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At 1/3/11 02:07 AM, LordArashi888 wrote: Looking for two voice actors, one male and one female to do voices for a stand-alone project (meaning I haven't worked on it with someone else). The two characters I need done are Arashi and Vivian. I don't really have their voices in mind yet, so I'm open to what you've got. I have the lines already written up, and ready to go. Mind you, this is kind of a romantic scene, I guess. If you want a copy of the script, ask me and I'll send it to you. And any audio clips would be appreciated. Please contact me at my yahoo account: Hockenberry80@yahoo.com

Oh... Character descriptions:

Arashi: One of the few remaining elves left, and has many characteristics that normal elves do. He is reserved and fights more with grace than with power. However, he is cursed by having the blood of two opposing gods, fighting to control him...

Vivian: A young human girl who weilds the power of the dragoon, a talent lost to the world. She is very friendly, and slightly on the ditzy side. But if you piss her off, prepare to be burned.

I'm not really good at describing them EXACTLY, so I'll give you more info when you contact me and I hear what you've got!

Thanks in advance!


The role of Arashi has been filled. I am still looking for a female voice actress to play Vivian. I have a few auditions already, but I want to see what other talent is out there before making a desicion. Please contact me for more information.

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Hey, I'm only new to Voice Acting, but I can do a variety of pitches, tones, accents and whatever. Gimme a script and I'll do my best to give it a beautiful VO. PM me if you want me for any projects, or hit me up at hjfennessy@bigpond.com. Look forward to working with anyone! :D

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Hey everybody. For a real quick Flash I am going to post, I would like a guy who can sound insanely pissed off. If anyone can sound insanely pissed off, that'd be great! I won't say what the project is (It's a secret), but I would very much appreciate it if you tried out.


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I wasn't going to post in this thread because I already did in the advertisement thread, but it seems advertisement has become pretty popular in this thread too.

I recently uploaded this demo and was seeking some opinions on it.

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At 1/9/11 12:08 PM, DingoWalleyStudio wrote: Hey everybody. For a real quick Flash I am going to post, I would like a guy who can sound insanely pissed off. If anyone can sound insanely pissed off, that'd be great! I won't say what the project is (It's a secret), but I would very much appreciate it if you tried out.


Hell yeah! Send us a PM and I'll give it a whirl.

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At 1/9/11 09:06 PM, Fenno1222 wrote:
At 1/9/11 12:08 PM, DingoWalleyStudio wrote: Hey everybody. For a real quick Flash I am going to post, I would like a guy who can sound insanely pissed off. If anyone can sound insanely pissed off, that'd be great! I won't say what the project is (It's a secret), but I would very much appreciate it if you tried out.

Hell yeah! Send us a PM and I'll give it a whirl.

Probably be a better idea to contact him personally. it's possible he may not see it in time

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At 1/9/11 09:43 PM, Seymour wrote:
At 1/9/11 09:06 PM, Fenno1222 wrote:
At 1/9/11 12:08 PM, DingoWalleyStudio wrote:
Hell yeah! Send us a PM and I'll give it a whirl.
Probably be a better idea to contact him personally. it's possible he may not see it in time

Ah, good idea. I just sent him a PM then, hopefully he'll reply. Thanks for the heads up.

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Follow the link for details. Multiple actors needed.
Need both male and female.

http://voiceacting.proboards.com/index.c gi?board=audio&action=display&thread=200 10

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Wannabee voice actor here,
Great variation on my vocals, think of littlekuribo parodies mixed in with dethklok/other random anime/cartoons/video games.

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I need some voice actors. Very, very small roles. Dr. House is one character and a pregnant woman is the other. Think you can do it? Comment on here or IM me. We'll get in touch.

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I would be happy to do voice acting of any sort. If anyone is interested, PM me.

Pm me for a pleasant conversation or for help with anything.

Thanks to JebbaL for the awesome sig.

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So, I've penned the script and I've tried doing the voices myself, but there are two problems:

1. I suck.
2. My microphone sucks.

I'm looking for about three voice actors for this:

American accents are required, for this is a satire on the American government.
One of the VAs must have a deep voice for narration.
The other two can use any voice they have, granted that they are good.

You will be allowed to ad lib your script a bit, but just a bit. I'll require a voice sample before you have the part; like an Audio Portal submission, a submission on newgrounds, or you can e-mail me a voice sample.

The movie will be a satire on the TSA, as a heads-up.

Please, voice actors of newgrounds, I need your help.


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Hey guys, I'm an aspiring Voice Actor that can do a perfect Yoda (Star Wars) and Snake (Metal Gear Solid) voice. I can also do others, but I excel at those two. If anyone is interested in hiring me for a part, let me know, I don't charge anything.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cm_g1_wj Ro Here is one of my demo. I am currently look for some Voice over opportunities. So, PM me if you need a VA, I'll be glad for the experience.

Voice Actor Wanted

Available for Voice Overs anytime!

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I just posted this today. I also have other demonstrations of my Voice Acting talent on my page: click here Thank you for your consideration.


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boys, wrong forum

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/8166 30

go over there to advertise yourself :)

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New Voice Actor Right Here!!! PM me your scripts, please!

Projects I'm in:

Dragonball Z Kai Fandub - Piccollo, King Kai, Yajirobe, Mr. Popo, Ox King, Kami, King Yemma, Farmer with shotgun, Bubbles and Gregory (Ep 1 will be out shortly)
-The Series' Youtube Channel
The Original Smash - Donkey Kong
-The Series' Youtube Channel
Legends of Roika: Dawn of the Pheonix - Aidan (Starting in episode 7. Will be out soon.)
-Episode 1
Poke'mon Best Wishes Isshu Saga Fandub - James, Professor Oak


Light Yagami's Final Speech

See profile for current list of Voice Acting projects.

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At 1/11/11 12:31 AM, ZackAttackf wrote: New Voice Actor Right Here!!! PM me your scripts, please!

Projects I'm in:

Sorry for those links not working. I'm new to these forums

See profile for current list of Voice Acting projects.

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At 1/23/08 07:31 PM, Darth-DaNi-girl wrote: K I need a VA than sounds like an evil small teenager but talks very fluid spanish and has no accent and that won't laught at stupid lines to say (lol) ..... PM and I'll send you what u have to say

Estoy interesado en trabajar con ti. Naci en EU en familia Dominicana. Hablo Ingles sin accento. Tambian, creci entre otros groupos de latinos y puedo copiar los dialectos Mexicano, Colombiano, y de Espania. Peuedes mandar me las las lineas para tratar por tu projecto? Gracias.


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Being on a new BIG project, I need a LOT of voice actors! See the list below to find all the details.


Working Title: Wanted Dead And Alive

Taking place in year 2084's Paris, bounty hunting has become a profession encouraged by the government. The "Godmother" of the French capital's mob is worth 2 million dollars, and three talented hunters are competing to capture her alive. One's a cold-blooded contract killer that uses ancestral Japanese fighting techniques, the second one's a loud-mouthed ex-marine that prefers big guns to the efficient discretion of the last hunter, who claimed more bounties alive than dead.

A.Shigeru Kitaro
He's a 40 years old Japanese man. He's the stereotype of the professional assassin who respects a code of honor, always seems to control everything and keeps calm in any circumstance. He has a low voice, firm, but calm. He's always serious. He usually has a very, very light Japanese accent, but it can get a little more obvious when he gets angry.

Audition Lines:
1: I know her. She's quite important in the criminal world, but five millions sound kind of silly to me.
2: Fine, I'll carry out your vendetta because I believe honor is almost as important as money. And you sure pay me good money, no doubt. (Silent pause) I will also do it because I like challenges. Any wish regarding the way she'll die?

B.Lloyd Smithson
He's a 30 years old American. Rough, vulgar, obstinate, but not dumb. He's kind to his friends and has a good sense of humor. He's not mean to his friends, but mocks them or use sarcasm often and never show compassion overtly. He talks with a loud voice and has a basic American accent.

Audition Lines:
1: They finally turned these old sci-fi videogames' gadget into reality! Pull the pin, throw, it turns sticky, it sticks to the target... then BOOM!, you know?
2: (Annoyed) Fuck off, Colin! It doesn't scare me. The Godmother's the biggest fish to catch in Paris, (raising the voice and pointing his chest) and I'M gonna be the best fisherman!

C.Vincent Calvera
He's a 28 years old Hispano-French man. He's quiet and professional, but not cold. He's not insensible, but he doesn't express his feeling much. He talks with a deep and soft voice. He has no Spanish nor French accent and speaks a regular English.

Audition Lines:
1: Bellevue and (adding mentally)... seven of his goons are unconscious. I had to neutralize permanently the last one, O'Reilly I believe, and all the other gang... they had automatics. Plus, I recovered the merchandise.
2: (Jokingly) If they'd put that money into infrastructures, I'd finally find a place to park you. (Back to his serious thoughts) If they have a warrant, why don't they arrest her themselves? She's not the kind to hide, if I remember correctly.

D.Sophie Desjardins
She's a 26 years old French woman. She's choleric but determined when it comes to business. She talks with a feminine but not high pitch voice and has a French accent.

Audition Lines:
1: (Bursting) I don't fucking care! Another meeting like this and I swear I'll stick all his fancy cars up his noodle-eater's ass!
2: What a sexist fuck... I've earned my place. (Calming down) ... even though my men are still mourning my father... it's true he was more respected... Trust me, I'll reunite this family soon... business is not going so bad these days...

He's 60 years old French man. He's mistrustful and has suffered a lot. He's wise and cultivated. He talks with a raspy, tired voice and has a slight French accent.

Audition Lines:
1: Listen, that big heap of money is almost all I've got. That and the desire to have this women killed before I pass away. Will you honor an old man's last wish for that price?
2: The sooner the better. I heard you're quite efficient when it comes to do a job quickly. It would be a shame, for such an expert as you, to let her live more than a month.

Colin is around 25 years old. He's one of Sophie's best men, strong and efficient, but stays very soft the rest of the time. He's the good buddy you want to drink a beer with. He talks with a warm voice and has a light French accent.

Audition Lines:
1: Sophie? I'm not that surprised. Everything her father built is slowly falling apart since she took the head of the operation.
2: (Surprised) Oh! (Gently mocking) I understand the grumpy face now. I forgot! The great Lloyd Smithson never captures people; it's funnier to crush them!

He's basically Moe from the Simpsons: A barman with a grumpy mood most of the time. He's not easily intimated. He talks with a hoarse and grumpy voice. His French accent is pronounced without being over the top.

Audition Lines:
1: What will it be for those two gentle... (He realizes the two men are dead.) Lloyd! I've told you before! I don't want you to bring work at the bar!
2: Still working for the government? By the time, I thought you would have switched to contracts.

Description: Robot. He uses sarcasms some time.

Audition Lines:
1: Police records analysis in progress... Evaluating reward per weight of cocaine... Vincent, admitting no interference occurs between this time and the time of the delivery, you will earn a total of $40,789.12.
2: Based on personal data, I would guess that it is because she caused directly and indirectly already more than a dozen police casualties. The law probably prefers to risk lives of hunters instead of officers.

30 years old. He's very gentle, soft and romantic, but is a coward. He has a high-pitched voice and an Italian accent.

Audition Lines:
1: (Intimidated, trying to calm her down) Mi amore, what can I do? He's the Padrino of the Italian mafia, dé big boss! I'm just his nephew. I have no influence on him, you know that.
2: He's... (searching for his words) he's old school. He can't understand a woman made her way to the top at such a young age.

You can contact me on my facebook page and send your lines to suncomes@live.ca. You can also PM me, of course!

Deadline is on 28th of january and may be changed.

Good luck to everyone!

Voice Actor Wanted

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I'm looking for 2 voice actors for a short animation I'm working on, the animations about a prank that gets out of control, i'm looking for sort of young nerdy voices if you know what I mean.

any questions you can message me or post here.

Cheers, Arthur

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Wanting somebody with a good radio voice!

I have a radio show and would love some promos/IDs.

Please PM me if you're interested, but please make sure you have an example of your voice so I can tell what you sound like!

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I couldn't sleep tonight so I threw together a quick swf that needs some audio. I dunno if I'll even bother posting in the portal or just send it around.

I was hoping for a dramatic (not silly or exaggerated) reading of the following text. If you know minecraft then additionally it's supposed to be a creeper if that helps give you an angle to work from.

"You invade this pristine world, claiming it as your own simply by your presence. You slaughter innocent animals for their hides and their flesh. You devastate the landscape and gouge out the earth to monument of vanity. And yet you can me the monster."

Lemme know if any of you guys want to take a wack at it, or just send me an mp3 or something if you'd like

Voice Actor Wanted

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I need a voice actor for a song, Preferably a female voice, You don't need to have a very good singing voice, Just, you know, a decent enough voice. Here's what I want the voice to sound like, sorta :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI4O8byPw 7g

Thanks :P

Answer, Pwease

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http://voiceacting.proboards.com/index .cgi?board=audio&action=display&thread =20010

Many Roles. Follow Link for details.

Need girls.

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-Voice Actors-

I need some people to help do the voice of the following characters

Wario: One of the main characters of the series (of course). Need a deep, grimy voice with an italian accent. The audition lines for him are-

"Eh-heh-heh.. I gots a plan, Waluigi!"
"We'll be rich!! RICH!! HAH-HAH-HAH!!"

Princess Garlic: One of the less famous princesses, unlike Princess Peach & Daisy. She is Wario's "Princess Peach". She rules over the Onion Kingdom and as an attitude with everything. I need a female voice (of course) with a new york/brooklyn accent (not recommended but helps).

"Who you s'pose to be?!"
"I'm Princess Garlic, of course! I'm sure you heard of me!"
"If this is your way of pickin up a girl, I'M NOT INTERESTED!!"

Princess Coco: One of the other lesser known princesses. She is Waluigi's "Princess Daisy". She rules over the Coffee Kingdom and gets into alot of trouble.. not too mention the dumb blonde trait (even tho she isnt a blonde). I need a female voice to do like the stereotypical cheerleader gurls.. the "like oh my god" kind of gurls lol.

"Oh my GOD!! Are you like Mario and Luigi!?!.... I get it you are actor for a movie about them!!"
"Well I'M Princess Coco... the free-spirit of the Coffee Kingdom"

Chunky Chong: The "Donkey Kong" of the series buuut. he's a bear! lol I need a deep voice for this guy.

"This shit JUST got real, pal!!"
"Don't make me throw the hive at you!!"
You ever see bees sting you eyes.... I have.."

King Saliva: The main Antagonist of the series. Of course the Bowser of the series. I need a person who can talk like Daffy Duck or Sylvester the cat. :)

"This is ridiculous.. I mean really.. how you turn this thing on!"
" I AM KING SALIVAA!!!!!.... But you can call me Sal"

many more roles will be needed like mario, luigi, and the original crew.. but I'll post that wen the time comes...

Plz submit you auditions by PMin me or emailing me @ derekotsu.gmail.com

Come visit my website In the Mind of Dere-kotsu and visit my facebook fan-page.

Voice Actor Wanted

Check out my website and my facebook page. If you have twitter, then come and follow me @derekotsu

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I'm in need of a female singer to help out with a parody of Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World"(I'm making it "Only Nerd in the world"). Needs to have a more-than decent singing voice, and should try to sound as close to Rihanna as possible. This includes but is not limited to:
** Wide-ranged Alto or Second Soprano voice
** Ability to belt
** Good diction
** Excellent Timbre unique to yourself, or one close to Rihanna's.
If you're interested, please PM me a message concerning your interest and a short mp3 of you singing the original (Only Girl in the world), 30 - 60 seconds in length.
*-Thanks in Advance-*

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See the picture!

Voice Actor Wanted

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SERIOUSLY! I need voice actors this very minute! I'm amking a flash called "CRASH OF THE TITANS" Based on the 2010 movie and creash bandicoot videogame and I need voice actors this very minute.

I need someone to do the voices of:

A Frog which a crazy young american accent, like richard kind as Larry the Anaconda
A Koala with an alarmed Aussie accent
An Eagle with a british accent that keeps complaining and questioning the gods
A Snake with a hissing way of speaking.
A Skunk with a bit of a cowardly talk
A Komodo Dragon with, just a regular voice. Just a bit deep.
My own version of Hadies, Make him sound REALLY EVIL!
A Liger with a young alarmed american accent.
A Duck in a style of Daffy Duck
A Bear with a deep, ruff voice
A Zedonk with a heroic type of voice
A Shark with a nice kind voice, a little squeaky
A Dodo......maybe like Kowaski from the Penguins of Madagascar
A pig who only says oink in a normal voice

In this script, I'm doing the voice of Rhino, Dile the crocodile, Crash Bandicoot, Dingodile, Rocko the wallaby and Gary the snail.

Here are the line. Some lines in brackets mean the action of what's happening in the movie or what I want everyone to say)
(Eagle and Snake play checkers)
Eagle: I don't understand why checkers was made. I mean who created us and what was the purpose of out living?
Snake: Don't know bout you but I think these greek cookies taste like my uncle's barf.
Eagle: Okay, who's turn was it?
Koala: Attention! Attention! Please go to thecenter immediatly.
Snake: Err, kinda in a middle of something?
Koala: Well, whatever it is will have to wait. Get yer butts there now.
(Everyone heads for the center)
Eagle: Why was the centre built anyway
Snake: Maybe it's because it has....
Frog: Shhhhh! We are trying to listen. And I brought in pie.
Eagle: Do frogs even have ears? Do they even like pie?
Dodo: Quiet, it's starting!
Dingodile: My fellow citizens! I bring grave news! The Kracken's back!
(everyone gasps)
Skunk: Dear Neptune, I'm gonna faint.
Dingodile: Now we can have our eggs again.
(everyone goes Ohhhh!)
Komodo Dragon: I thought it was about something to do with the monster.
Hades: (comes from the clouds) (farts) pardon me, I just had to have 47 nachos after that last trip.
Skunk: Is the announcement over?
Hades: Actually, it's just the begining. What I'm here for is to announce the return of the Kracken
(everyone gasps)
Hades: Now we can have a good breakfast again with that machine working.
(everyone goes Ohhhh!)
Hades: And I also mean the monster will return.
Eagle: Is that another trick?
Hades: SILENCE! (Zaps Eagle, becomes mute). Now that that's out of the way, in 10 days, the monster will rise and crumple your city, building by building, park by park, vehicle by vehicle and....... um what are the other things in the city?
Snake: Err, Super markets?
Hades: Yeah, that too.
Dile: Oh yeah? Well we can wait for 9 days
Hades: 8 days then
Dile: 7 days
Hades: 6
(everyone says "Shut up, Dile!")
Hades: 6 days it is
Komodo dragon: Maybe......
Liger: No, sir. That's enough.
Duck: But why release the kracken, sir/
Bear: Yeah, what have we ever done to you?
Zedonk: I don't think any of us have to do with this.
Hades: Not any of you. Only HIM (points at eagle) He's been questioning us for two years non stop!
Snake: You leave my pal out of this.
Hades: Okay, but in 6 days, your.....
Bear: Yeah, yeah, We know! Out cities will be crumpled building by building, park by park, vehicle by vehicle and even the supermarket is being destroyed.
Hades: Well, how are you going to defeat him, uh?
Zedonk: He has to have some weakness. Everyone of my videogames shows the bosses weakness.
Hades: Figure it out, but untill then. Have a nice summer. (Vanishes)
(Everyone screams)
Dingodile: Everyone, please remin calm!
(Everyone still screams)
Dingodile: Everyone, listen to me!
(Everyone still screams)
Rhino: (uses megaphone) SHUT UP!
(Everyone goes silent)
Rhino: Thank you
Dingodile: As one of us said something about defeating the kracken, we need to find a way to defeat it.
Rhino: Oh well, It's the end of the world
Dingodile: And you guys need a leader.
Rhino: And where in the world will we get that?
Dingodile: Unless you would like to do the honours
Rhino: What, me?
Dingodile: Yes. After all, you did encourage people to be quiet. That all listened to you and did as you told them to do.
Rhino: Done this during kindergarden.
Dingodile: Do you know how to defeat the kracken?
Rhino: No but I know one person who can tell uus how.
Dingodile: Who
Rhino: Three beautiful sisters I met ever since high school. They were considered my girl friends untill I had to break up with them due to my parents moving here. They are quite far from here.
Dingodile: Then it is settled. You'll guide your team to the 3 sisters' home to find anwsers to the kracken's defeat.
Rhino: You and the messangers will stay here, the rest of us will go.
Dingodile: Take care, mate.
Rhino: Alright, everyone! If we want to save out planet, we need to work together. Now who's with me?
Dile: Now we're talking
Crash: Yahoo!
Frog: Pumpkin!
Shark: Understood!
Eagle: (unzips himself) How long is this?
Dodo: Okay!
Komodo Dragon: Come me in!
Liger: Me too!
Snake: Bring it on!
Bear: I was born ready!
Duck: For our cities
Skunk: We're all gonna die
Zebonk: Let's Rock and Roll
Pig: Oink

(everyone goes on jet horses except pig)
Rocko: Sorry, mate. You'll have to ride the snail
Gary: Meow

To be continued (Making a 2 part series)

PLEASE Email your voices to my link and I'll see if they are good. It's free, it doesn't cost a penny.


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I have the Main Role of an Animation Open at the moment.
If you are intrested, PM me, and i will show you what i have so far, and the Lines.
As soon as possible would be nice


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