Whistle Power!

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Response to Whistle Power! 2003-06-29 09:19:29

Well,I search some good movies/games's abusive reviews to mark them and some racist/pornographic/stolen/popup flash to blow the whistle on them because my whistle level is ttill normal <:-(

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-06-29 14:01:03

At 6/28/03 06:00 PM, HAMANDER wrote: kill outwar why?

wow ur either the biggest dumb ass or the biggest noob on newgrounds

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-07-01 00:22:27

I have to disagree with the whole whistle idea.
It seems pretty lame to me and those who do claim to like it are just smooching cheeks.
Its just another thing for the idiots to compete against each other for and believe me that they will.
The fulps know who the trouble makers are and they also know that that they can care less about deleting their user account - they'll just make another.
Maybe if the Fulps started banning offenders IP's it would actually accomplish something instead of creating more problems on down the line.

Whistle Power!

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-07-01 08:57:38


I have a bronze whistle now after marking about 100 abusive rewiews as such!

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-07-06 06:54:50

Oh well. Guess I'm just blind. Anyone else with a garbage level?

No.. uh well I'll just get going now.

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-08-14 06:02:50

i whisled a few times and it never changed my whistle

Whistle Power!

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-08-17 21:39:55

jesus christ! if your go to "sim" reviews theres like 100 outwar links damn i clicked abusive for all of them i think i should have a good whistle level!

Whistle Power!

Response to Whistle Power! 2003-08-30 14:48:30

Finally I know what to do with that whistle!

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Response to Whistle Power! 2007-04-09 13:58:06

i never new what the wistle was for

Response to Whistle Power! 2007-04-14 20:56:45

Wow four years later and still helpful!