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Response to AS: Elastic mouse follower 2006-12-10 19:18:25

undeined == undefined*

Response to AS: Elastic mouse follower 2007-02-17 19:12:48

At 10/1/05 09:17 AM, Rustygames wrote: lan00 YOU ARE A FUCKING N00B and you know NOTHING about AS so stop making shag tutorials dick lover

Now I got that off my chest who wants to make love?

Hey shut up! Just because he can't explain the code doesn't mean you can post shit towards him. Besides, 99,99% of all the n00bs just copies the code anyway AND since he gave a link to the other tut means you should read that one first, THEN read this one. Most of the code is prolly explained there. Now stop insulting others, you fucked up nazi!

Response to AS: Elastic mouse follower 2007-02-17 19:24:39

At 2/17/07 07:12 PM, Newpurple wrote: Hey shut up!

Why did you bump this topic? First of all, AS:Main is for tutorials, tutorials that teach you. Copy/Paste'ing doesn't teach you. If he explained the code he wouldn't have been flamed. Check out the other tuts at AS:Main, you'll see that they aren't 1 paragraph and a chunk of code, they explain it. Also, he linked to the thread that had already covered exactly what this does. You don't think that's stupid?

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