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Google is retarded

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Response to Google is retarded 2008-01-20 09:27:39

At 1/19/08 04:36 PM, Kid wrote:
At 1/19/08 04:24 PM, disasterarea wrote: Kid, what part of GTFO my thread didn't you understand?
The part where you have any authority to tell me to do so. I'm explaining why you got the result you did, and since someone feels the need to question the site's practices, I'm explaining why the site does what it does. Both valid reasons for posting in the thread.

Stop spamming unfunny information.
1. It is not spamming.
2. Information isn't supposed to be funny, it's supposed to be informative.

Really, you are fucking retarded. Piss off. We don't want information, we want lol. Nobody cares why it's there, it's funny. Moron.

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