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Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 07:50:29

Voice Acting "Genre" in the Audio Portal

If you are a voice actor who wants to advertise your services, do that here

Thread rules (read before posting!!!).

Include the following when looking for Voice Actors

1 - A description of the voice types needed.
Example: "I need a voice actor who can sound like a teenage male, British accent." Try to be as precise as you can!
2 - Audition lines for interested voice actors to say in the character's voice. Doesn't nessecarily have to be from the actual script, it's just to make it easier for the VA's to know what they might be applying for.
3 - Method of contact. E-mail? PM?
4 - Include a deadline! You should list the date when you stop accepting submissions!
5 - Remember that VA's should be credited just like any other audio authors, and if not the actual voices used in the flash is on the portal, credit can be given by simply linking to the users page in "Audio credits".

What's this stuff anyway?
With the addition of the Voice Acting genre in the Audio Portal, a very important step have been taken by Newgrounds to recognice the guys and girls who devote their time and lending their voice to the awesome flash-submissions that daily attempts to make it through the Portal.

Old VA club
There used to be a VA-club that served as a gatheringpoint for VA's, but it have become quite impopular and inactive and was frankly quite malplaced, so with the new VA-genre addition, we make a new attempt!

Why is this in the Audio Forum?
Since recording a human voice is a very difficult thing to do (depending on what level you're at, of course), this thread manifest itself in this forum because the technical help is closer to get here than in the flash/C&C forum. If you have any technical issues, feel free to read through the Audio Sticky once again, and if you can't find what you're looking for, present your specific issue by making a thread in this forum.

Audacity - free audio recording/editing studio.
Shure SM58 - If you want decent recording quality fairly cheap, this is a legendary durable vocal microphone that goes for pretty much everything. Around $100.

Thanks to KagomeHigurashi for helping out with the rules!

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 12:01:13

Im 14 years old!LOL i was hell good in imetating a pakistan!!I can make those frenchies attempting english,i can do chinese accent(I talk chinese cantonese also)!Well I have way too much imitiations to write so ill stop here!And sorry for my crappy english!Oh last thing,Languages i speak:english,french,chinese(cantonese),
Greek,italian and spanish!

:)Asta la vista!!!!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 12:03:34

Sorry again One LAST thing email me or even pm on NG!Here's my hotmail:custom_robo_10043@hotmail.com!!!
Just ask what voice you want me to make and ill try!!

:)Asta la vista!!!!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 14:07:06


I am looking for a voice actor, a male (for now), who narrates what happened before the story itself of my animation, i want a deep voice, like this one, interested? PM me or add me in MSN, lordjanemba@hotmail.com

i have no deadline, since i cant finish the animation without the voice lol.

thanks for taking the time reading this


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 17:23:05

Hello, this is NG-Unit and I need a couple voice actors for my flash,

I need some more famous ones:

Kitty Krew Bot
Tom Fulp
Wade Fulp

and then I need some just random people:

Main Character
Some dude that sounds uninterested in what hes doing
An Elevator dude
The Dad of the main character
Person In Line
Some voice saying "Congrats, you are now level 2"
Some random person
Another random person
Friend 1
Friend 2

most of the above are guys, I'd like the main character to have an american (or no) accent and all of the others can be of any accent (except tom and wade, they don't have accents), most of the side characters can be guys or girls unless it spefically said "guy" (or dude) if its person, then it can be guy or girl

Some dude gets in a fight with his mom so he storms out of the house, and he runs into a town called newgrounds, he joins, and he goes to the audio, flash portal, and every other place, but after a couple days Noobs attack and try to destroy Newgrounds.

This story is based on the story in my profile (in my sig), but the script has been redone by a friend, and more jokes and such have been added

PS: If you want a part and you PM me saying you want it, and someone else has it, its theres not yours, unless theres is really crappy and/or yours is really good


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 17:25:05

I don't know the deadline yet, but I imagine it will be in a month or 2...thats just an estimate, I might be way off

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-24 17:26:50

I'd also like the main character to be a teenager, maybe 17 or 18 (but still living with his mom)


sorry for triple post

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-25 16:52:30

Im doing something for pac man called "THE FREE LVL!'

Where its him eating everything really fast then the cherry comes up and i need you to say,

"Awwwww im too full"
then trys to go past it and accidently eats it(cause his mouth always moves when in motion)
then he craps himself

so anyone intrested? oh yeah heres my e-mail

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-25 16:58:50

sorry for the double post but i have no deadline untiil i say, and i need a male american voice, a little deep

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-27 02:22:53

Good day,
I am pming you regarding your request for a narrator! I am interested in giving it a go. Give me the lines you need and your email address. After I am done I will send them to you.


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-27 21:32:55

im looking for able voice actors for my new film, and my mic doesnt work, if you have a microphone, and a voice that can immitate one of the following characters, pm me and ill see if i can add you to the movie as a voice (some voices are not used more than once)

1. boy (about 12-15)(used throughout the movie)
2. girl (about 15-17)(used in the intro)
3.scooby doo (used in one scene)
4.shaggy (from scooby doo) (used in one scene)
5. man of about age 30(used for the first battle)
6. old lady(used for the old lady across the street for a random turn of events)
7. oh really (orly owl, second battle)
8. tom fulp(used in the last battle)

i will use the boy's voice mostly in this movie, there will be three total battle scenes in the movie (orly, a drug dealer whose house exploded, and tom fulp as the grand fanally)

the other voices will be used once or twice, and i will personally add everyone in the voice acting to the co-authors list and a place in the credits.

i will add more voices if need be


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-11-28 23:15:21

I am willing to do voice work. I will get some samples posted soon, For now, anyone who is ineterested should PM me.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-01 14:41:42

i need a voice actor for my new movie, it's a sequel to my earlier work which (aside from some graphics which were slightly below average dew to rushing and lack of time etc.) was quite decent

i plan to make this one really good, no cutting corners at all.

i'm becoming failry good at graphics (i think). but who cares.

this is about the storyline of the new 'cafeluno' which i've decided to give a more epic name because the story line has taken a turn, it's now fairly serious (lol they're drinks)

i also plan to make the new one like lord of the rings, but because it's with coffee, tea and other beverages such as beer, i'm thinking of calling it, lord of the brands or lord of the drinks, hopefully i'll come up with something better

To see the current storyline watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/37 5243

basically there's a war going on, and i want to turn it into something more epic.

i need a narrator, someone with a really serious epic, catchy voice, deep and maybe a little creepy

someone who can make people really listen, but not have trouble hearing what's being said...any takers?

PM me if you want anything else.

btw, is having it spoof lord of the rings/ 300 a good idea or should it be serious to the core?



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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-02 13:22:10

can someone voice act for me? just two lines for a collab in 2 hours bu i need them now! please

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-02 15:20:39

At 12/2/07 01:22 PM, doomshock wrote: can someone voice act for me? just two lines for a collab in 2 hours bu i need them now! please

What type of voice are you looking for?

I made a short story about a Penguin who goes fishing. It's like Peter and the Wolf, but more self-critical.


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-02 21:34:46

At 12/2/07 03:20 PM, Echnaret wrote:
At 12/2/07 01:22 PM, doomshock wrote: can someone voice act for me? just two lines for a collab in 2 hours bu i need them now! please
What type of voice are you looking for?

thanks but too late.

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-05 11:30:18

I would like someone to make voices of goku and frieza:
Goku: I am the hope of the universe! I am a super Saiyan!
Frieza: What?!
Goku: Ka me ha me HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
send it to rioscaudalosos622@hotmail.com
or PM me

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-05 21:28:59

Well seeing as only 1 person pm'd me about my post earlier, so I'm gonna post it again, and some of the parts have already been taken here are the list of remaining parts:


Main Character - 18 year old male, lower voice
Tom Fulp - Tom Fulp voice?
Wade Fulp - Wade Fulp voice?
Person In Line - boy or girl
some voice - low movie announcer (movie commercial) voice
another random person - boy or girl
friend 2 - boy or girl, teenage

Female (optional):

Person In Line - boy or girl
another random person - boy or girl
friend 2 - boy or girl, teenage

Not Human:

Kitty Krew Bot - A mix of SBC and darth vader voice
M-Bot - robotic voice?

For the not human section, I they aren't human (makes sense doesn't it?) and so if you have some kinda software that can make a voice like those, and you send me a pm telling me what the software is, you get credit for those voices


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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-05 23:30:42

im in need of 7 voice actors for Penis Wars. The list is as shown...

C369 (C3PO)
Princess Ti Ti (Princess Leia)
Dick Vader (Darth Vader)
Dick Dudley (Luke Skywalker)
Obi "1 cup" Kenobi (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Hand Job (Han Solo)
Chewmycocka (Chewbacca)

if u have any intrest in being a actor/actress please message me or send a email to mexicanyodaboy@hotmail.com and i will asign you a character and a script. PLEASE NOT THAT IF YOU WANT THE JOB YOU MUST BE IN IT ALL THE WAY! NO HALF ASSING.. (i hate that)

so message/email as soon as possible. THNX NEWGROUNDS

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-08 03:57:49

At 12/8/07 01:00 AM, dmjersak wrote: I need a smooth thirty-ish British accented voice.
Also I need a low fifty-ish monotone voice.
Send auditions to thecottonbros@hotmail.com

Hay i'll give it a shot... i added you but you wernt on at the time. I myself am not British but can do a fairly good impression of an actual British person...but it's up too you and if you do get a British person then, by all means use em.

PSN: Tork14

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-08 08:40:08

For everybody looking for an italian or english voice here I am, I'm 17 and I'm Italian but I speak a good english (you can watch some of my youtube videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/Mick1080dgMa d, in the Tetris video and my First Video Log i speak a lot lol) ... ok for any need I'm here...u can Pm me or send me emails at mick1080dgmad AT hotmail.com ok waiting for some script..c ya

MICKMAD is on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/Mick108 0dgMad

Go check my Account Page!!! There's more music! And there'll be even more! WOOT

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-10 06:15:52

hello everyone. i have my own home recording studio and many of my friends are voice actors locally.. for instance we have been working on Mario Kart : Source, a Half Life 2 MOD of the ever popular mario kart series.

If anyone needs voice overs, we can cater for almost any style. Just drop me a line, on here or on my email - joejoe_young@yahoo.co.uk


Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-10 19:53:22

Voice actor/s need it for x-mas animation!

actor/s lvl-talented
need it-it needs to be able to have different accents specially spanish not speak it but have that acccent if possible =)(and many different voices in case i don't find other authors

take this serious, its a well planed movie i think i'lll be like 5 minutes so its pretty serious but the movie is a comedy.

reward-i will co you and if we get money ill share it with you depending on what we get

for more info contact me at- kraine_javier@hotmail.com / ernesojavierdelacruz@yahoo.com

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-15 16:32:58

I think I might need a voice actor... IN FACT!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-15 16:34:32

Ok, heres the deal.

I am starting a sitcom on the audio portal called the adventures of FattyMcpatty and LardyLarLar. It is about 2 fat guys with jet packs that get in all kinds of trouble. I already have the first episode out, but my friend who made it with me is dead... so i need more voice actors for the audio. (he is not really dead lol, he is just far far away at the time...)

I already have all the scripts written, I just need the voices so it will sound better. You simply send me the line on my email at killer_snail_with_a_jetpack@yahoo.com in any format. I will change it to .mp3 and plug it into the episode. here are the following lines for episode 2.

Fatty: What do you mean you ate the house!?

Lardy: I want a divorce!

Fatty: We aren't even married!

Lardy: Well then lets get married!

Fatty: FINE!!!

Someone to make a *POOF* noise and to say the following line: I know pronounce you man and err... man... *POOF*

Lardy: I want a divorce!

Fatty: What why?

Lardy: Goodbye FattyMcpatty!

Fatty: You'll be back!

So, whoever wants to try out for those 3 charecters, just send me a file to my email or contact me. Good luck! (If you want to hear the first episode just to get an idea of what I mean, then go to my audio and select FattyMcpatty and LardyLarLar.)

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-16 11:00:13

I am 13 and I have a quite deep voice. I can change my voice alot. I can go incredibly deep and quite high, I can screech like some creature, I can snort like a pig in pain (p.i.p. xD), I can growl like many death metal singers but not too well though and many more odd sounds. I can do alot of accents such as spanish, deepshouth american, German, Khazakstan accent (Like Borat, I dont know if they really have that accent), and so much more. But I do not have a microphone or any recording devices and I wish to voice act. I live in Iceland so I can not go to Audacity and I don't have 100$ to buy a microphone. As I am still going through puberty my voice can suddenly rise up in volume for a split second. You can contact my by pm and my email ( zliz_n_diz@hotmail.com )

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-16 13:35:37

I'm developing an odd sort of flash and I am looking for voice actors. Here is the list of what I need.

1) The first line is spoken by a serious sounding military woman: "Do not struggle, or the effects on you may be... worrysome. We are going to show you a few clips, that will, help you become a better soilger."

2)The second line is spoken by an average sounding man: "Here kitty kitty kitty."

3) The third is spoken by an anonomus sounding male voice, perferably with a deep voice.: "Apple pie, pie, pie, pie, die, die, die, die , die!" The pie should actually fade into die and begin to sound more menacing each time he says it.

4) The fourth is another anonomus voice, this time a women: "Remeber, your cause."

5) The fifth is a scary-ish deep dark voice that says: "acirema." That's America backwords.

Thats all I need, thanks, remeber, I want awsome sound quality. Pm me if your intrested and I'll give you my e-mail so you can send me the sound clips. Thanks.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-18 17:51:15

Hey NG! im makeing a War Craft 3:Frozen Throne MAP and i need some voice actors to play 2 characters 1 is Zelron Hes A Human battle lord fighting for the alliance leading troop through Lordaeron And FelWood Hes 29 and sounds sorta cocky and brutish
and another is Shalash she is a Troll defense administer for the horde and was ordered to make sure none get past fel wood into horde terratorys SHe is 25 she is a loyal trustworthy person and sounds like a very sweet person but she can bite!
ah n these r just test scripts BTW PM me on NG or my email ray12342@hotmail.com with a download link to your audio file (MP3 PLZ)
we are accepting Applications and samples up
till january 02 2008!



send ur audio to ray12342@hotmail.com or pm me with it
may the best sample win the spot!

Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-18 17:55:34

I have the equipment to voice act I will maybe even post somthing from my broadcasting class that I have made. I won't use other music though thats for surez.

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Response to Voice Actor Wanted 2007-12-19 14:10:06

I am making a small flash series (1 or 2 videos)

I need...
- two male voices, that have a english accent and sound like teenagers.
- a little girl voice that has a english accent.
- a old man voice with a english accent.

I would like to get all of these voices for Jan. 1

Contact me through the Newgrounds Pm's