hi, looking for a mario flash :P

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hi, looking for a mario flash :P 2008-09-15 07:14:52

Like the title says, im looking for this flash which is mario related. which ill detail here, lol

umm....i watched this flash like sorta long time ago i guess. and it was really cool. yeh that's it. nah jks :P

um, the flash was about like mario world and stuff, or in there. but its all drawn and stuff, so non of that sprite or pixelled stuff. it mainly had peach and her cousin (brown hair), in almost-ANIME style, almost.

um basically, its about peach is this like, cyborg/super-hero fighting cool action chick, and she's got like swords n guns n shit i think, and her mother was the same as well. her cousin is one of the villians, but peach dsnt know that. peach keeps killing her cousin, but somehow she keeps coming back. its some pretty hardcore sexy action going on in this flash, did i mention peach was almost nude? and her cousin was feeling her up ;)

i think she was tryna steal some massive sword from some evil group or something.

but yeh, i really liked this flash and only just remembered, so if ur still out there author of thisd pretty hectic flash or someone happens to know what im rambling on about, well yeh, let me know cos i wanna see if its finished or not :P

peace guys xoxo

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Response to hi, looking for a mario flash :P 2008-09-15 18:16:37

I'm also searching for a Mario Flash. It features sonic as well. in one scene, he's crushed by blocks. In another, He's dancing to music, then it constantly loops and he commits suicide. The last scene I remember is one where Sonic Beats up Mario. I don't know what it's called, and it's likely very old.