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That's right folks! Here's how it goes:

  • I'll draw whatever you want...for 5$.

Still not convinced?

  • I'll even animate a short loop of your choosing.


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Message me through NewGrounds or by email: dackdraw@gmail.com

Can't wait to see your ideas :)



ITS THE HOLIDAYS SALE! Commission are lowered from now till next year!


As I'm planning on going into full-time study (for animation) from next year, I have reopened commissions in order to help pay off some of the tuition fees.

Feel free to message me if you are interested in purchasing a commission, or would like more information on what I offer.





More examples of my art can be found on my Newgrounds page.


Hello Everyone!

I'm Mophead, a young amateur musician hoping to get some of my stuff out there!

Have you got a small animation or game that you're making and you need some goofy buffoon to write the music for a scene? Well look no further friends, I'm your guy.

My Specialties:

I'm best at making upbeat, goofier songs but as time has gone on I've learned more about how to make atmospheric stuff. So if either of those are what you need then take a gander at what I have to offer!

Best way to contact me would be through headofmop@gmail.com but feel free to PM me on here if that's more convenient.

Check out these links for samples of my stuff! Or just go to my page.

Bandcamp: https://headofmop.bandcamp.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/matthew-konski

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC81WOx26fVCkgmGRbUPrfbA


Please take a look and see if it interests you. insta: Aromartic_



Hello. I am a young man who makes music using LMMS. I don't focus on classical music, jazz music. Only on one thing...


Gangster Rap is my main thing, but i also make music that attains to music you'd find in Doom or Undertale. (My sister would love to that. She is most likely better than me.)

What level in music are you in?

I'm most likely in level 2, so i could learn a thing or two working with people and receiving suggestions.

I don't make super complex music, but i don't make super boring music either. I just mainly play it by ear and make it a run of the mill type beat. Primarily west coast sounding.

Why would employers look at your music and want it in their movies?

Because hip-hop/trap beats are easy to follow and a repetitive sound. The rhythm also matters too.

I try nail it down and find out what i like about it. I make the music for my own ears, i don't do anything to attend an audiences ears. Well that would be a half-ass lie kind of, sometimes I'll do something that people would like to see. But most of the time as i said, i play it mainly by ear.

What would you charge for your music to be used?

Right now i don't have a outlet that anyone could pay me in. It's not a problem though, because credit where credits due.

As-long as my employers credit me in their video, i am fine. I could open up a Patreon, but I'd need to be recognised for what i do. So, for now my music is free.

What would you charge if given the case?

It depends on content and beat time. Let's say a 1 minute song with some basic beat in it would be anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds. And a 5 min and complex beat would be from 5 to 10 pounds.

1 Min Beat and Simple Layout 1-5 pounds.

5 Min Beat and Complex Layout 5-10 pounds.

Here, i formatted it better for you :D

If anyone is interested then message me on i presume New-grounds. I won't respond instantly as i am busy with music and videos. Have a great day!

P.S i could also try remake a song.


HELLO...I am DF I am new to new grounds and wish to particepate in voice acting for animations for male charature that are of a military or funny approach. "Sorry if i have typos I am not good at spelling"

I hope I can also make conspet art for ideas or simple 2d sketches for people who need it.

If anyone can help me on how to animate then thats would be nice to.

I do not ask for money I just hope i can be if help in the artist community so please contact me on here if you have any ideas for my assistence.


Got nothing to do really, so I've decided to look for those in need of help!

I'm willing to help out those in need, with both my voice and pixel art!

Currently, I'm willing to do it for free due to not having really any way of receiving payments, plus there's also the fact I really am not in need of money at all right now.

I'm willing to do sprite sheets for characters or objects in these styles:

4 Colors
8 Colors
16 Colors
24 Colors
Pretty much anything lol

I'm willing to do GIFs, PNGs, or JPEGs, which ever one you need.

I'm also willing to do voice acting for free, albeit with not the best microphone I 100% for sure would not expect any payment, though I am eventually planning to get a better mic. I am still able to change my voice almost at will.

If you'd like to contact me, either PM me on NG or hit me on discord.




Hey there my name is Micah and I’m a writer and director for hire I currently am I bored cause I have other people taking care of projects at my studio so pls contact me my price is 15-36 dollars depending on what you want me to do


I will do art for your visual novel, but in return I would like for you to be a reference for my job resume. This would include having your full name, email address, and phone number on it.

I can draw NSFW, gore, furries, etc.

I am not experienced in drawing mecha and backgrounds, but I can try

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/komma_komon/ to see all of my work


I can write in almost any genre, and will prove to be efficient.

I will charge a minimum of $10, and a maximum of $500. (Seriously, no higher.)

I'd love to hear from you! You can PM me through the Newgrounds or my email- FunBoy07@protonmail.com


If anyone wants me to do some free pixel art, i can

It's not very high-quality for most people's standards.

But if you want some, message me a request.iu_194085_8135909.gif


yeah so, you’re missing the great holiday purchase of a specially drawn picture by an artist with more ambitious eyes than a spiraling fright frigid eyed spawn from of which can never be uttered (due to death)


“I would buy so many of these fucking things that finger, used to purchase them: will crumb before my enemy.”~ Abraham McGarfeild

“I went literally broke for these, bro! You don’t understand, im BROKE BR-“

  • dead man who said this, please do send the lawyers as this was off record.

Extra characters are 2.00 USD each, but may be more depending on how detailed the characters are.


• Sonic Characters

• Mega Man 

• PSG Style

• Inkdrians/Seedrians 

•  PG13 +

• Light violence


• Any artstyle I haven't mastered yet

• Hate/slander artwork

• Porn, or fetishes I'm not comfortable with

• Intense gore

• 18+ stuff in general


• I am a person not a robot. I will work at my own pace and take my time, but normally I can get it done within a day or two

• I will not drop the prices for you. The prices are the way they are for a reason and I feel like they are fair and reasonable for my skills

• Please be specific when commissioning me on what art style you want or I'll do what ever artstyle I think fits

• No you cannot see the wait list, just be patient please! <3

• All sales are final. No refunds what so ever unless I massively screwed up, then we can talk about it threw DM's here or on Discord

• You can leave your commission here or you can DM it to me if you're more comfortable with that

Thank you everyone! ^u^

Go now


Hi. I'm TrandafirTeodora, also known as Theo Rose.

I have been composing music for 4 years and I want now to tell you I'm open for commissions.

I will create songs mainly for video games and animations. Genres included: pop, rock, heavy metal, techno, dance, ambient and other electronic stuff(dubstep and 8-bit music not included). Experimental stuff is fine too.

What I won't do:

- songs with lyrics

Also, I won't create music for NSFW animations or video games(by that I mean porn or gore).

I'm going to charge approximately 15 - 25 USD per track, but if you want me to make an entire OST for your animated series or video game, I will charge 7 USD per minute.

Here's my entire work on Newgrounds:


If you want to contact me, you can PM in Newgrounds or email me. I will respond in maximum 24 hours. If I decide to take the commission, I will send you an invoice privately through PayPal. The commission will be finished between 1 week and 3 weeks.

Email: aaachilltrill@gmail.com


So Does Anybody Wanna Do The Music

Or Voice Act For Caseyshow Or Both


Also My Discord Sever So You Can Send Your Lines Here:https://discord.com/channels/707469642062364702/720129471293685811



I'm Dogl! And I'm open for any voice acting or voice-over work you have!

If you'd like to see my work, you can find all the cartoons I've voiced for here on Newgrounds!

Below you'll see my demo reel, some larger projects I've been a part of, social medias, and rates for my work.



Recent work and Socials!:

https://twitter.com/derpidraws/status/1304591005623095296 (Seen in the FF7 Collab here on NG as Cloud!)






2-4$ (USD) per line

.35-.45¢ (USD) per word

(Currently I can only take work that meets or exceeds 30$ USD. Dependent on the work that's required ie. whether or not you require audio processing/engineering on my end, and how small or big the part is, my rate for your project will change. These rates are subject to alteration in working with you! If you're a student or aren't able to meet these rates for any reason, we can discuss the details further in private. And to finish things off, I do not do free work.)

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to working with you!


So I will do what ever cruel torture of artwork you would like starting at one buck. You can do so here www.luketoons.com, here’s my stuff



Hey! ^w^


•Any species

Fix price - $35 for one character (full color, 2000×2000)


+$10 for any additional version

+$10 for extreme

+$10 for additional face

+$5 for mini extra (x-ray)


+$20 for background

+$20-30 for HD version (5000×5000)


!NSFW! https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/fapmew/catgirl !NSFW!

Payment method:

Only PayPal


One week

Contact with us:






•Discord(if you want):

You can ask~

Thanks! ^w^


Hey, guys! I'm currently making art (both PG and NSFW). I make art based on the folowing;

- Comics (Marvel, DC)

- Anime & Manga

- Video Games


- Cartoons (Will not do MLP and DO NOT ask for any lewd of underage characters)



Here's the rundown. These are the primary prices for certain commissions. For the NSFW, I also want to state both the following; You must confirm you're 18 and over, and I will not draw any minors, so do NOT ask me to draw REI from Evangelion for the millionth time!!

Also, for kinks, I will accept the following. Some under a few terms:

- Bondage (mostly characters tied up. Will not draw anything painful)

- Thighs (no face crushing.)

- Facesitting (same as thighs.)

- Stockings/lingerie/socks

- Lactation/breast milk (Just know I won't go too overboard with this.)

- Ass (mostly anal, mooning, squeezing, slapping, etc.)

- Feet (mostly footjobs. May consider foot worship, like kissing. NO sniffing or stench.)


- Legs

- I can draw physically fit characters as well, but I won't draw overy muscular women (like that cursed meme with Velma. You know what I'm talking about.)

I will *NOT* accept the following;

scat, fart/brap,vore, inflation, stench, urine, vomit, rape, pedophillia, incest, birthing, armpits, death, ryona/CBT/pain, diaper, obesity, excessive hair, zoophilia, morphing, etc.

Anthro characters may be accepted.

Message me for further questions or requests. I ACCEPT PAYPAL. All commissions you request will be sent to you personally. Some may be posted to NG, Deviantart or Patreon.

Unfortunately there are no commissions for comic strips or full stories at this time. Those are being focused on my two mascots, Roxie and Luna (bottom image) for an upcoming hentai series that will be featured on my Patreon. Be sure to give that a look as well. Subscriptions are only $10 for the Nude Squad tier. ALL COMMISSIONS WILL BE FEATURED ON PATREON!! SUPPORT TODAY! https://www.patreon.com/join/4451000



I draw porn, please talk to me here or in twitter where I am online more often

(+18) no minors



Way more info on my pinned twitter thread. If you wanna spread the word, first of all you are a god, and second of all a retweet on that twitter thread would work great!


Willing to do Commissions as a hobbyist artist. This is my first time doing something like this so I will only be doing 5 slots to be paid Through paypal. If you wanna reach me contact here, my social medias, or my email cgbadehan@gmail.com

-Simple sketches will be 5 dollars

-flat colored icons will be $10

-full colored (shading and highlights) icons will be $15 dollars

-flat colored fullbody will be $20

-Full colored fullbody will be $25

-Extra characters will cost $5 more

-Will do

  • tasteful NSFW for $10 extra
  • Furry
  • some mecha
  • not too complex background
  • character design

-Will not do

  • too complex backgrounds
  • too complex mecha
  • no racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia
  • no loli or shota shit
  • too explicit NSFW

Examples of my work:



Hi! Im currently new to the whole Art commission business but if you´re interested in lewd Art of your favorite Character, hit me up :)

  • Full Body Sketch 5$
  • Full Body Colored 10$




I am willing to do some voicework for a henry stickmin game. I can do some great impressions



I open my comission for illustration / fanart and comic page in hentaï category (futa, furry, meka, etc...)

More information: comission price list

I'm open working on collaborate project such as animation or videogame.

But I never work for free.


I makey music.

Newest thingy

Older thingy

I have 12 albums out. I make electronic music, chiptune and generally kind of wacky funky toad frog stuff.

If that is what you need I am here. If any preexisting music would fit your project you need only to credit me in a way that is obvious, link to my channel/ the song you used and that is it.

If the project is huge I would like some sort of compensation but for all small projects using my work its fine.

Composing new work requires that you be specific with what you want. If it is not something that is not possible in the time frame you need it in I cannot do that. Especially if I do not know exactly what it is that you want. I am really good at doing things that are similar to what I have posted (yes I am stupid)

More junk: More Junk

Even MORE but calmer

Thanks for your time!

Contact me on discord: guyanermanator#9750


"I only accept Paypal Only"

Please use the "send money"  in paypal.

My email: senak012ne@gmail.com

If you decide to pay for the alternates or adding characters your commission.


Thank you.

"Commission will only start once paid."

Characters Added: $10 per character

Alternates/Outfits: $5

What I will Draw:


-BigBreast girls

-Only Base Backgrounds

What I Don't Draw:

-character sheets


-Hyper Muscular/Muscular

-Complicated Backgrounds

-Furry Art

-Fat art

-Realism art/Real People/Still Life




Yo! I'm Akio Dāku (Bo Marcus)

I'm a Bassist, Vocalist, Composer, Lyricist and Audio Engineer. I've been performing, composing and producing music for over 16 years. Here are some examples of my personal work;

here's an example of my session bass playing;

and finally here's my voice acting reel:

If I can be of service in anyway, please don't hesitate to drop me a DM or email me at akiodaku@gmail.com


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