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Ok, iv'e seen many topics recently usually asking the same questions repeadetly. So ive compiled an FAQ to answer those questions, and then all those who needed them answered or have to go over them again can always reference back to this topic for their information.

Buying Flash-
Q: What is the best free flash animating program i can get?
A: The best free flash animation program is the 30-day free trial of flash. After the 30 free trial, if you are pleased with the program, then you can buy it.

Q: Where can i get Flash?
A: Flash can be obtained here . If you find you cannot afford flash, then you can always download the 30-day free trial Here
but to get the free trial, you will first have to set up a free account.

Q: Whats the best flash program?
A: Well, it depends what you plan on doing. The best flash program up to date is Flash MX professional 2004. But if you are looking to work on 3d animation, then you want to get the best, but most complicated, 3d program, maya or swift 3d version 4.0

Q: What is flash? (nooby question)
A: Flash is a program that allows you to create full length animations. It comes equipped with many tools and enhancements that allow your movie to be the best it can be. But flash takes practice practice practice!

Q: What is Tweening?
A: Tweening is a style of flash animation where flash does the animation for you. It includes drawing an object in one frame, then drawing another object in another frame, and then flash animates the frames inbeTWEEN. thats where it got its name.

Q: How do i do a Motion Tween?
A: A motion tween is simple. If your using flash mx professional 2004, then first, start out by drawing your object in the first frame. Then, right click that frame and choose create motion tween. Then create a keyframe on the frame you want the animation to stop. On this frame, move your object to where you want it to move. Then test your movie and the object should move over the duration of the movie.

Q: How do i Shape tween?
A: A shape tween is simple. If your using flash mx professional 2004, then first, start out by drawing your object in the first frame. Then, press ctrl and f3 to open the properties panel and use the drop down menu to choose shape tween. Then create a keyframe on the frame you want the animation to stop. On this frame, make the object you want your object to change into. Then test your movie and the object should change over the duration of the movie.

Q: What is FBF?
A: FBF is short for frame by frame animation.FBF is a type of animation where the animator redraws his object/character every frame of the movie. This is how most on TV cartoons are created. FBF includes something called onion skin which allows you to view the previous frame and then trace over it, only changing the parts you want to change in the next frame.

Q: Where is the onionskin button?
A: Onionskin can be located right under the timeline. it is a button with a light blue box and a dark blue box on it. It is right next to a button with a read vertical line and a box in the middle of that line, aka the center frame button.

Q: What does onionskin do?
A: Onionskin is great for FBF animation. Once you turn it on, Draw what you want in the first frame of your animation. Then, when you make a new frame, you will see a faded image of what was on the previous frame. Then you can trace over the image of what you had on the previous frame and change what you want in the image. Continue to do this, frame by frame, until your animation is complete.

Q: What is actionscript?
A: Actionscript is a type of coding in which you can manipulate controls in flash. Actionscript is used for things such as games, menus, buttons, and sometimes whole movies. A type of ActionScript where you type up the script and make an image with the script, no drawing included, is called API.

Q: How do i make a replay button?
A: To make a replay button, on the frame you want the replay button to be on, press f9 to open the actionscript panel and put the action : stop();. then, make a button, and on that button put the script: on(release){gotoAndPlay(framenumbergoesher

Q: Where can i get tutorials On AS? (AS short for actionscript)
A: I reccomend the AS: Main thread for the best AS tutorials. You can go there by clicking this link here .

Q: What are symbols?
A: Symbols are things in flash that can be very usefule for certain things. The three symbols are movie clip, graphic, and button. Movie clip is for use of animating a movie and then the animation is contained in the symbol, and the symbol is on the first frame, so you can make an animation and only have one frame of the movie. Button is pretty self explainitory. Graphic is just so that an image made into a graphic can be easlily handled with when movie an image around the screen.

Q: How do i make a symbol?
A: To make a symbol just create the image you want for that symbol first. Then press f8 and make a name for your symbol and choose which symbol you would like to creat. Then press ok, and you can enter and edit your symbol by double clicking the symbol image.

Q: The frames on a button are different?
A: Yes, if you make a button the frame set up is different. You will see four frames up, down, over, and hit. The up frame is what the button looks like when it is just sitting there. The over frame is what the button looks like when the mouse is over it. Then down frame is what the button looks like when the button is pressed down. And the Hit frame is where you can draw a box around the area you want a person to be able to hit a button, and then make the box a color with the alpha of zero and no outline.

Thats all for now. You may also ask any quick questions you would like answered in this thread, or just leave comments and kudos. Depending on the feedback i get from this thread i may or may not make a sequel to it covering othere things that i did not cover in this one. I hope that his helped you and that you will reference back to this thread whenever you need an answer to these questions.

Thankyou for reading my first "Flash Q&A".

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some info on getting flash :

you can buy it from the official site, but theres better ways of getting it...

1. English? then www.aria.co.uk will be a good place for you to get it. its pretty cheap. i think theres a rest of world version two but ive never seen it.

2. www.ebay.com

3. www.play.com (ive never seen it here but im not sure, they may have it)

4. www.kelkoo.com - compare store prices over the net and find the cheapest one

5. www.amazon.com (just american? not sure...) not sure about it never use it but its safe

cant think of any more for now, if i do then ill post 'em here.


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This is a great idea for a thread and all, but honestly i doubt any noobs will actually read this... O_o but anyways i should throw in a few tuts...


breeze tutorials, (very helpful)

if you wanna start with collabs, ngcollabs.com

wanna flash deleted?

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sorry for the double post if it is one...

Otacon's links and tutorials for N00bs - V3

First of all you need an animating program based on Flash. The main tool is called Macromedia Flash, however there are a lot of other ones that are based on Flash but are free. Before trying any of those, you should get the free 30 day trial for Macromedia Flash.

Flash MX 2004 30 day trial: http://www.macromedi..ex.cfm?product=flash

The price for it is a little over 500$. However you can buy it for much cheaper at the following links:

http://www.amazon.com - Hehe, these guys have everything on sale. Almost always :P

If you are student, you can also get a much cheaper copy (around $190 for Studio MX) from educational websites such as:



It is understandable that you might not want to pay for it. Then you can get a free flash maker. Check out this thread posted at NG bbs about Free flash makes:


After you get the program(Flash) and install it, get started in this animated example:


For basic game ActionScripts check out step 3 here:


Animated tutorials:


- Movie clips, Motion Tween and Basic Actionscript.

- PreLoader

- Sprites

- Games

- Compression

- Fading

- W00t. This one is one of the best animated tuts i have seen.

Further go to these links for more tutorials and/or flash resources:

http://www.flashkit.com - One of the best Flash resource sites out there. Has everything. SoundFX/tutorials/movies/loops etc.
http://www.kirupa.com - Pretty much like flashkit
http://www.actionscript.org - All kind of actionscript stuff you can ask for

- A Flash FAQ. Has answers to many questions N00bs have.
http://www.flashadvisor.com/ - Pretty much like flashkit
http://www.echoecho.com/flash.htm - Tutorial site. All kinds of tutorials.
http://www.ultrashock.com/ - A great site. Has tutorials + goodies/book reviews/fla source files.
http://www.sfdt.com/support/ - List of tutorials made in flash. Some examples of tutorials would be how to make special effects or make sticks.

- A very good Flash MX tutorial site. Has advanced stuff :)
http://www.gotoAndPlay.it/ - Tons of tutorials, and great stuff.

Free Fla files that can be used in your flash:


- All kinda weapons.
http://www.ultrashock.com/ > fla sources section.


http://www.google.com << it works :P

Sound loops:




http://www.audacity.sf.net - Free audio editor. Best out there.






- Optimizing audio, video, jpg, vector, etc.

- Compressing SWF


http://www.gsarchives.net/index2.php - One of the greatest ones out there :)

- Sprite resource at NG bbs
http://www.gifsyndicate.com/ - For the below links, thanks to _Nexxus_



Flash 3d. Flash has absolutely no support for 3d. Yet you can mimic 3d or use a 3d program and export 3d into swf format. Here are few programs and resources you can start from:


- 3d out-of-the-box, n00b proof
http://www.swift3d.com - The best 3d flash editing program.



- Programs that can be used to export swf files as screensavers.

Stopmotion & Free animation tools


- Thanks go to Schorhr on NG bbs :)



- A fully working Optimized art-based scrolling Game Engine Free to use and learn from it :P

- Teh Leet NG bbs actionscript thread. Has over 150 pages. Full of all kinds of codes.

Now, guys you have your movie ready? Full of sounds, sprites, a preloader, good animation, drawing, maybe a game(?), some stopmotion. Of course not :P Your first movie will be crappy. We understand that. Don't submit your first movie. You might wanna upload it at NG to show it to your friends. All you need for that is a free web host. Check out the link below:


Finally, don't forget to check out these:


And lastly don't forget to use GOOGLE ( http://newgrounds.co../topic.php?id=158208

) and also search NG bbs for basic stuff ( http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs ) :)

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Wow...this is like...the super noob-helper-post...Crazy load of everything...

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At 8/29/05 03:48 AM, LogoPresents wrote: Wow...this is like...the super noob-helper-post...Crazy load of everything...

yep. all the help a beginner could ever need.
its like a noobs wetdream!

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The only problem now is to get newbies and/or n00bs to read it.

Status: MIA

Next Release ETA: ?

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TY u really helped me out *every one else that posted aswell*

:) :) :)

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lol, arctic, you said the best flash version up to date is MX 2004, but it is actually flash 8 :P.

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We need this stickied, so bad. :D

I'm back! on a temporary basis. No-one can remember who I am! but I don't really mind.

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At 10/29/05 10:58 AM, Murch wrote: lol, arctic, you said the best flash version up to date is MX 2004, but it is actually flash 8 :P.

well, at the time when he did this, flash 8 wasn't out yet

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It's flipping amazing how much people know. Thanks... its kinda hard to get used to but I'm getting there :D !!!!