

My work can be found on Instagram @guyanermanator and on Youtube under the same name.

I live for art and not much else besides my one friend.

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mr-action mr-action writer Message looking for artists, musicians

I'm making a theme song for gunman and psychics Angel demon I will be your music director for this project and here the trailer of the show is this just skip to 1:29

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ParanoiaZombie ParanoiaZombie programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm a little new to the team scene and have been trying to develop my skills as a programmer and designer. However, I've hit a wall on ideas and not really knowing what to do. So, I've been trying to find a team of some sort to gain experience and build a portfolio.
I'm really just doing it for the experience so I DON'T HAVE A HIRE FEE. However, big projects that require massive attention probably need someone else since I do attend classes full time and a part time job. Weekends are free for me to do what I can and some weekday hours. I hope to be working with some of you soon!


Engines: Unity, Stencyl, Very little Unreal and Game Maker.
Languages: Unity C#, C++, Python, some JavaHTML
Formats: 2D Games (Scripting, Some Level Design) , 3D Games (Scripting, Modeling, Level Design)

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VociferousMusic VociferousMusic musician Message looking for artists

Hello there,

I am Game Master (Admin) of a small online game, and we are currently looking for an artist to draw us some nice background pictures our team will be using during the Christmas season of our game. Unfortunately, our current artist is not able to work for us due to lack of time, so we quickly are looking for a replacement.
The graphics of the game are familiar to the game "Team Fortress" and you should be able to draw in a 3D-like style. Examples of how it should look like can be handed out to you as well.

Note: This is a paid commission and we gladly would pay you some money via Paypal for your work!

All further details will be discussed via PM. If you are interested, feel free to send me a PM or directly send me a friend request on Discord, my contact is Feline#2786.


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Mekkatech Mekkatech artist / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi there
I'm a freelance composer and digital artist looking for work.
You can see my portfolio of artwork here:
And you can listen to my music here:

Send me a PM on newgrounds, email me at, or message me on discord at Tori#4541 if you're interested in working with me

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MegaMcDickins MegaMcDickins writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

I need to apply my creativity in some way or another, so I've decided to lend some writings for anyone who needs them for free. that is, so long that my work/contributions are credited to myself. Need a script? Need ideas for an upcoming project be it horror, comedy, or drama; and more importantly, how to project your ideas into these genres? Go ahead and contact me through this site. I'm willing to do work for videos and comics (if you just happen to be working on one).

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