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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 12:43:26

to convert audio files, I normally just open it with an editing program (like audacity, it's free) and save it without any changes, in any format I need. may take awhile if it's a really big file, but I doubt it.

My Name is Stormy Facade, i am a Pegasus Pony, A Brony, And I love Games, Flying, and butterflies.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 18:31:41

the voice of the prefect has been taken.
i still need a voice for jimmy hopkins. this voice needs to be about 16 years old and have a snotty attitude. if you are interested just PM and ill send you audition lines. im not desprate right now for a voice actor but i would like the voices soon. please note that if you are accpeted for this role that it is a commitment and you will be called upon for future voices.
thanks and good luck

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 19:52:12

Im a 15 year old male. Give me a script and ill try it out :)

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 20:07:11

I'm a 17 year old looking for a script also. if you want to know what my voice sounds like.

Go here, http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/2 47061 it was when I was 16 but, I've gotten better sense then.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 21:18:30

1.) I need three voices. I need one for Gordon Freeman, a middle-aged human scientist. He has a standard voice for a human. He was a scientist who has to fight an alien invasion on his own.

The second voice is for that of Master Chief from Halo. He is rather gruff, as he is a space marine, but his voice is sort of robotic, due to the suit.

The third voice is Samus Aran. She is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Her voice is smooth and suave, but with an element of command to it.

2 - These are the lines I would like you to audition with.
"What? Where in the hell am I? And where's my crowbar?"
"Hey, you there, with the gun! I've got some questions!"
"Ow, man! Don't scare me like-Oh shit."
"Headcrabs? How did they get here?"

"This is MC to Autumn, repeat, MC to Autumn, can you read me?"
"I'm getting some strange readings off the side of this cliff."
"You, hold your ground! Don't move a muscle."
''A crowbar? How did this get here?"

"I want fifty up front and 100 after the mission."
"Nothing personal, Chief. Just doing my job."
"Oh, so you're the "One Free Man" I was told about?"
"Wait a minute...you're not supposed to be here!"

3 - Monkeyismein@gmail.com
4 - No deadline. When all positions are filled, I will let you know.

I will of course Credit you.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-06 23:46:18

At 5/22/10 04:43 PM, Pjorg wrote: Sup guys. Awhile back I found a few voices for a movie I am making about a family of citrus fruits. Unfortunetly, some voice actors weren't realiable enough. I need to fill these roles:

Oh, I would love to audition for Tangerine! :)

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-07 10:04:27

Need a weird kind of voice.
The most boring, monotone, deep voice.
This voice still has to be clear, but it is a voice that is really low, no accent and lacks and excitement or enthusiasm.

It is for a sequel for my Where's Billy game series, Where's Billy 3:

Send anything that links to the voice needed via PM.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-08 14:15:01

I've got some recorded monotone audio, but how do I send it to you? You left no E-mail for us.

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-08 19:46:43




Matilda is a middle aged woman, about 40-45, American accent, she's a witch-hunter, who is the bad guy in this episode. She's intolerant and whatnot.
-(angry)You see what your pagan beliefs have brought you? Nothing but pain and death! You all had a life-long chance for salvation, but you turned it down. And now, because of your ignorance, you will suffer the flames of HELL!

Again, email me at coffinentertainment@yahoo.com if you are interested! thanks!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-09 17:46:25

Hey I need a FEMALE voice.

Description - It's for a goddess. It's meant to be apathetic towards a threat. As if she is bored. She is expressionless so something monotone and bored would be nice.

Line - "We are not goddesses known for our patience, demon. If you truly believe you, an errand boy for The Void, are capable of hindering us, make haste with your attempt...so we can be done with you."

Contact - PM me the line please.

No Deadline but ASAP would be nice

Thanks in advance

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-10 19:37:33

At 11/27/07 09:32 PM, dante224 wrote: im looking for able voice actors for my new film, and my mic doesnt work, if you have a microphone, and a voice that can immitate one of the following characters, pm me and ill see if i can add you to the movie as a voice (some voices are not used more than once)

1. boy (about 12-15)(used throughout the movie)
2. girl (about 15-17)(used in the intro)
3.scooby doo (used in one scene)
4.shaggy (from scooby doo) (used in one scene)
5. man of about age 30(used for the first battle)
6. old lady(used for the old lady across the street for a random turn of events)
7. oh really (orly owl, second battle)
8. tom fulp(used in the last battle)

i will use the boy's voice mostly in this movie, there will be three total battle scenes in the movie (orly, a drug dealer whose house exploded, and tom fulp as the grand fanally)

the other voices will be used once or twice, and i will personally add everyone in the voice acting to the co-authors list and a place in the credits.

i will add more voices if need be

whats your email so i can send you the file and maybe some test lines i cant just fuckin improve this shit if i know not the story line now im just typing to fill in space because you wrote alot of word dude i mean seriously

im the creator /founder of owned productions

owned productions

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-11 14:10:33


I'm looking for a male voice actor to do a quick piece of work for a trailer I am currently working on!

Part: News Reporter

Voice: Medium to deep in an exaggerated 50's -50's style.
For example: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/16 4642/?searchterm=reporter


This is FOX news 13. We interrupt this broadcast to bring you an emergency bulletin. There have been sitings all across the city of what appear to be the liviiing dead. I'll say that again, the living dead. Early reports are suggesting that this horror is linked to the Obama admini--- What? *Pause*
I thought you sa---*Pause* you said to blame it-----

If you'd like to try it out, feel free to send me a message or an email at themorosoph@gmail.com

Thanks for anyone who tried to help, and let me know if you have any question.


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-11 16:37:31

i am making a platformer game and i am pretty much done
but i need voices for three characters

One needs to sound posh, make and older... lets say 18 or over

one can be for ages 13-18

and one that can be anyone or any type of voice you want for this character cause this one will be the funniest.

here is the teaser for my game

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb6dMEX_q 3Y

and here is a little demo you can play

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/3609/549 7_Dilwyn.php

if your interested please pm me


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-11 23:02:23

'm a voice actor, and i'm trying to get my name out there. I'll be obtaining a new mic soon, for the record.
http://www.youtube.com/user/randomclippr oduction
This is my youtube channel, which, for now, is the only resume I can you give you people here at NG. If anyone needs a male character for anything, anything at all, I'd appreciate it if you checked out my channel, and PM if your interested.
Thank you for your time.

~ Adam Whaley

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-14 01:46:36

Found my voice actress. Will not be accepting anymore submissions. Her name is dellaciel and she has a very nice voice. Heres her profile incase anyone else would like a female VA.


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-14 08:17:51

i know you probably wont accept me, but i can do an GODAMM AWESOME NARRATOR STYLE VOICE!!, p.m message meyour email, so i can send you a demo... PLEASE ACCEPT ME!!!

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-15 12:40:39

hi sounds good i need an Indian acsented vioce for an upcomeing animation wanna get involed

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-15 12:42:29

At 11/24/07 12:01 PM, fatassninja wrote: Im 14 years old!LOL i was hell good in imetating a pakistan!!I can make those frenchies attempting english,i can do chinese accent(I talk chinese cantonese also)!Well I have way too much imitiations to write so ill stop here!And sorry for my crappy english!Oh last thing,Languages i speak:english,french,chinese(cantonese),
Greek,italian and spanish!

hi i think i alredy put a reply but yh im new to ng and i dunno what im doing can u do me a pakistani accsent for my next animation ?

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-15 15:03:52

Male Voice actor looking for work, can do serious or funny voice, Willing to do anything, send me a PM if im needed,

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-15 16:12:29

The setting is in a mixed martial arts tournament and you will voice act as a referee, keep in mind that your playing a forty year old male referee. I have no voice preference and funny accent requests so a normal voice would do just fine. I just need the voice acting to be crisp with no funny noises or statics. Here's the line:

Okay gentleman, weve been all over the rules, protect yourself at all times, follow my instructions at
all times, touch gloves and get ready to do this.

I need this before june 17. Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-18 09:07:06

Just to let ya know TankofDestruction is looking for VAs and he apparently didn't know to post here. Here's his post.

I am looking for male VA to be in my movie Mario's Destiny. I need ppl who can do a deep, mysterious voice. I also need a person who can do a general voice who can yell like a general but also sound like one in a normal conversation. My email is mikel1015@comcast.net. I would like ppl to try this sentence with their voices. "Why did you come here? I told you to leave!" In both a Calm and loud voice for the general and the deep, mysterious voiced person. Thanks for helping out!

Remember this isn't for me, it's for TankofDestruction

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-19 05:33:26

HI my friend currently has a cartoon finished and all that's needed is voice actors to fill in the lines. I've volunteered to help him out with this duty of finsihing the cartoon because without me he's never going to get the lines done. Note that I am going to need three voice actors that will stay on newgrounds because these characters are going to develop a series of many many episodes. There is two complete cartoons all done and animated and all that missing is the voices so here's the types of voices I need.

Character 1- Cristo: Cristo is the main character and he needs to have a slightly high voice and his personality is adventurous. A girl might be able to fill in this position...

Character2 - Rubin - Rubin is a grumpy dude who needs to have a deep voice.

Character 3- Diman - Diman is the youngest of the three and is a happy and carefree. He is gonna need a high voice maybe even a girl will work for this part.

Okay and my email is kos_productions@hotmail.com or you can just send me a PM on newgrounds and use dumping grounds. Newgrounds will work better for me as I don't check my email as frequently....also prepare that I will be a little harsh on who I except on this. If you send me a PM and your profile has an ad on it because you've done nothing then I won't reply. But if you are good then you got yourself a part. We'll just see what happens. ;P Okthnxbai!

Voice Actor Wanted

Come check me out!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-19 16:04:59

I need a late/mid teens american male
Just pm me and ill tell you my email address
then send a audio file of you saying
(slightly shouting leading upto a question) Hey slow down a sec
(disappointed) aww...ok
(questioning) So..er..what are you doing?
I hope to hear from you soon If you have any questions or enquires just PM me.

underage users there so easy to spot LOL

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-20 06:09:18

Hello! I'm an animator (well, kinda), and I've got some cartoons, that would like to be voiced. Like my last submission, The End. Episode I. So, if someone have a beautiful voice and interested in this, please respond :)
Atleast one female and one male voices are needed.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-20 15:56:14

Hey Everybody,

Thanks for the interest in the reporter gig. I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you, but I'm in Africa...and things are funny here. I skipped the voice on the reporter for the trailer of my game (which you can see in my profile)... I was too eager to upload...my bad.

Anyways, I need another voice for something I just put together today:

2 parts:

Man screaming one:
Personality: Just sound shocked and upset...it would be best if it seemed like the audio was coming from far away.

Lines: "Oh my god! That guy just jumped on that dog!! Jesus christ dude! What is wrong with you!? Its just a DOG"

Man or Woman screaming two:
Personality: Higher voice, panicked, screaming, angry.
Lines: Oh my god my dog! What did you do! No, no, no, no, no.....! Why would you do that! You killed my dog! You crazy fucking Italian! Someone call the police!

Feel free to try out and email me at themorosoph@gmail.com
I'll upload the game as soon as I get some voices.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-21 15:18:40


I need a voice of a female warrior to do 2 lines of dialogue for an online trailer that is coming out very soon for a game called Dark Warriors.

This is a great opportunity to get noticed. Not only will this be heard on Youtube, but it will also be heard in the gaming website where there are already 294,753 active players.

Please post here if interested in the opportunity. Thank you for your time.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-21 16:53:50

Hello everyone,

At this moment I am working on a flash game that's aiming to raise money for the "Milleniumgoals". We desperately need a voice-actor however, so that's the reason for this post. The idea is that the story in this game will be told by several slideshows, supported by subtitles and a voice-over.

What/who we need: Someone (either male or female) with a clear and narrative voice.

We have a document set up for this purpose, but I couldn't include it in this post, so if you're interested, please mail me ASAP. :)

You can mail me at: Heyik@live.nl

We're taking in 'auditions' untill friday the 27th, so you,ll have to be a bit quick about it. :S

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-22 04:05:34

Edit: We can't pay anyone for the voice-acting, since it's for charity.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-22 09:38:51

I am looking for a voice for this woman:
a normal british female voice will be fine, for not too difficult . PM if you're interested thanks very much.
This is for a cartoon show im making called Gangsta Cat. I will send you the opening titles that i have recently completed so you can get a feel for it.

Voice Actor Wanted

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2010-06-22 10:30:50

An odd request, but I'm sure one of you can help me out.
I need an epic 'monster' voice...not words, just sounds.
A good example would be the one in this flash half-way through: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/53 0334
So, a deep, booming voice with some sort of filter to make it sound non-human.

Description of the monster:
He will have big, glowing eyes, be covered in fur, have lethal fangs and claws. About as tall as a three-story building.

Sounds I need:
It is a fight scene, so lots of hurt grunts, battle cries, roars...I also need one low chuckle, as though laughing at something inferior. (The more sound clips I have to work with, the better!)

I will be animating this as a part of my flash series!

Please send either an audition or all clips to: alleycats_are_dirty@msn.com
Preferably in zip format.
Good sound quality is a MUST!

Deadline: Well until I find the voice...