an animation and its artist

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an animation and its artist 2008-02-11 14:46:50

Hi all!
I've been wanderin' around to find a flash animation which used to be in my favourites, however, as a numbskull I've "achieved" to lose all of 'em and shorter story, i need your help :)
Well it was made by a female artist for his boy friend and its theme was love...
Some part of its background music was like "if I can save my days in a ... blah blah... I would spend them with you...".
Opening of animation was merely two points(one red and one blue, and please no stupid matrix commentzzz) which became lines and morphed into different shapes(faces, etc...)
I'm about to believe that such a thing does not exist and I'm a freak, so help mEEEEEE!

Have a nice day or night or whatever

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