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how do you make games and movies???

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use flash: folow instructions here for free trial but there are others that are cheaper

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At 8/9/07 05:31 PM, joseph11230 wrote: how do you make games and movies???

You'll need to download Adobe Flash CS3 which is about $800 or $249 if you're a student. It also comes with a free 30 day trial.

There's also a number of chepaer alternatives to flash, but they're not as good. Here's a quick list of some:

LiveSwif 2.1-Free
KoolMoves-$49 (Free trial available)
SoThink-$79.99 (Free trial available)
Moho 5.31-$99 (Free trial available)
SWiSHmax 1.0-$99.95 (Free trial available)

Full list of Flash alternatives

Once you've got Flash you'll need to know how to use it, so check out these cool links on NG:

AS: Main
NG Tutorials
Newbs Flash Help: Tutorials

There's also a lot of other dedicated Flash Tutorial sites out there (some even run by NG Flash Regs!). Check these sites out, after you've seen when NG has to offer:


Also, when all else fails, you can always get help from the makers of Flash themselves:

Macromedia's Actionscript Dictionary

For liveswif help check out LiveSwifers.org
For koolmoves help check out the KoolMoves help forum on Flashkit.com
For SWiSH help check out the SWiSH help forum on Flashkit.com

For help with other Flash Software please consult Google

Also, ask any further question about Flash in the Flash Forum.

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