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Hey everyone!

Right to the point! Heres the deal!
I come to NG quite alot (Metal Gear Awsome 2 FTW). Last year (Or 2 years ago) I remember seeing these two random flash films. Where there was TWO creators creating 30 sekonds of random animation then sending the end of HIS/HER's animation to the 2nd guy, and the 2nd guy continued where the 1st one stoped to later be putting this together .

I remember it being 2 Flash films. Where they made fun of "War of the worlds " (the tripod became a giant disco )

Name was something with " Random flash/Random animation" But i can't seem to find it here...
Care to help me out?

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It's probably deleted my guess

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At 6/10/08 01:08 AM, shunshuu wrote: A Retarded Movie
A Retarded Movie 2

You rock man o.o!!

Thanks ALOT!!!