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Response to The Avgn Fan Club! 2016-12-11 15:05:56

Oh man, I remember joining this club back in 08. I'm glad to see it's still around! I'll try posting here every now and then to keep people updated on AVGN.

AVGN released season 6 on his Youtube channel. He has this really interesting short film around 21:00 where he discusses what goes into the making of an episode. I think it's worth checking out if you're interested in getting into film.


Response to The Avgn Fan Club! 2017-04-02 01:21:05 (edited 2017-04-02 01:21:48)

Christ has it really been that long since someone posted here?

Anyways, Newer episodes and changes have happen.
So let's talk about them!

Response to The Avgn Fan Club! 2017-05-27 13:23:48

At 4/2/17 01:21 AM, TheRealIrwin126 wrote: Anyways, Newer episodes and changes have happen.
So let's talk about them!

Well I'm at that point where I'll support James no matter what.
At this point he's almost exhausted AVGN; I'm sure there are many more shitty games out there that he hasn't covered but my favorite vid of his is and has always been 'Rolfe: A No Budget Dream' and 'The Dragon in My Dreams.'

I like to think of 'Rolfe' as part 1 and Dragon as the sequel. I'm sure a lot of us here can identify with James during the 'Rolfe' years when he was saw socially awkward that is comes across with the way he presented himself. Seeing him grow from that to where he is now is inspiring. While my favorite AVGN episodes will probably always be 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Revisited', 'Hong Kong 97' and The Batman ones, I'm really looking forward more to episodes where he and Mike are just discussing shit, current movies and whatnot. I like to play those and JMM in the background while working on something.

The Power Rangers Noob's review for example is excellent since that's a show I watched as a kid. Really interesting listening to his perspective as a Toho fan and Film Major.

Response to The Avgn Fan Club! 2017-05-28 02:38:33

At 5/27/17 01:23 PM, MPPlantOfficial wrote:
At this point he's almost exhausted AVGN

The character has ran its course, it has massive star power and that's why he's still able to make a go with it. They do some awesome stuff on the channel, I like James and Mike Mondays a lot, and Board James was a good series as well.

It's kind of weird that the Nostalgia Critic could do a video on the early AVGN stuff now.

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Response to The Avgn Fan Club! 2017-05-30 19:06:31

Man I still love James and the Nerd. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of those compilations where he uploads a whole 'season' in one video. I was going to point to the football rant in Atari Sports as an example of the 'new' episodes being funnier than ever, since it's one of my all time favorutie AVGN moments, then I realised that episode is already bordering on five years old. Holy shit what.

I thought the Sonic 06 episode was just okay, it's another example of a game that everyone's already destroyed and I prefer when the games are a bit more obscure and almost educational. That's what really sucked me into the AVGN, seeing old systems like the Intellivision that I'd never seen or heard of and getting an honest look at it from an entertaining character. The use of green screen for several jokes was also really weird and jarring, the first time it was kind of impressive, after that not so much.

Honestly my favourite parts are when the Nerd isn't hating on something, but celebrating it, and talking about his childhood with fondness. I might prefer the Cinemassacre channel is it was just James as himself talking about games, or pursuing his other interests.

I still enjoy the episodes but at this point I don't think people would be too upset if he decided to end the character or put him on an indefinite hiatus. 145 episodes of anything is more than enough. James said he considered making episode 100 the finale and that idea was still knocking around while making the episode, so obviously he recognises this too. I trust James' foresight but I'd also hate to see this character completely run into the ground.