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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-13 12:16:18

Hey everyone! Im looking for voice actor for my new project, wich I call 'Family ride'. The actor should do 40 years oldman and 12 years old boys. My email is laurynaskrapas@hotmail.com. And here's my skype laurynux21. There is a main title of my flash

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-17 12:34:36

Looking for someone to do Voice Clips for Mario Characters, I'm trying to keep this project a little hidden, but it's quite big. It aren't really lines, only for certain characters, but I'll get in to those later.

Characters I am Currentley looking for and their Audition Lines ;

Mamma Mia

I'm-a Luigi Number 1!

[Evil Laugh]
[Evil Laugh]

That's about it for now! PM me!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-18 16:06:27

Calling all voice actors! I currently have a script for nine episodes of a science fiction serial about some crazy stuff that happens to some teens in New Mexico involving artificial intelligence and government conspiracies! However, my voice makes me sound like a ten year old boy with constant laryngitis. If you think you can do better than me and have a lot of time on your hands, here's your chance to prove it! I need help bringing my work to life and I think YOU are just the folks to help me!

My cast of characters is fairly extensive and ranges in age from twelve to mid-fifties. If I can find actors with versatile voices, that would be ideal.

For a full list of character bios and a copy of the script, email me at owls.only@gmail.com.

Come on, guys. I need you!

P.S. Keep in mind that this series is ongoing, so you would need to be available for an indefinite period.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-18 21:47:32

I need voice actors for my series. Here's the characters. If your really interested the story is below, below that stuff.

Order: Gender, Age , Background , Test lines

Will - Male - 21 - African/American - We don't have much time. If you want to live come with me.

Horace - Male - 22 - American - I can't believe he's gone, and you. YOU KILLED HIM!

Narrator - Male - Old - Doesn't Matter - That is his duty, that is his purpose. That, is his destiny.

Mario - Male - Old - Italian/American - Save them. *cough* Save them from themselves.

Megaman - Male - 16 - Amercian - Come ON! WE DON'T HAVE TIME!

Bill Razor - Male - 32 - American - Welcome to my world.

Danny "Snake" Jones - Male - 28 - Arabic - I DON'T KNOW! *choking sounds*

Thug x2 - Doesn't Matter - 20 - Doesn't Matter - Lookie what we got here.

Maysun (May - soon) - Female - 20 - Russian - Lets go comrades. We have much land to cover.

Wolf - Male - 32 - Russian - When I was boy, I killed my family. Now I will kill yours.

Hawk - Female - 32 - Russian - Ignorance is a blessing my friend.


In a small town in Ireland a 12 year old boy died while playing NES. When he died his life force was absorbed by the system and brought the characters to life, in a massive explosion. In this explosion an illness spread, the "P" virus. It turned regular people into pix-elated versions of themselves. Ireland being an island was quarantined and most of the original characters murdered. With only Mario, Megaman, Bill Razor and Bomberman Mario led a revolution and stopped the "P" Virus from spreading making him king of the pixels. Despite of Mario's actions he other 50% of the world still hated them and formed the A.P.F (Anti Pixel Federation) They want to wipe the pixels of the face of the earth, so they can keep "pure". During one of Mario's peace tours he was assassinated.

Main Characters:


Horace is was an orphan he was adopted by Mario after he saved him from being killed during a riot enforced by the A.P.F. Since then He's been known as the smooth prince.


Will has been Horace's best friend from the beginning of time, and has never left his side even when he joined the pixels.


The king of the pixels Horace's father and the savior of Mushroom Kingdom.

If your interested contact me at this email or PM me the test lines for the character you want.


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-22 11:02:24

I need someone/s to do me a few voiceclips, only a few seconds long each time, of what a pirate and/or ninja would say before going into battle against one another.

Nothing too silly, I'm more looking for a kind of "Richard Burton" feel here (WoTW).

Something calm, collected, yet speaking of the battle to come.
Something like, "Tonight We Dine In Hell" (Not THAT Dramatic, but you get the picture.

In return, my undying love :D

I made this sig.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-22 13:18:55

Voice wanted for a short Flash called "Koopas" It is my first entry in what might be a series called "Tales of the Mushroom Kingdom" Or some bullshit like that.

Inside the flash 2 Koopas talk about the variety of diffrent Koopas in the MK. It's kind of a Enumaration of diffrent kinds of koopas, in a Parody like style, (Enviormental Activist Koopas, Facist Koopas, Punk Rock Koopas, Homeless Koopas, Nudist Koopas, and so on.)

Both Koopas are quite young, so do not make them sound like they're old, the rest of their voice, I leave to you! Goomba has a Very Very Very annoying voice.

Audition lines:

Koopa 1:

Hey Koopa! What's up?

You've got your:
Red Koopas
Blue Koopas
Green Koopas
Flying Koopas
Gay Koopas
and Voice Audition Koopas

Koopa 2:

Don't you love being a Koopa! I mean look at all the diversity!

"Asian" Koopa:
Herro Prease!

"The legend of Zelda" Koopa:
Well Excuuuuuusse me princess!

Hey guys What's up?

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-22 14:28:24

Need a male voice actor ASAP!!!

When life gives you lemons. Don't make lemonade! Im the guy whose gonna' burn your house down, with the lemons!

-Cave Johnson.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-24 18:20:10

I'm looking for talented voice actors for my HALF LIFE 2 Machinima
Yes, this is going to be a high value 3d game machinima film series.

Here are some notes on the story.

Divide of Gods
A Half Life 2/Garrys Mod Machinima Series

Start- setting the stage: Detailing past and current life

Middle- conflict: His struggles and revenge story

End- Dieing

Inspiration : A big dose of The Road

Main plot ideas:

The main character is called Adrian Smith

He deeply believes in his ancestry and mythology.

The main character is humble and does not want to attract attention: (SCENE IDEA: He is under a bridge, reading a (fantasy) book and two men come around the corner with bats. 'I do not wish for any trouble')

The main character struggles with his depression of not finding anyone that has similar beliefs as him.
He also struggles to cope with living on the streets

He likes to collect books and things he finds on the streets

He has nothing of worth

The year is 2013, people have become more pathetic in his eyes

The main character is 23 and has not had a birthday since he was 8

The protagonists parents are believers of a fictional religion like christianity (will think of the name)

Future ideas:
He meets a man (Ryan Andrews, a painter. Look at a picture of John Howe perhaps.) the same age as him in a similar situation (Which Adrian doesn't find out until he finds a pendant in Ryan's drawer) but this man has a wife and child.

Mr.Andrews introduces Adrian to his friend Steven Miller (A police man who serves as the law giver and is wise on the goings on of the run down city. Very much the strong, bearded type.)

PM Me if you are interested or email me at Taylor.hood@btinterent or MSN me at the same adress

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-25 17:07:27

Not sure how well these threads work but here goes!

I am in need of a voice actor but i need something specifc - - i need someone who can do kinda "cutesy" voicing - - think kirby, chibi knights, despicible me minions - - things like that - - but it cant sound cheesy or cheap -

We are looking to make some money on this project (a game) and the voice actor would be cut in on the percentages from ngs - as well as co authored -

Be warned there will be ALOT of stuff [ sound fx for a large variety of monsters, deaths, grunts, sfx for the main lead - lines ect... ]

So shoot me a PM if your interested - (dont message if you dont have a sample of your work)

Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-26 00:02:16

The video I'm doing will be on Machinima.

I need someone who can do 2 voices, but have them sound entirely different from eachother.

The first voice:A Russian Accent

The second voice:A sort've timid, shy guy.

For the second voice, refer to this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5HoikXgF Lg&feature=related

There's a character named green. He appears at about 0:30. He sounds kinda shy just like the voice I want.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-27 14:13:50

Hey, I'm looking for a voice actor who can do a forty year old lesbian. Something fairly butch, but still clearly female. Snarky and kinda gravely.

Thanks in advance! Message me for some test lines!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-28 10:57:24

I really want an authentic Afro-American Female.
I just need them to talk "urban"

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-02-28 11:04:45

Looking for a voice actor for a short cartoon I'm making,

the actor/actress needs to be able to show lots of different emotions because the main theme for the cartoon is suicide, a good quality microphone will also be needed

send me a PM or an email if you're interested


underneaths a picture to inspire you XD

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-01 11:34:30

Hey users of Newgrounds! I need some voice actors for a Flash series i'm making, called Bamboo.

Basiclly, it's about a family of bears who live in a world of animals and weird creatures with strange names. (A bit like Chowder)

The main characters are:

Bamboo - Dad
Peanut - 5 year old son
Butter - 8 year old daughter
Slims - 12 year old son
Cookie (pending name) - Mother

I also need a voice actor for a one of Butter's friends, and one of Slim's friends.

Bamboo has a kind of sarcastic kind of voice.
Peanut has a babyish voice (maybe if you have 5-8 year old children, i dunno?)
Butter has a girly voice, a bit like Lisa (From the simpsons)
Slims has a voice actor at the moment.
Cookie has..well just any voice will do for the moment, as long as it's good.
Slims friend has a kind of dumb voice.
And lastly, Butter's friend has a girly, high pitched voice.

So if you want to do some voices, email me at ibbyparrot@yahoo.co.uk . (Not Hotmail anymore.)

Thanks for reading this! I hope you can do some voices!

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-03 20:56:05

Hello there! I'm in need of some voice actors for my Pico movie, Réservoir hommes (tankmen in french)
I know it's a bit

Steve: e hé le capitaine sont ces nouveaux googles, l'homme de l'aww qui vous semblez beau puissant aujourd'hui.
Captain: merci Steve, je se sentent beaux. Oh mon, j'obtiens un hardon important. Cela doit presque signifier les ennemis. Là aucun- wait, wait, wait stop the film stop the film.
Steve: What's wrong captain?
Captain: 'What's wrong captain?' (sarcastic) You know perfectly well whats wrong this is the worst script ever. This is literally a rip off of a rip off of Newgrounds. Who even watchs these parodies anyway? No one makes good tankmen movies anymore.
Steve: Look captain, I can't say your wrong but thing about the integrity of the series.
Captain: Your right Steve, I kind of snapped there but really this thing is in french and has no originality.
Steve: Then what should we do?
Captain, I dunno just put on some Pico thing or something.

Give it a try

I regret nothing.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-04 23:05:16

Looking for a male and female adult voice for a collab short featuring a married couple.

Very easy, very short. You may be co-authored not too sure. Please PM if you're interested.


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-05 15:11:23

Butter - 8 year old daughter

I have a voice for Butter now, please dont ask me (I have loaaaads of people wanted to voice act for her, seriously) to be her.

Sorry guys!
I have a voice for Butter!

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-06 03:25:48

I also need a voice actor for a one of Butter's friends, and one of Slim's friends.

I have a voice for Butters friend and Slim's friend. Wow, thanks Newgrounds!

If you are thinking about voice acting, please do!
(Espiacilly if you want to do Bamboo, because then I can start the beggining of the cartoon!)

So the open slots are:


See ya!

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-06 11:59:09

I am working On It. PM me if you want to be any of the voice of these characters!

Pig: Nobody

Robot Crab: Nobody ( Must be Robotic )

There Will be more voices soon so if you do not like the ones that are here then just wait and don't give up! I am working on the scrip as you speak!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-06 17:00:23

Hey guys. I need a Santa clause!

1 - A description of the voice types needed.

Santa's voice has been the biggest hurtle thus far in terms of casting. In the context of this specific flash, he needs to be a cynical, gruff, angry old bastard - I was thinking something like a pissed off Jeff Bridges from True Grit, or (if you can manage) Carter Pewterschmidt (Family Guy)

2 - Audition lines for interested voice actors to say in the character's voice.

"(attempting to be calm after being angered, slowly) what's being done about this?" "ah (slightly drawn out), Haden. What have you got for me?"

3 - Method of contact. E-mail? PM?

please pm me with notification of interest, audition lines and other queries

4 - Include a deadline! You should list the date when you stop accepting submissions!

I need this animation done very soon. all actual animating is complete; all that remains is va and lip syncing. It'd be great if I could have a person by mid this week and the lines recorded by the end of next weekend

5 - Remember that VA's should be credited just like any other audio authors

you'll be credited as a contributor when the animation is submitted next Christmas, but I'll find a way to show you the full short as soon as its completed in a couple weeks.

Voice Actor Wanted

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-06 17:24:46

I need a Voice Actor for one of my future song projects that i have been working on.

Im looking for a Narrator that can be dramatic but "epic", it's not that long maybe 20 secs, You will be given the proper credit for your work.

Send me sexy pm if any of you is interested.


Music is my passion , not my business.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-07 02:52:23

Male Vocalist Needed:

@ 2:20 (ish)

Hard to believe you were some-one's son
To think you were just twelve years young
Just collateral to some-ones fun
killed before your life had even begun

now fam' listen to what I say
cause this kid was you one day,
just living; no thoughts or dismay
now in a hospital bed he lay

2:38 ish
( start getting angry like eminem }

after you've had fun driving impaired
try to tell this woman who's crying and scared
that your SORRY no you couldn't even bare
to speak a word with her now you share

the blood on your hands, you took a life
you didn't have to do it with a gun or a knife
how are you going to explain to your wife,
that your now going to prison 25 to life

( lead into chorus )
just hear these words and don't follow - 3:12

Voice Actor Wanted

A Girl in A Room Halloween Collaboration II -Join Now!-

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-07 16:10:51

Hi... I'm an animator looking for voice actors for my project

This is a link to my Youtube where you can see the first 2 episodes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loqUmWGNA 0o

the project is called Phase 9 - Its also here on newgrounds but the quality is blech

I need male and female voices...or a hermaphrodite that can fake it

Character types-

Nisa- Heroine- Tough girl voice like a Michele Rodriguez, tough, ex military but still female, a tomboy at heart would fell REALLY uncomfortable in a dress- doesnt mind killing ppl to get the job done

June- Female- Egomaniac, short napoleanic complex. Journalist by trade trying to get the next big scoop, Slightly nerdy, adventurous, also somewhat a tomboy or closet dyke

Randi- Female- Bubbly girly girly, ditz, blonde dumb with occasional insight, always cheerful

Doug- Stanhope- Big musclar dude with a soft spot, Like to show of his muscles and goof off while thinking he's serious. Not a main character

Gaelen- The MALE Lead- in a word... Spike Spiegel. Cool. Calm. Badass when necessary. not necessarily suave but like a Johnny Depp- (this char doesn't come in until later)

Generic male badguys- you get the point, gruff whiny extras that get pwned

Mr. Pinstripe suit- A gentleman assasin. A cyborg human that is programed to search and kill. HAS TO HAVE AN UNNERVING LAUGH! Polite even until his enemy's dying breaths

There are many other characters but thats all for now


I'm making an anime. Its based on a story I wrote maybe 7 or 8 years ago and the first book is around 200 pgs or so.. although it reads pretty quick. Each animated episode is somewhere around 5 or 6 minutes and has about 4 or 5 pages worth of story. LOL

I'm not sure if i'm gonna get serious with this but we'll see.

notice i said- "first book" there are actually 2 books. the second book is unfinished but its about 75% done the first is finished but i'm not happy with the ending.

i have no life- so if you have none too...lemme know if you wanna voice act! (n_n)

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-07 19:50:36

Sup guys!
I need a voice actor to do a quick annoyed "what the fuck!" for me.

Like at the end of fyat

Co authoring will be given, and a 25-75 split (me getting the bigger half of course)
The project will be detailed after the voice work is given.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-08 20:25:04

I got a voice sample, but I don't know where to send it. Can you list and email so I can send it to you.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-08 21:28:59

Hi i can talk for free nothing to do...
i know english with italian accent know spanish...
PM me if interested...

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-09 17:31:54

I'm very interested in the character Mr. Pinstripe suit. Can you give me a line or two so I can give you a demo reel?

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-09 19:35:05

I no longer need the sample as I have shockingly found out: I suck at animation.

Thank you for your time.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-10 18:27:44

I'm going to make a really short, just for fun, League of Legends parody, the dialogues are just one line for each character.

I will need voices for:

Jarvan: Strong, grown up male voice.
Ezreal: Angry teenager male voice.
Twisted Fate: Deep cool male voice.
Olaf: Any normal male voice.
Urgot: Something that sounds like Darth Vader.
Taric: Gay voice acting. (Something like "oh no i broke my nail!")

It's okay if somebody does more than one voice, as I said, they are just one-line dialogues.

If anyone is interested, please pm me or e-mail me to ladypronymaAThotmail.com, then I will tell you your line and you can send it to me by uploading it to the dumpgrounds or e-mail.
I will of course credit, with co-authot if you do a really good job, and with a mention in the credits always. I am also open to better ideas.

About the deadline, there is no deadline yet, but I would love to start as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2011-03-10 20:44:50

^ I'd like to audition for some of those.
Where should I send the auditions to?