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AmazinLarry AmazinLarry voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hey all of you Newgrounds people. I haven't been in the voice acting game in a while, but I would like to make a return. I have a long experience doing it, mostly comedic projects, and a good mic. I'm up for trying out any role in any animations or games or whatever that requires some voices. My profile has my video history if you wanna look at that, just PM me if you want a VO.

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MongooseMinion MongooseMinion artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! Do you have a project that you want animated? Are you looking for an artist to turn your idea into digital art? Do you need logo work done or need help with photo restoration?

I'm here to help!

You can find examples of my work on: or

If you're interested, send me a message either here on Newgrounds or an email to and we can further discuss this project and prices!

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ArcticStudio ArcticStudio programmer Message looking for artists

Hey i have a little game studio called "Arctic Studio".
We started a project its about gladiators and its a 1v1 game its gonna have a story.
We only need an artist now for the project.
If we have revenue it will be shared over the members who worked on the game. MOST of the art is gonna be pixel art. Dm me on Discord for more info my name and tag is Siddhartt#1871

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NoodleGoddess NoodleGoddess artist / programmer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi! I'm interested in getting a small group of people together to start a game from scratch! I'm a sophomore in college and I'm interested in the whole aspect of creating games, start to finish. I'm in my Colleges game development club so I have some experience with different engines but I'm mostly interested in working on the art, animation, marketing and 3d modeling aspects.

ALL levels of experience and interests are welcomed! :) msg me for details or add my discord: NoodleGoddess#7423

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Superswans2000 Superswans2000 voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors

Hi everyone I am really keen to either attempt a sonic comic or animation (either will do) I feel I have a great storyline to offer and in need with partners to work with! Please feel free to contact me on here through message - many thanks! :)

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AlAlmonds AlAlmonds artist Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hello everyone! My Studio is recruiting people! (Specifically Animators are needed!)

You would be joining our animation team, which essentially is a commission group. The point is to recruit other skilled animators to work together in hopes of snagging some high paying jobs that most of us wouldn't normally get solo. (Via freelance sites as well as DA and NG!) Our motto is good quality and good speed. We want to be able to provide a certain level of quality in a fast delivery. All of this typically not possible independently. We plan on splitting any money made evenly. We will create some of our own videos for our own channels but the majority of what we do will be commissions! I hope you are interested.

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ProudCipherMedia ProudCipherMedia artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Our first major title, AZURE DOMAIN, is now in active development!

An action-flight game in the vein of Ace Combat, Starfox, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and War Thunder with heavy RPG elements and a deep, enrapturing story. Unlike most (if not all) games like this, the player will be able to freely move around hub areas between missions to interact with other characters and slowly unravel the game's significant lore and form meaningful relationships. With a huge selection of aircraft (all of which can be upgraded and customized), a detailed and storied roster of characters, a vast world to explore and a non-linear story with multiple endings players will have no shortage of incredible and exciting things to do!

Are you interested in contributing to the project and joining Proud Cipher Media Group? We're looking for:

Character Artists
Aircraft Artists
Concept Artists
Environment Artists
Unity developers
Texture Artists
3D Artists
Sound Designers
Voice Actors
And plenty more!

Because we're such a small team and are only doing this in our spare time, we have no budget and cannot offer payment for any contributors yet. We have plans for a crowdfunding campaign in the future, so it won't be staying that way. As such, our work philosophy is "work when inspiration strikes", meaning we don't have deadlines, quotas or schedules to meet. You can work at your own pace and only contribute when you feel you can. We've been learning a lot as we work on this, and we hope you'll join us in learning and improving along the way!

If you think you might be interested, feel free to PM me here or email me at

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Midgesaurus Midgesaurus artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm a university student studying Video Game Design and wanting to branch out and work on projects outside of my coursework.
Currently learning: C++
Proficient in: Python (Also know some HTML & CSS)
I have a very cartoon like art style that I draw in and I'm slowly teaching myself to animate
I will work for free or for a price, depending on what the project is
Interested in having me work on a project or commission for you? Shoot me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can!

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MaxAntonov MaxAntonov musician Message looking for artists, programmers

[LFW] Composer & Sound Designer - (Orchestral, Fantasy, Epic, Electronic, Retro, 8bit, and more!)

Need original music and sfx for your game, animation, or a movie?



[Rates]: Open to negotiation, but feel free to offer your own price!

[Discord]: Maxergun#6705

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therwiganimation therwiganimation artist / writer Message looking for artists

Looking for an illustrator/cartoonist to draw thumbnail illustration for an Animated Podcast I am currently working on titled "Observing Earth". You can find a sample clip of the podcast on my Newgrounds page. If you watch the clip, you will see the host character, an alien fellow, discussing subjects relating to Earth. As he's doing that, illustrated thumbnails pop up on his left, the same way it happens in News Reporting when a News anchor talks about something and a thumbnail appears next to them relating to that topic.
I am not looking for the most detailed/ artistic illustrations, but more of the cartoony/funny type. You can find examples in the clip with a few illustrations I drew myself.

I would pay a certain amount for each thumbnail, nothing insane (I am just a broke college student) but a little something for your effort.

If you're interested, please send me a message. Thank you.

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BiPolarBeat BiPolarBeat musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hi there!
I'm a musician looking for paid work, mainly in video games or short animations.
I'm currently experimenting in ambiances and weird textures, if you are interested in working with me either DM me here or send an email to

examples for ambiance-based experience

other stuff can be heard in mainly my intros and such.

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zwolya zwolya programmer Message looking for artists

[Artist Wanted] [2D] UI, Characters, Chibi, Animation...

I am looking for an artist (or several) to help with a new indie game project. I have already published one game on Steam ( and one on the Google Play Store (, but I do not have the artistic ability required for this new idea.

The simple plot is that players are trying to escape from a monster-infested mansion. They have a limited time to navigate the mansion, avoiding monsters and collecting keys to allow them to escape. Players have the ability to equip weapons to protect themselves from monster attacks, but they must also save inventory space for the keys and for the flashlights that allow them to travel between rooms in the first place. Because of this, a strong emphasis is placed on co-op gameplay.

This game plays like a boardgame, with rounds, player turns, and a top-down 2D map separated into rooms to move between. Because it’s a “digital boardgame”, setup and repeated round operations can be automated. The UI and static artwork must be well-representative and really sell the aesthetic, while remaining simple and clean.

As you can tell, I already have a good idea of what I’m looking for (though not a great way to describe it other than “2D, more cartoony than realistic, sort-of rugged without being full-on horror, and cohesive between the different areas”), and the mechanics of the game are already partly completed. I just don’t have the artistic skill myself to finish the job. If you agree to work with me, I will be open to any and all ideas and suggestions, but will retain final say. Because this is an indie project, I can offer revenue share after a Steam launch, but I cannot pay upfront at this time. Below I have listed the approximate amount of work needed to be done for each area of the game. If you have any questions, please just ask.

-Design a background, screen components, and several button templates with various interaction states in the Steampunk theme
-Design animation effects like distortions on said screens, moving gears, flashing lights, etc.
-Provide layout suggestions for menus not yet designed
-Style should be 2D, more cartoony than realistic

-Design 6 full-body hero characters fitting the Steampunk monster hunter theme
-Provide suggestions as to these characters’ personalities and backstory for their in-game bios
-Design “corrupted by monsters” variations of these characters
-Design 7 full-body monster characters (monster types are already chosen)
-Style should be 2D, more cartoony than realistic, possibly leaning towards anime

-Design chibi versions of the heroes and monsters above, making them look cohesive
-Design animations for the characters and monsters. Monsters and corrupted characters will only need idle, normal characters will need idle, movement, and several unique attacks.
-Design selection highlights for each
-Style should be 2D, cartoony, typical of a RPG Maker game

-Design mansion rooms, potentially upwards of 20 unique ones
-Design doors and objects to populate these rooms
-Design the 9 character items, including selection highlights for each
-Style should be the ¾ view of a typical RPG Maker game, with the caveat that all four walls are seen. Think of a 2D perspective camera.

-Design a background panorama (a silhouette of the mansion) for the title screen
-Design a few pieces of artwork to be cycled through in an opening cutscene. Exact contents ytbd, but must be cohesive with the same characters and scenery as above

-Because I am a single developer, I will also want help with finding playtesters and promoting the game

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Haris Haris artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Looking for projects to contribute to. I can draw whatever NSFW, logos whatever. I can make animations as well. As far as passion goes, I am poor. Time investment for creative projects means a lot to me. So I won’t be able to contribute for free. Hit me up. Peace

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Derigun Derigun writer Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

Hi, I am Derigun. I am looking to expand my portfolio in game/dialogue writing and would love a chance to work close with a team on any game project growing on Newgrounds and beyond.

I have been writing lore and dialogue for almost 9 years, so don't hold back. I do accept payment or contracts, but I can and will work for free so long as I am credited in the game itself. Any chance I get to expand on: Lore, dialogue, scene development, voice acting scripts, etc. Will keep a smile on my face for months.

Any responses can be sent to my DM's here, or you can contact me on Discord at Tomo#2203

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