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At 10/24/14 01:25 PM, SailorSilverStar wrote: Just thought I'd update anyone looking here for me ^_^

I got very lucky! I won the newgrounds give away and was awarded my dream microphone a Blue Yeti!!!!!

I just got it today and am still figuring the settings!!! I am so so excited!!!! I'm still on a high about it. Now I can give great quality with a great performance to you guys!!

Thank you so much Tom and Newgrounds for this!!!! I love you all!!!! <333333

Congratulations Sailor! After listening to your amazing audition for my animation, you deserve nothing but the best!

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At 10/24/14 05:48 PM, OldManCricky wrote: Congratulations Sailor! After listening to your amazing audition for my animation, you deserve nothing but the best!

Thank you!! This is going to help me alot, especially in a big deal project i just got brought on too but am waiting to say till my official debut is published, hopefully soon too ^_^

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I'm looking for a female voice actor, for an upcoming animation. The attached photo is some concept art. If you are interested, send me a PM on Newgrounds or an E-mail, and please attach or give a link to a demo reel or some kind of clip of your voice.

My E-mail address is TheSilleGuy97@gmail.com

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Hi. I am looking for a VA for my 3d characters. The voices will be mostly male.
I am Looking for someone that can help me over all on creating good u-tube videos. I would like to create videos that have big views and we make money off advertisements. Profits will be split 50/50
I would like to start out telling jokes just to warm up on 4 or 5 small shorts (1min.,30 sec. at most), and then move to something bigger. I am thinking of a short story or a late night talk show like david letterman,etc.only 3d cartoon.
The charcter image in this post is max bell pepper.He is fully animateable. I also have a banana and callaflower 80% done and a human guy. I also have other cartoon humans to work with but they are only 50% done. It would take a week to get my human cartoon characters animateable.
It would be nice to have a VA that would help me come up with scripts and maybe a video of you acting out the part so I could translate your movements to characters. This isn't mandatory though. I just need a VA with a willingness to succeed. I can pretty much do everthing but the voice acting
I have 5 years experience working with my 3d program and character creation and animation and have no problems with any of it but every new character requires getting used to, almost like ever person has a different personality.
Pm me if you're interested and give me an email to reply back too.
Once we get a routine going we should be able to produce a video/show once a week.


P.S. I would have posted in the collab section but apparently I need a score of 3.5 and I have no idea what my score is. I am still reading to figure this website out.

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Looking for vocalists. I'm in need of a female singer. I'm making an anime(manga style) trailer and working with music producers, but we need a female to sing. Any takers? If your interested email me at sokko89@gmail.com or PM me. Looking forward to working with you!

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Hi, my name is Tyree. I will be running an indie production company. It currently only consists of me. It’s called Dark-I-Graphics and to put it as simply as possible, I make anything from Web and non-web comics, animated cartoons and video-games, to graphic apparel, wall art and music. I am looking for a new voice actress for the female half of our mascot duo TieDie. You would be voicing the girl, Die.

She’s a cheerful, down to earth girl in her late teens who is still young at heart. She is very confident in herself and is never afraid to speak her mind, even though she’d prefer if some people wouldn’t. She can be quite energetic and excitable when in the right mood, but at times also be bit of a tomboy. For the most part she’s gentle and casual with people, even strangers, trying to be mindful of others feelings even though she is occasionally oblivious to social cues and can be bit of an air head. Here is her more realistic character design http://d-i-g-i-n.deviantart.com/art/Die-character-sheet-491100525 and a few audition lines:

1)Hey Tie, I was sitting around thinking to myself the other day and you know what I just realized after all these months?

2)The reason why more people like me over you is because you’re too nosey. Always trying to change people instead of just letting them be them, like I do. Letting every candle shine their own light. You should try it some time. It might do your social life some good.

3)Well considering how that’s what most people think, either you’re wrong or most people don’t make sense, and I find it easier to believe you’re just wrong.

Here is a small clip of the first project you would be working on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0DD79u74p8. It’s going to be a video introduction for the Patreon page for Dark-I-Graphics I’ll be putting out in early Dec. The Dead line for submissions will be November 10. Your audition samples must be of high quality with no electric hissing, humming or static noise in the background and can either be saved as a mp3 or a wav. file. The file should be labeled , (insert your name) Die audition take 1 (or 2 or 3 if doing multiple takes). I suppose the most notable aspects of the job to mention right now would be that...

1)Although the projects may be weeks or even months apart from one another, this is a long term position in which you will for sure be playing the same role. After all, you would be playing a mascot, but you might also be asked to play secondary characters.

2)Infrequently throughout the course of working with me, characters, including yours, will be featured in skits/shorts that may have mature language and involve sensitive topics.

3) Although it is intended to change as soon as possible, the first 2 or 3 projects you would be working on will have to be for free since I am not currently in a position to pay you.

If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible at D_I_G_I_N_2@yahoo.com so that we may discuss this further. This is a link to what will be my main website which won't officially be launched until December but if you want to check it out fell free to do so. http://darkigraphics.tumblr.com/

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At 11/1/14 07:56 AM, DIG69 wrote: You would be voicing the girl, Die.

Totally sending you an email right now ^_^

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I need a voice actor that can make 2 voices, a normal one and a child's one, for a 20 second animation (the original is in spanish)
I'll be thankful if someone help me.


(Not a native english speaker)

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Hey, I need a Female Voice Actor out there who can play this part for me.

Some info about her:

-She's the main love interest.
-In her early 20s, college student
-Kind, sweet, gentle, good girl.

Few things to note:

***The lines are due by December 10th 2014.***

**Please only message me if you have the lines done and ready. Unless you have an important question about the part.**

****Please do multiple takes of the lines just in case (to avoid retakes) so I can pick the best ones***

~In the scene you are in, you're talking to your boyfriend about the sports tryouts he just had.~

The Lines I will need:

"Need some help?" (This is a greeting, you come up to help him off the floor)

"Soo..how'd it go?"

"Oh c'mon Devin. I bet you did great."

"Brad's just teasing."

"Don't sell yourself short. Besides; there's more important things than sports."

(jokingly) "...Like not being a selfish jerk."

"Like what?"


"You say you do...But we are only defined by our actions."
If you're hired, I'll put your account name in the opening credits and anyother resonable request you may have to credit your role. Perhaps throw in $5 through paypal if you'd like.

So that's about it. Just send me a PM on here at Newgrounds with the sound files. If you need to send them through email, just tell me and I will provide that for you.

Thank you so much in advance for whoever out there can help me with this role!

Here's an example of what the animation will look like:

Voice Actor Wanted

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At 11/6/14 07:13 AM, JTmovie wrote: Hey, I need a Female Voice Actor out there who can play this part for me.


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At 11/6/14 11:14 AM, SailorSilverStar wrote:
At 11/6/14 07:13 AM, JTmovie wrote: Hey, I need a Female Voice Actor out there who can play this part for me.

Thank you :)) Yup Young Justice style, my favorite

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At 11/6/14 02:13 PM, JTmovie wrote:

Thank you :)) Yup Young Justice style, my favorite

I hate the series stopped!! it was sooooooo amazing!!! ><

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Hi! I am in Sweden and speak swedish and english. Exciting to be here. New here.
Wanna be heard and scouted of course. Contact me anytime if you need voices for your work.
Listen here. Any critic's lovely to hear! (^^) More to come...
Thank you.
Here's the link : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/591445

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ANCIENT JUDEAN HISTORY BOOK PROJECT ("lord_skylark" AT "yahoo" DOT "com")

I am seeking to gather together some voices for various characters in my ancient Judean history project, which consists of making audio versions of various history books related to Israel/Judah history (see below for full list). (Most of these are my personal translations or revisions of these documents.)

This is completely a non-profit Public Domain project. I have gathered quite a handful of people together, but some certain books of the project require more voices than available people to me, so I am seeking for some more. A majority of the main characters have been finished, and so most of what I am seeking are 'extras' whose part consists of merely a single line, or a paragraph or two; though there are a few that are a little longer.


I am looking voices (primarily male, though there are a few female), from about 18 years or older, most being around the late 20's, to 30's (or at least sound that way), and some which are older (50+). [full list below]. Since this project is formed of different books, the same actor can be used *once* per book book, so I don't need a completely different actor for each character, provided they are found in different books.

Overall, I am looking for **realistic/natural** voices -- use your natural voice.

Please do not sound like you are reading, but acting [though if the character is reading a letter, this can sound more like he is reading, but maintain a reflective more realistic sound that is different from normal reading]

If the character in the book is shouting, shout like he would [don't fake it, fake shouting is *easy* to detect]. If he is addressing an army, actually perform the lines as if you are addressing an army. If sad, be sad. If rejoicing, rejoice. If he has a smile on his face, have one on your face.

If you do not know how to pronounce a word, please research this. Dictionary.com provides audio samples.

If you do not know how to pronounce a proper name (location/character/etc.) please contact me. (Many times I also pronounce a name differently than its normal incorrect English pronounciation.) Most of the pronunciations which I am using have been recorded and uploaded here (and I keep adding them as parts are taken with new ones): http://www.biblicalaudio.com/temp/words/

Here is an example of one of the finished projects (NOTE: non-music versions are currently not available)
[CHAPTER 14 & 15 are the best ones to listen to, I think, and give a good example at what I am aiming for]
There are definitely many more books on there to give you an example of what I am looking for.


Will pay $10.00USD per hour of completed audio. (Minimum $1.00.)
(This means that if it takes you two hours to come up with 15 minutes of finished audio, you get paid a total of $2.50.) This does *NOT* mean that you have to edit your takes of each line ahead of time -- I can edit together your takes afterward (and I would rather do this, because I have more experience than most people in editing and many of my clients are not the best at editing takes together to sound natural enough), but you will be getting paid for the amount of completed audio after either yourself, or I, do the editing.

Please remember that each voice actor may have one role per book.
(Example: one character in Maccabees, one character in Josephus etc -- see below for cast list)

After receiving an audition, you will be informed whether or not you are hired for the role. You will *NOT* be paid for audition time, or anything recorded before being approved. So unless you are volunteering time, please do not record excess in your audition. (However, if the audition is accepted, and the performance of the audition is acceptable, than that can go toward the final time.)

Retakes: If the reason for the retake is due to fault on your side, I do not compensate the time. If the reason for the retake is due to fault on my side, I will pay for the time involved.

Payments will be made via paypal. So if you don't have a paypal account (or know someone who has access to a paypal account), you will not be receiving a payment. [The only exception is if payment is required to be paid through an intermediate site.]
Payment will be sent upon receiving completed audio and verified for correct pronounciations and performance, and upon completion of *all* assigned characters for the project.


For auditions, all that is necessary is a line or two (or a paragraph is the character is of significant length)
Please send to my email: "lord_skylark" AT "yahoo" DOT "com"
(there is an underscore "_" between "lord" and "skylark").

***For auditions, please have at least 192kbps MP3 / final versions will need to be sent in mono raw 'wav' format (or, if your original recording is not 'WAV', some sort of lossless format that can easily be converted to wav without suffering any loss of quality from compression, etc.).

***FileName Format -- "BOOK" / "CHARACTER" / "LINE" / "TAKE" [Book and character are the most important, as line numbers are not always stated clear -- just make sure that they are in manuscript order]

(NOTE: If your audition is not accepted for a certain character, it may be considered for another character.)

*Below are each of the character's *full* dialogue for each book. The lines have been isolated from the rest of the book and are colored coded (the color of the lines will match the color of the character's name at the top).
*For the audition, choose a couple lines from the character.
*I tried to include enough information to understand the complete context, but if this is not completely understandable, please refer to each book's complete text.
*Most voices require someone from 18-30 (or at least someone that sounds that way); this is true for most voices unless otherwise stated. Most of these characters are soldiers in the military, or commanders, or leaders and kings. These are estimated ages, and are somewhat flexible.

***With recording quality, there must be minimal to no room echo -- surround the microphone area with pillows if you have nothing else to absorb the sound. For suggestions on a cheap microphone set up which will remove most echo and make the audio quality sound more professional, see:

(see http://www.biblicalaudio.com/CheapReadingSetup.txt for suggestions)

Make sure that your audition demo is recorded with the equipment and environment that you will be using for your actual work.

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I started a project a year ago, and now that I have a little bit of free time, I'm hoping to repost it and get a few more submissions:

Hey all, I'm back with another unusual voice acting request. Newgrounds has a ton of voice actors, and I enjoy finding strage ways to use you all. Depending on how much free time I have, I plan on doing a couple audio-based projects where I will use as many voice actors as I can (within reason). This is my first Voice Actors of New Grounds project (VAoNG #1).

Your task is as follows:

You are trapped inside a box. Using 20 words or less, explain to me why I should let you out of the box.

Why did I trap you in the box in the first place? I forget. Remind me.

Assuming they are witty, clean (keep it PG), and of decent audio quality, I will use any audio submissions that are sent to me by the end of the week (Sunday, Nov. 16th). You can either send me a PM with a link to your submission, or you can email them to me at echnaret[at]gmail[dot]com.

An audio advert for the project can be found here:

Well, what are you waiting for? Get a move on!

I made a short story about a Penguin who goes fishing. It's like Peter and the Wolf, but more self-critical.


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At 11/6/14 07:13 AM, JTmovie wrote: Hey, I need a Female Voice Actor out there who can play this part for me.

RE: To me previous post. I already got my voice actor for the part.
Thank you so much to all of you who auditioned!

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Making a non-profit promotional commercial picture/comic slide video for transfomers oc Club and would like to have voice actors for each Oc/fan character in "charge of each class". Each character will have to be given a small speech or short blurbs about the club and their "class" so anyone audition must keep in mind that depending on the character their going for they might have different length speech to say. I need 4 voice actors, 3 male and 1 female. The video will be posted on Newgrounds and Deviantart.com
DEADLINE- December 31 2014 but might be extended

PAYMENT: NONE but a copy of completed work

Contact-Prefered Private message

You can send your audition to my email after you contact me through PM but I prefer to use a website Behind The Voice Actors Calling Cast http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/Darkfirestorm123/casting-call/Decepticon-Nation-club-promotional-video/

Eaglefire-Adult male voice (age 26)- rough, mid-high pitched voice preferably with a trace of Scottish accent

"Hello! Flyer Brigadier here! Eaglefire!”

"I bet you're asking yourself 'why should I join the flyer class?' WELL. I have no idea but please do it anyway honestly there are so few-AHEM. Because Decepticons need the aerial upper hand!"

"You do want the Decepticons to, um, win this war, don't you?? Then join the Flyer class! Flight is a gift! Use it to destroy our enemies! As...twisted as that sounds ehehehahah."

Avvade-Adult Male voice- (Various Ranged voice) Maso-sadistic teasing sort of persona.

"If yer a 'Con, why not be a real 'Con?"
"Join the Front-Liners, an' I'll help you get weapons fast."
"Join us an' rule the base~."

Hiddenstorm-Female (age 26)-A secretive individual that puts up a polite caring facade to hid the fact she is incredibly two faced, selfish and has a childish nature

“I should properly introduced myself; Hiddenstorm, communications brigadier."

"My apologizes but you are being rude"

"Well then, isn't it a good thing that the last part of that statement can't be proved outright~ But you never know with the higher ups..Always assuming things."

Nighthawk- Elderly age- A Grump. Has a English, Southeast London Dialect/accent, basically he sounds like an older, more gruff version of Pitch from Rise of the Guardians

"How DARE you insult me in such a fashion!?”
"Now if you don't mind, I do have other things that need to be done.”
"I may be old, but that doesn't mean I can't bloody well hear you!”

Decepticon-Nation is a community revolving around fan characters made for the Transformers franchise that label themselves as soldiers of the Decepticon faction. While members may join for the sake of showcasing art and fiction of their Decepticon character or canon Decepticons, the club also has a strong focus on interactive elements. Characters will be able to participate in a plot based game that allows them to collaborate with fellow members and build the characterization of their creation. The method of interaction will include RP or art/fiction based missions, battles, and contests.

Voice Actor Wanted

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Hello I am interested in being your voice talent. check out my youtube channel UsFilthyCasuals and check out some examples of my voice work so far. Thank you for your consideration. my email is TheVoiceManRichardson@yahoo.com

At 10/29/14 09:04 PM, syfogen wrote: Hi. I am looking for a VA for my 3d characters. The voices will be mostly male.
I am Looking for someone that can help me over all on creating good u-tube videos. I would like to create videos that have big views and we make money off advertisements. Profits will be split 50/50

Voice Actor Wanted

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I am a Vocal Artist that is new to the scene. I have many acting and singing credits under my belt, but at long last I have begun work on my true passion. I have a youtube channel that I am using as a temporary demo tape until I can get a professional demo made.

the channel is UsFilthyCasuals and I am continuously adding new voice sample content to display my range.

Give me the chance. you won't regret it

ps..Feel free to Email me any potential work you might think I can do. I will read and respond to every single one


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Hello Voice Actors!

Me and xraven13 are doing the the Indies vs Pewdiepie jam.
We are two experienced game developers and we are looking for a talented voice actor to join us!

If you are interested, please PM me a link to your voice reel.

We plan on getting the game sponsored after the jam so you could potentially earn some $$
We are going for the win!

Voice Actor Wanted


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At 11/19/14 09:10 AM, WolveGames wrote: Hello Voice Actors!

YOu need boys, girls or both? ^_^

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Howdy there, Newgrounds!
I'm working on an upcoming animated series on YouTube called Heaven's Vault. It is about a young man and his dragon, friends, and family and their adventures through the skies. A teaser trailer is in the works, and almost every character is available for audition. You can either visit the videos or the Behind The Voice Actors pages for the first and second calls.

I regret to inform you that no, this is not a paying job; however, you will receive the credit as per your request (once in description, once in credits and possibly in an intro).

You can PM me, but I prefer that you email me at thebastionworks@gmail.com
Info is available upon request, or you can visit the links below. And additional lines are available.

YouTube Casting Call #1
BTVA Casting Call #1

YouTube Casting Call #2
BTVA Casting Call #2

Ciao! Thanks for your time!

Voice Actor Wanted

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I can imitate ANY voice and I am 12 only. Anyways, if anyone needs my voice for a song or audio, email teamclubstep@gmail.com and REMEMBER, PUT MY CHANNEL LINK http://www.youtube.com/user/teamclubstep IN THE CREDITS

Voice Actor Wanted

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Egh I meant to have this be a PM and I cant delete it

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I'm currently working on my second EP and want a voice actress to say a few lines over the intro track to add emotion to it. The track is kinda orchestral but noting too complicated. I'm looking for just about any voice although it would be really cool and interesting if you spoke another language other than English for it.
Also just to note, I'm not a big artist at all so I won't make much money off of it at all although the track will/should be listed on many digital stores, my label and itunes take most of the cut and I don't sell much anyway :P. I will of course include (Featuring ....) within the track name and leave any links you want in the description of the track on my soundcloud.
If you're interested email me ryanfftl@hotmail.co.uk or add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Godreran and we can discuss with more details and I can also send you the track etc.


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1 - The voice needed is of the interviewer, someone capable of sounding polite and shy but not overly bashful or young.
pretext: The voice is for a short animation of one adult female to another, an interview. However this is labeled as an adult (18+) project and sexual reaction sounds is part of this role.
2 - You may read any lines of your choosing so long as it's in the spirit of the voice desired. If you can't find anything, feel free to read these lines:

~ "Welcome everyone, to my humble abode. It might not seem like much but it's been a blessing in my life and I couldn't have a better place to call my home." (cheery, welcoming, warm)
~ "Please don't go in there! It's... it's not safe... r-renovations and what not.. hah... hah" (nervous, obviously hiding something)
~ "Why are you doing this? They didn't do anything wrong, they didn't hurt you! How can you be like this? What is wrong with you?" (heartfelt, tearful even, growing more and more judgmental with every word)

3 - You may contact me via my email - shiita.m@gmail.com with a dropbox, audio file link or even the audio file itself (MP3 or WAV format preferred)
4 - The deadline is by mid December 2014 earliest.
5 - This is a non profit personal project (not my own), there will not be a payment exchange, however you will be credited for your work should you wish (include what name you would like to have credited and a single link you would like to be sourced to should you be chosen for the voice).

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