Where is ... a Gorillaz music vide

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I'm having toruble finding the Gorillaz music video made for 19-2000

I mrember it had Pico, Alien Hominid and P-Robot? I think... and of course an easter egg in it was that ill-fated Clown. Any help?

Response to Where is ... a Gorillaz music vide 2008-01-29 16:51:54

I guess you are looking for Newgroundsillaz 2, here is a list of all Newgroundsillaz episodes, in case you want to check them all:
Newgroundsillaz 1 - Clint Eastwood
Newgroundsillaz 2 - 19-2000
Newgroundsillaz 3 - Tomorrow Comes Today
Newgroundsillaz 4 - Rock The House

interesting fact: all those submissions were deleted, the author's account was deleted also, but somehow the links to the *.swf files are still alive. :)