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Blood donors crew

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Response to Blood donors crew 2012-11-17 07:00:20 Reply

At 11/10/12 03:42 AM, Light wrote: It's a shame that this club isn't more popular.

IKR? I donated dozens of times over a course of 20 years. Had a tick bite go bad on me last year, so I had to stop.

True, the 'non-profits', who make tons of money of your life's blood, is kinda like supporting terrorism. But when yer flat on your back and bleeding like a stuck pig, all that matters is that someone, some person, cared enough to save a life.

My first time (donating) was in the HS gym. Halfway through the bleeding, and after I mistakenly chose to shut my eyes for a little while (kinda got groggy), a pretty nurse (just under 30 y/o) in full outfit asked me how I was, startling me. She took the ID I had laid on my pants (just below the belly button - we were supposed to have it out for easy confirmation). The nurse then felt around my ass for my wallet, smiling quite wryly, added my driver's license to it, and pushed it slooowly into my front jeans pocket.

I'm very glad my penis was very near that pocket :) I lit a smoke as soon as I started the car. Two miles away at the first traffic light the buzz, of light-headedness and an instinctual boost of adrenaline, took hold. A mental reaction that was never to have been duplicated again.... But donating blood is a good thing!

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