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Php/mysql Programmer Needed!

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Php/mysql Programmer Needed! 2007-12-04 08:04:53 Reply

Undercover Studios seeks a programmer who is skilled in PHP and MySQL to develop Web based applications for our company.
The programmer would be responsible for creating various new applications that integrate with various other aspects of the website.

There may also be further opportunities to work on commercial client projects in the future.


* Previous web programming experience (with online examples)
* Knowledge of web related technologies (e.g. PHP, MySQL).
* Ability to integrate coding into an existing layout or design


* Experience with commercial programming
* Knowledge in various other programming languages (ASP, .NET)

If you are interested, please email me at or send me a PM with your resume/recent work and include some information about your services. Aspects such as pay will be discussed with successful applicants before they undertake this role. Please direct any questions you have to the address above or by PM.

Look forward to hearing from potential applicants :)

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