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Relationship Crew

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Response to Relationship Crew 2017-12-07 08:50:02 (edited 2017-12-07 08:51:20)

EDIT: I just realized I've been responding to a topic already covered, but I like this thread and I feel like it needs a revival. I'm just gonna leave this here.

At 12/6/17 11:11 AM, Quisty wrote: Yes, you should give time, and not pressure. Such good advice. Mistakes happen, yes, but trust has to be earned back.

Don't lie in relationships, even small lies are deadly.

If your friend removes you from facebook while you're away then you never were their friend. If you ask to be re-added and they act like they will and never do, they are not your friend. They want to play games.

Quote for truth.

Especially the lying part. I learned that the hard way. I used to be a pathological liar, and it followed me all the way from childhood through high school... even as it progressively started ruining more and more of my life. I used to lie about almost everything, sometimes for no other reason than to sound interesting. Well, that did translate, and I became quite the comedian, but it cost me a lot of relationships, until I had to finally give it up completely about a year ago -- and believe me, it was a huge, hilarious fight with myself accomplishing that.

Now I have to make a habit of being intentionally truthful, but having been on both sides, it's 100% more okay to get backlash over the truth than a lie. There's no temptation to go back and fix things. There's no guilt. And there's usually no crying. Plus instead of everyone finding out and thinking you're a douche, including yourself, your character never gets assassinated, you don't feel plastic, and people usually trust you when you need them to trust you -- like say, if someone else is spreading lies about you.

And I've had a lot of lies spread about me. Of course, having been a huge liar in the past, I consider myself lucky most people are surprised when I talk about it.

Bottom line, in a relationship, patience, honesty, and communication are your biggest assets. And never take a close relationship to mean you can say whatever you want to, no matter how hurtful it may be. On the contrary, the closer you are to someone, the more damage you can do to not just your relationship but you and your partner as rational, emotional, sane human beings. Take my word for it. I have a lot of crazy ex-girlfriends and insane membranes. Part of me wonders if we made each other that way.

Response to Relationship Crew 2017-12-23 23:46:09

Well looks like I'll be single again how nice



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Response to Relationship Crew 2017-12-28 12:23:22

At 12/23/17 11:46 PM, XwaynecoltX wrote: Well looks like I'll be single again how nice


FREEDOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!!!!!1