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Blow the whistle!

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Response to Blow the whistle! 2013-12-29 23:41:05 Reply

This is a good idea, but I just spent like thirty minutes trying to find a whistle button or some such feature for a game that made it through to the 'Games' section. It was rated T, but featured a naked woman which showed all of her breasts without any censor being whipped with branches in some sort of steam cabin. To put things in context, she was getting a 'bath' while laying on her belly and side, just so that it's clear. Some sort of spa treatment. But that sort of thing really should be rated M, at least. But there is no whistle button for me to flag this so that the creator is notified that it needs to be upgraded to a M rating.
My point being, would it be a good idea to include the whistle feature on already posted content in case some things slipped through?

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