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stick rpg codes and hints 2007-08-09 06:39:39

Cheat mode:
Enter HEYZEUS!!!! as a user name to get 555 Stats and 10,000 to start the game. Hint: Easy money:
First, start a bank account. You do not need much, but the more the better. Next, go into your apartment and sleep for a few days. The interest in the bank will earn money slowly. The more money you have, the more you will receive. This is very useful if you are trying to get a few stats. Buy the items that raise all of the stats when you sleep. Each night you sleep, you will get better.
When you have 999 Intelligence, Charm, and Strength, get to -100 Karma by doing a lot of Drug deals and bar fights. Notice that you will receive an invitation in your home to join in an Election. Click on the 50,000 Election and you should win it. After that, sleep and you will get $5,000 a day. Hint: Save money:
Start with your intelligence at maximum, then get a job and keep getting promotions until you are the CEO. Do not increase anything else or do anything else until you are Ceo with an intelligence level of 250. Then, stop increasing intelligence until you get a penthouse with a television. Watch the news until you have about 330 intelligence. You can then hot wire the car. The car is like the skateboard except faster and cooler. Get an alarm clock ($200) and caffeine pills. You will be able to work four times a day. For a CEO this results in $2,400 per day. Note: This is also how you get a bus ride. Save the game, then play blackjack. Bet all your money. If you lose, refresh and try again. Save the game each time you win more money. Build up a lot of money from your job or any other method and save your game. Go to the casino and bet all of your money on any of the games (Blackjack recommended) and try to win. If you win, it doubles your current money. If you have $250,000 and win, you can immediately buy your castle. If you lose, refresh the screen and try again. Note: When you have a high money rate, it may require a lot of clicks and patience. The highest betting number per click is 500. If you have about $100,000 to $500,000, it may take about two minutes just to click the button enough times. note: While playing blackjack is an easy way to get money, it takes a long time to click the chips to bet. Instead, do not click them. Press [Tab] until the 500 chip is selected then hold [Enter] for a faster method.

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stop copying and pasting stuff that we can get by searching GOOOOGLE, we dont need to, otherwise, we ask for it

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The games old, dead and now is awaiting Stick RPG2. Please don't do this.

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