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Aisha tapped Mikoyu on the shoulder, "Hey did ya hear me?" she smirked, "You're daydreaming or something."

Katherien looked up and rolled her eyes, "Canyou be anymore obvious as t owhat you sell?" she wondered as she looked at the sign reading, "The Fix". She stretched and smirked, "So how are we handling the guy? We need to get him alone in one of these abandoned houses...perhaps act like junkies as well?"

Saito snorted, "And I've seen evidence that he is a murderer, and I trust my own eyes over your word Battousai, any day."

Guan Yu smiled and unshouldered his naginata, "Alright then, time for the Dragon of the battlfield to earn his title." he said as he eyed Miho and pointed the naginata at her. Gan Ning looked interested at this, "Guan Yu's definately the toughest of all of us...but Miho's strong as shit too..."

Bullseye shrugged, "I find that totally hot about her personally...just preferences I suppose." he snorted.

The door to the nearby shack was busted over as a large bandit wearing antlers came out, "You makin fun o Thag's crew? Thag's gonna STOMP you little lady!" he growled as he pulled out his sword and looked to Tanori, "I'll give ya three seconds ta brace yerself." he grinned.

Squall smirked, "I'll hold you to that." he said, "But until then I have another fight and you have two before we fight eachother." he pointed out, "As a matter of're next."

Jahn sighed, "I am not so merciful myself in these fights." he said, "Of course I know that the dear Celene here will regenerate any who die, so that makes me less caring about whom I kill in this tournament."

Tapion rolled his eyes, "That's quite an adventure...just going home." he said sarcastically, "Wherever will THAT lead us..."

Trode growled, "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!" he growled, "I haven't had a drink amongst the PUBLIC in too long...I miss the feel pubs always gave me." he said, "Other people with troubles, the interesting card games people play, I miss it all."

Nasu cleared his throat, "I know you must all be eager, but please, one at a time, I like to have my sessions alone...and put on these towels...the rest of you not currently experiencing my touch can go next door to the sauna room." he suggested.

Shen nodde,d "Much like myself...well what about you? What is your focus?" he asked, intrigued by the idea that powers could be controlled multiple ways.

Martina smiled, "I gave you a special brew called King's Ale when you weren't looking, I know when a customer wants a drink, so I dont hesitate to get our most honored guest the best drink in the house."

Alexandria shrugged, "Consider yourself a powerful Water mage." she said, "A human whose powers have grown so much as to become immortal herself."

Boris felt this to be a bit awkward, but he knelt on his knees and peered into Tina's eyes. Percival looked at the two, "Alright, let's see how little Tina can work." he said, his arms crossed.

Jeeves nodded, "Right then, I request a way into here to be used only when I think I have foudn a suitable husband in the Mortal World for you." he said with a bow, "Agreed?"

Rupert looked up at Irene and shrugged, "You just gotta do what your loyalties tell you to...even if it's hard. Hell if my loyalties told me to turn against Hugh...I don't know how hard it would be..but I'd have to buckle through and do it." he said, "You can question it of course...but all in all I think fighting this woman is the better option."

Lucretia smiled, "So we'll have her head stacked on our bedpost...sounds kinky." she giggled.

Wilson nodded, "Which in itself is a smart neither of us have...we have no desire, nor the endurance to just carry someone on our backs as far as they wish."

Jericho smirked, "You get all the fun toys." he laughed. Cartwright yawned, "Hell Jericho if you wanted toys just say so." he said as he pulled the tarp off of a large crossbow, "Two handed crossbow, fires arrows that can take out a building." he said, "Don't worry about where the arrows come from, you won't run out." he winked. Jericho pickedup the large crossbow and grinned, "Good for taking out a bunch of enemies I'm guessing."

Telrunya shrugged, "We;ve always thought that was the case...but really there's not proof to say that it is, so what can we really do other than try and capture him for being a traitor to the village." Midori tilted her head, "Don't traitors yusually join other factions?" Telrunya nodded, "Usually, but Orochimaru made his own."

Virgil bowed and sighed as he looked over SkyForge, "Forgive me miss, but I'm having a hard time concentrating on what I want to say with your naked beauty staring right at me...mind putting something on?" he asked.

Ryu held his chest for a breif moment and breatheddeep as he looked around, "I'd say the skies." he said, "She headed East, so we fly East, is that alright Hephaestus?" he asked the Red.

Kimfeid stroked his chin, "Very interesting...having a hard time turning it off are you? Well it should come to you soon...until then why don't we have a bit of fun? Come here to Daddy I wanna let mommy give you a hug." he grinned.

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Mikoyu shudders, and turns to Aisha, kissing her and pushing her up against the wall. "See you after I kick her ass!" she cheers, waving at her lover as she rushes towards the waiting area.

Shadow blinks, and tilts her head ot the side. "I've had no experience with drug addicts, how would I act like an addict?" she whispers to her lover.

"I have no wish to fight you, Saito," Kenshin says, his reverse-blade sword still in hand. "You have no reason to fight them..."

Miho slowly circles Guan Yu, preparing for his attack as she slowly moves her swords into a more advantageous position. Her arm moves like a blur as her sword goes flying into the air, and shuriken go flying towards Guan Yu as she leaps up to catch her thrown sword.

"The reason that I have a problem with her is that both her and I seek to be in charge in any situation," points out Henry. "Just say what you mean, it's cause we're both doms," laughs Serena, dodging ap illow flung by her brother.

Tanori is suddenly behind the barbarian, her axes back across her back. She seizes the barbarian's sword arm, and yanks it all the way backwards, dislocating it at the shoulder before running him through the back with his own sword. "Three," she says, punching him in the head and sinking her fist through his skull.

"No, she's not," Tanya says, putting her sais away and lifting Anita up. "You saved Anita, despite the shit she's pulled. You wanna fight Squall, then go for it," she tells Celene, walking out of the ring with Anita still in her arms. She sits down with Anita still in her arms, and leans the other woman against the wall next to herself.

Anita groans, and her eyes flutter open. "...shit, Squall didn't bother holding back, did she?" the more violent woman asks. "No, she didn't. Well, you and Kasumi have both lost, why don't you go spend some time with her?" Tanya asks. Anita smiles, and pushes herself to her feet, stretching her arms out. "Good point, thanks!" she laughs, trotting over to where Kasumi and Lei Fang are sitting.

"You will do as you will...truth be told, I have no room to criticize," laughs Midnight. "With the things I've done since Time began, and the things I'm sure I'll do before the world ends," he muses.

"Oh, you bitch too much!" laughs Mint. She slaps Rue's ass as she runs ahead, and Rue smiles at her, then turns to Tapion. "I have a question...this "Twister" game we were playing, what does that have to do with that sex stuff she told me about?" he asks.

Yuffie rolls her eyes, and smirks over at Trode. "Well, I'm not sure this town would be surprised even if a Drow started walking around with a Troll next to it and a Kobold at their backs, so you should be fine," she says.

Alexandria pouts, and wraps the towel around herself, closing the door to the main room as Nasu walks in. " that we're alone," she says, her voice more shaky now that the others are out of sight. "You DID say you weren't gonna do...that....unless I specifically asked, right?"

Christine stands with the group in the waiting room, her wings spread out to protect the undressing females from prying eyes. "Just so you know...I do provide massage services for those who would be uncomfortable to have Nasu work on them. Do not worry for your health...I can control my powers as long as I am in control of my body," she explains.

"I use logic as the focus for my power. That, and short bursts of emotion," admits Ilharess. "I once restrained my emotions entirely, deriving strength from my powers nearly tripled when I found a different way to control them," she recalls.

Geo raises his eyebrow, and chuckles. "My they still serve Rurak? I recall it from my youth...composed of fifty percent alcohol, twelve drops of Cockatrice blood, and...I don't quite remember the rest, but I doubt many drinks these days include a substance as lethal as Cockatrice blood," he remarks.

Atlantea smiles at Alexandria, and peers downward. "Hopefully, that'll help...I want to be able to connect with other people again. There's not many people my age, even among dragons" remarks the Water Elementalist.

Tina nods, and her eyes glow as she enters Boris' mind, rerouting neural pathways and doing whatever else is necessary to fix his mind. She pulls out after several minutes, having done as much as she could, and falls against the wall. "Whoa, that made me dizzy," she laughs.

Glasya raises an eyebrow, and smirks. "As you wish...take this stone," she says, throwing him a rock with a rune on it. "Break it, and you will be able to return here," she explains.

Irene sighs, and nods her head. "If nothing else, her soul isn't tainted, so once her soul returns to the great cycle, she should be fine," the vampiric elf says. "...I wonder if my soul will return to the cycle when I die, now that I've been turned into a vampiress," she mutters to herself.

"...Is that all you think about?" asks Clarissa, shaking her head. "Has contact with this man broken you that much? What is he, anyways? He is not human...and yet he must be," she mutters, glancing over at Artemis Entreri.

"Actually, YE may not, but tha' nay be the reason my strength be designed fer," remarks Anderson, riding along the road next to Wilson.

Alucard smirks, and looks over at Walter. "He uses weapons he doesn't have a need for," he chuckles. "Well, if I may be so bold, Alucard, few beings short of the Gods themselves have the sort of destructive potential you do, it would make sense that he would need a crossbow like that to destroy a building," the butler responds.

"And he manipulated several Yuan Ti near Baldur's was an odd enough circumstance that Elminster felt it warranted his specific involvement," Tharivol recalls. "I'll admit, that's a bikg part of the reason I didn't take off once that bit was done," Melchior admits, his hands now in his pockets. "I mean, the Protector of Shadowdale, the man who mentored the Seven Sisters, heading to investigate some Yuan Ti? Mighty suspicious, I figure, so I might as well see how deep it goes," he remarks.

Sky looks down, and sighs, magicking her battle armor back onto her body. "Not much better, I suppose, but it should suffice," she says, returning her gaze to Vergil. "At any rate, if you have any business with him, I left your brother near the pond," she says.

Hephaestus snorts, and transforms into his dragon form, hovering just off the ground. Erost wraps her arms around Ryu, and flies up with him onto Hephaestus' back, stradding his spine. She runs her hand down the ninja's side, and looks at the dragon's head. "Let's get going, k?" she asks sweetly. Hephaestus snorts again, and flies into the air, heading off towards the East.

Emily looks at her mother, and shakes her head. "That wouldn't be smart...I've seen this work, it doesn't make people attracted to each other, it makes them want me," she says, blushing as she recalls a few select encounters. "Though, I've gotta admit, I didn't try to get away from all of them," she concedes. Di laughs, and slaps Emily on the ass. "Way to go, babe! Mind inviting US along next time?" she asks.

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Aisha sighed, " this is definately my real test here, I'm going to PROVE I'm the strongest Ctarl Ctarl warrior there is." she said resolutely as she looked at the brackets for the fights.

Katherine shrugged, "Not sure myself." she said, "You have any other ideas that might work?" she asked.

Saito snorted, "Really? I should beg to differ with the evidence I've gathered. Jin here murdered his own master, and Mugen...well his crimes are so numerous I'm surprised he isn't dead yet already."

Guan Yu grunted as he hit the shuriken away, continued his arc and knocked Miho to the ground and pinned her there wit hthe end of his naginata, then caught her sword and held it, pointing at her throat, "Dead to rights...I do believe that's an instant win." he said, taking off his naginata and flipping the sword so that the hilt was facing Miho.

Bullseye nodded, "Ahhh well that makes sense, the friction of both of you trying to dominate the other would definately cause more problems than could be worth it."

As Thag sank dead to the ground, his bandits all looked astonished and up at Tanori, "Hell woman...Thag was a pretty strong sumbitch...that was AWESOME! Can we work for yeh?" came a flurry of bandits now turned adoring fans. V held his head and kept from laughing up in the tree he was hidden in.

Christie and Helena walked onto the stage and were teleported to an odd place, a large room with a stairwell leading a long ways down. Christie smiled, "Your company hired me to kill you." she said, "I hope you're ready." Helena nodded and went into her extremely odd fighting stance. Christie rolled her eyes and got into hers as the fight started. After several minutes of sizing eachother up, Christie ran forward and attempted a stabbing motion with her hand, which was caught by Helena as Helena rolled around Christie's back and shoved the back of her hand into Christie. Christie growled and turned, then forcibly picked Helena up to her level and slammed her fist into a nerve cluster that forced Helena's leg to stop moving. She fell over and groaned, then Christie walked over top of her and straddled her back as she wrapped her hands around Helena's head, "Nothing personal." she whispered as she twisted and fully turned around Helena's neck, teleporting them back to the arena.

Kasumi was staring across the room longingly at an apparent figure, sighing to herself as she rested her head against her hand, "I'll never get to speak to him outside of matches..." she said siftly to herself.

Jahn smiled, "I can't begin to imagine the hard thigns you must have done...both to loved ones and people you don't think deserved what happened to them."

Tapion shrugged, "Dunno, never heard of Twister myself...mind explaining what the game consisted of?" he asked.

Trode nodded, "Which is why I can finally get a drink publicly here. I must thank you again Yangus for bringing me here." Yangus snorted, "We're just 'ere so's I can visit me friend Brain, 'e might know where Dhoulmagus is." he pointed out.

Nasu smiled, "I never specified but yes that IS the way I work." he said, "Let me guess, you just wanted to mes with Kilik hmm?" he smiled as he looked down at Alexandria, "Don't worry, I won;'t dare touch you inappropriately."

Kilik looked at Christine and blinked, "Your to his?" he asked, "Or what?" Naruto coughed and walked up to Christine, " good does that usually feel?" he grinned.

Shen nodded, "This is say everyone controlled their powers differently?" he asked, "That's odd."

Marina shrugged, "We use Cockatrice MEAT but that's as a petrification medicine...I suppose we could drain some blood if you would like."

Atlantea smiles at Alexandria, and peers downward. "Hopefully, that'll help...I want to be able to connect with other people again. There's not many people my age, even among dragons" remarks the Water Elementalist.

Boris' eyes couldn't stop moving as he held his head, "Ahhh..." he moaned in a little pain, "I don't feel so good..." he groaned as he fell forward and passed out. Percival sighed, "Well he's not dead, that's a good sign."

Jeeves nodded, "Very good, I break it outside the realm yes?" he asked, "Just making sure, don't want to trap myself in here or vice versa."

Rupert snorted, "Of course it does...just not a very GOOD cycle ya see." he said, "Hell there are PLENTY of vampires out there that die and get reborn I'd wager."

Lucretia's eyes glittered, "He is more than that." she said, "I am a warrioressthrough and through...but my Master has shown me that my life is so little compared to others...and he has shown me the joys of servitude...perhaps some day you'll learn the pleasures as well." she said, "Until then be happy with being sad."

Wilson rolledh is eyes, "Ahhh Anderson yer a strange one." he said, "Of course ye wouldn't get such nicknames if ye weren't." he added with a snicker.

Cartwright smirked, "Besides I usually don't give him toys like that...I'm only helping him match you at least a fraction." he said, "I hate to make my own men out to look weak..."

Telrunya smirked, "Also you wanted to know if you still had any chance with Miss Tsunade I'm guessing." she said, "After all, you HAVE proven yourself very lecherous."

Virgil smiled, "The only business I have with my brother is another duel with him...but he is not near strong enough to duel me right me a favor SkyForge...train him, train him hard...if he IS to surpass me, I grow tired of waiting for hi mto get off his ass."

Ryu closed his eyes and breathed out, "Erost...I know what you're attempting to do...I don't wish to be seduced by you." he said flatly, "I say this because it's growing harder for me to resist...and if I do give in...there is no going back." he said, "I don't wish that for myself."

Kimfeid laughed, "Well I only meant to mess with your mother, but I must say Emily you're going to need to learn to control both your aura and your making women lust for you before you're aware if they want to or not."

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Alexandria laughed, "But I do." she said, "My age isn't surpassed by many except the most ancient of dragons...and the Four of course." she said.

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In the first fight, Mikoyu finds herself in combat against Urusei. Mikoyu glides forward towards her opponent, moving faster than the other woman and striking her hard in the gut. She moves for another strike towards the neck, then screams in pain, feeling pressure on her mind. Urusei SHALL win, and this test SHALL proceed as planned! comes Longinus' mental command. No! I won't let Aisha get hurt! Mikoyu replies, gritting her teeth. Urusei lands a punch on Mikoyu's jaw that crunches two of her teeth and sends her flying to the edge of the arena. Mikoyu lands on her head with a sickening crack, but forces herself to her feet, cracking her neck as she does so. She lunges forward again, and the left half of her head explodes, sending her to the ground. The referee gulps, and looks to Urusei. "Um...I dunno what just happened, but the winner is Miss Urusei!" the ref declares. Mikoyu's head regenerates, and she staggers to her feet, eyeing Urusei. "I know that wasn't you," she assures the woman, walking out of the ring and sitting down next to where Aisha is and pulling her legs up so that her chin is on her knees.

"We could go in there and say we have more of the stuff he's addicted to," says Shadow with a shrug. "We could then filter out the rest of them and get him...but wait, we're not sure what he looks like," she recalls.

"I'll say it one last time, Saito...I do not wish to fight you, but I will do so if you continue along this course of action," Kenshin remarks.

Miho stares up at Guan Yu, eyeing her sword, which is resting just beneath Guan Yu's sternum. "You could kill me with a mere shift in position, but I would have had to thrust myself onto your Naginata in order to slay did indeed defeat me," she accepts with a sigh as she pushes herself to her feet.

Henry smirks, and looks over to Selphie, stroking her thigh with his hand. "Luckily for me, you don't particularly care to be running things in bed, do you?" he asks.

"You will work for me as mercenaries...honest work, compared to this bandit bullshit," Tanori says. She turns to the slave caravan, and rips the sides off of it, setting the chunks of wood down. "You guys are free now, we'll escort you to Bowerstone," she tells the ex-captives.

Celene rushes to Helena as she stops breathing, and kneels down, twisting the woman's head back around. "You...I'm not even gonna bother, you wouldn't care," she mutters to Christie, letting her life energies flow through the girl before her. She lifts Helena up, and shakes her gently. "Hey, you awake?" she whispers softly.

Jasper chuckles, and nods to Christie as she reaches him. "I had intended to assist you in your fight, but I hadn't anticipated the distance the arena transports you to get to the battleground...obviously, the tournament directors planned for outside interference," he says apologetically.

Anita rests her hand on Kasumi's shoulder, and eyes the man. "...Why not just go on over and talk to him?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "It's obvious you want to say something to him, and he's like forty feet away, so...y'know, just go over there and say it," she suggests.

Midnight nods his head, and eyes Kasumi and Celene. "But as long as the net effect is positive in the end, I think that's all I can ask for," he says.

"Well, we had to put parts of our limbs on various colored spots," explains Rue, trying to describe the game. "Unfortunately, I can't bend my body as well as she can, so she won most of the matches," he recalls.

Lina shrugs her shoulders at the thought, and Yuffie's eyes narrow. "It's not gonna be another prick like that guy we just saw, is it? My boots are already clean," she warns.

Alexandria shakes her head. "No, it's just...look, I'm like fourth in line for the throne, so I've got to seem like I'm tough, even if I don't feel like it, you know?" she explains.

"I wouldn't know, I have not experienced sexual pleasure, so I cannot describe the happy endings," Christine says. Sarah smirks at this one, and steps out with the towel wrapped around herself. "Now, TRY to control yourselves, boys," she says. "As for the location of my office, it is next to Nasu's," Christine confirms, ignoring Sarah's comment. Vikari steps out from behind the Plague Angel as well, the towel around her body clinging to barely-there curves as she takes a seat.

"I wouldn't know about how the others controlled their powers, but we all manifested different powers. Dean's allowed him to deliver three punches, each with the power capable of collapsing a large building," Ilharess says. 'That was what it was at first...later, his arm was upgraded so that he could deliver strikes of even more power, an unlimited number of times," she explains.

"That would be best, I think," says Geo, nodding his head. "Cockatrice meat...who do you hire to hunt the Cockatrices?" he chuckles.

"Which is why I like hanging out with you," Atlantea says with a giggle. "Speaking of which...hey, is that the town?" she asks, pointing down.

Tina sighs, and shakes her head. "LOTS of fuckup in there, so I had to try and fix it," she says. 'Good, and Tina? Don't say Fuck anymore, you're not old enough," Eve says. "Meanie," Tina says with a pout, crossing her arms.

"Yes, you break it back in your world," Glasya remarks, returning to her throne and taking her seat. :I really should go speak with Fierna...arrange a meeting," she tells one of the Erinyes at her side, who bows and vanishes.

Irene sighs, and looks to the sky. "Hopefully, killing Quarion will remove this curse and allow me to rejoin the proper cycle," she mutters to herself.

"Be happy with being sad? You are truly insane," remarks Clarissa. Jarlaxle coughs into his hand, and smiles. "Well, at any rate, should I show you to your tent?" he asks, bowing. "I will not need to rest. I shall be planning the death of the traitor-queen," Clarissa says.

Anderson raises an eyebrow, but keeps riding. "So, Wilson, wha' else do they call me behind me back?" he asks.

"Being less capable than myself hardly makes them weak, Cartwright," Alucard says. The armored suit that is Alphonse Elric comes into view, and Alucard smirks. "You just won't stop keeping souls here whose times have come, will you, Edward?" the monster asks.

"Hey, Tharivol's after her, and even though I know how loose Elves and dragons are about the whole "sleeping around" thing, I'm not comfortable trying to sleep with his girl," says Melchior.

"He still doesn't understand I was holding back when he tested the Red Queen in combat against me...I've been allowing him to think he is growing close to me in power, but that is cruel," Sky says. "I shall teach him how to defeat a demon of your caliber, but I shall not teach him everything I know until I am certain what ends he will use that power for," she remarks.

Erost looks at Ryu, and sighs. "Okay, sorry," she mutters, lowering her hands to her sides and turning her attention from Ryu. "Story of my life, you'd think I'd be used to it by now," she says to herself with a weak chuckle.

"Actually, I think I might be able to help with that," suggests Mika, stepping behind Emily and activating her fire aura. Cynthia looks up, and blinks a couple of times. "What happened to it?" she asks. "Pheremones are like tiny spores, right? Well, I'm burning them with my fire, so they can't get into people's noses," Mika explains.

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Aisha growled, "What the HELL? My girlfriend just fucking DIED for a second! someone better explain shit to me right now before I get REALLY pissed and have to fuck up my opponent more than I planned." she said.

Katherine shrugged, "He's an Elf...probably the only Addict elf...also he's rich so he probably wears real nice clothes." she noted.

Saito frowned, "You protect murderers...I must wonder why. Is it because you feel responsible for them? They cannot be friends of yours."

Guan Yu smilled and stroked his beard with his fingers holding the naginata as he helped Miho up with his other hand, "I do hope all is forgiven for my past descretion against you." he said.

Selphie smiled, "You know more about it than me, so it only makes sense that I'm your bitch in bed." she reasoned. Bulseye snorted, "I don't know what that's about, I'm nobody's bitch in bed, not even Serena's."

The bandits apologized each to the captives about the capture. the bandits looked to Tanori and one asked her, "So when we get to Bowerstone...what do we do ta...ya know...not get arrested on sight?"

Helena woke up and moaned, " neck..." she groaned, "What happened?" she asked as she looked up at Celene.

Christie smiled, "I did my job, I don't think It was necessary for you to help, though I appreciate the thought." she smiled.

Kasumi sighed, "There are ninjas posted all around the arena keeping an eye on me...making sure I do not...besides if I made contact with him...he'd have to kill me." she smiled.

Jahn shrugged, "There's very little we can control...even you as powerful as you are can only do so much." he smiled, "It's funny're given so much power, in yet can only use a fraction of it once in a long while."

Tapion nodded, "I see...a flexibility training excersize...well I suppose that's sort of like sex if you guys were overtop eachother while doing that."

Yangus laughed, "Nah, Brain's tha only civilized guy in a libary an everyfin'...smartest guy I know, knows everyfin' about everyfin', real nice guy too." he smiled.

Nasu smiled and put a finger to his lips, "Your fragility secrets are safe with me." he said, "I'll give you another towel to bite on so you don't shout out in ecstasy as the others will, THAT will put you up on them." he winked.

Kilik looked at Vikari and frowned, "'re going to go into Nasu's office as well." he said, "You're going to...get the full treatment I presume?" he asked, crossing his arms.

Shen frowned, "That seems a bit overpowered compared to your own power." he said, "I find that odd."

Marina shook her head, "We sneak in a dwarven trader that always has fresh Cockatrice with him, dunno who HE hires though, he's not a fighter either." she said, "All we know is he gets the good stuff, and we buy it from him."

Alexandria smirked, "So it is...time to put you to bed little mage." she laughed as she looked at the Mage, who was already asleep in her arms. She shook her head, "He did quite a spell back there...a spell that destroyed Darkwing...he has potential." she said.

Percival nodded, "Fuck is not a nice word Tina, I don't even like using it except for example." he explained.

Chris and Jeeves bow to the Duchess before leaving through the portal. Jeeves fingered the amulet and nodded, "Alright...I owe it to that woman to get her a husband suited to her needs, I'll see you both then...since you don't need me anymore." he winked, motioning towards Chris' ring.

Rupert laughed, "Can't be that bad being a live longer than even elves do, and you're stronger, faste...the only down side is you need blood every once in awhile."

Lucretia smiled, "She is sad and seemed content with it...I merely repeated what I saw and I'm the insane one?" she wondered, "Whatever, she is crazy apparently."

Wilson smiled, "Besides the ones everyone knows?" he asked, "I don't know really." he laughed, "I'm a loner, nobody speaks to me much."

Cartwright smiled, "Edward has come to terms with the souls he has kept on this plane...besides, there IS a way to detatch the two of them should we need to at any time." he pointed out. Jericho was only paying attention to his new toy, grinnign at the sheer size of it.

Telrunya shrugged, "Alright then, the idea of adventure and meeting girls ON those adventures pushed you as well didn't they?" she asked, raising her eyebrow. Midori frowned, "That's no fair, you're being cynical about him." she said.

Virgil smiled, "You have little to worry about when it comes to that." he said, "He is the good brother...though he doesn't act it." he drew his sword and pointed it to Shadow, "Personally I keep thinking it would serve me better if I attempted to slay you now instead of later when you try to thwart my plans." he said.

Ryu raised an eyebrow, "You are a succubus, surely many strong willed men say the same thing I did." he said, "Do not get me wrong Erost...your beauty's just the whole eternal damnation thing that keeps running through my mind. Trust me if it weren't for that I wouldn't BOTHER fighting you." he tried to make a joke.

Kimfeid nodded, "Very know, perhaps you three should combine temporarily..if you control the three auras in one body you may easily control them in your seperate forms." he said.

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Mikoyu grabs Aisha's hand, and looks up at her pleadingly. "It wasn't Urusei...I thought it would be her, but it wasn't," she says. "Someone else did that...I'm not sure who, but I think it was somebody who's watching the fight. And from the look on Urusei's face, I don't think she was expecting it," she explains. There's no way for me to stop this fight...and if I try to tell Aisha, Father will either erase her memory or kill her himself, and I can't let that happen. I have to play this game by his rules she thinks to herself as she speaks.

"So we have to disguise ourselves so we look like potential dealers, and go ahead and head in there to draw him out, right?" Shadow asks.

"They are associates of mine, and believe it or not, we are urrently on a benevolent mission," Kenshin informs Saito.

Miho nods her head in confirmation, then looks to Auron, a smile on her lips. "I am weary, I am going to go lie down," she tells him. "After fighting three skilled combatants? You shouldn't be THAT tired..." reasons Dallas. Miho shoots Dallas a look to shut her up, then smiles at Auron one last time before walking away.

"No, you're not my bitch in bed," Serena agrees. "But then again, I can only think of a few times we've had sex in a BED, so..." she trails off, snickering to herself.

"If we take Thag's head," Tanori says, beheading the dead bandit and lifting his mutilated head with her other hand, "I believe that will go a long way towards easing the guards' fears. If nothing else, stop LOOKING like bandits," she suggests.

"Your neck was broken by Christie, your body died," Celene says. "Fortunately, your soul had not yet depearted, so I brought your body back and your soul decided to return," she says, as if this is the best news in the world.

Jasper smirks at the sight of Helena's resurrection, and turns to look at Christie. "I take it your employer wasn't bright enough to include a clause about making sure Helena stayed dead?" he asks.

"Wait! I know someone who can help you, and he owes you!' Anita laughs, seizing Kasumi by the arm and running with her over to Midnight. Midnight looks at the girls, feigning a surprised look, and smiles at Kasumi. "I heard your story from here, miss Kasumi," he says, extending his hand, "and I believe I can assist you with your problem. If I may examine your mind more closely, it will make things much easier for me to figure out," he informs her.

"Over and under and...ugh, I got so dizzy!" complains Rue. "Hey, Rue! You coming?" Mint hollers. "Of course you're not, I haven't even started with you yet," she giggles quietly to herself. Rue rolls his eyes, and runs after her. "C'mon!" he tells Tapion.

"Really? I'll have to pick his brain about a few things," Lina mutters to herself. "Right, like you could be civil to anyone for more than fiv seconds," Rachel remarks, easily dodging a halfhearted swing from her aunt.

Alexandria grins, and nods her head, laying down on the table. "Thank you," she whispers quietly.

Vikari frowns,not quite understanding the true menaing of Kilik's statement. "Full treatment...OH, you mean, do I want to stop happy?" she asks. "Well, it wouldn't make sense to be sad after a massage, would it?" she wonders. "Um...I don't think you know what a happy ending means, Vikari," comments Alreza. "Isn't it when you're happy after the massage?" wonders the little girl, causing Hinata to clear her throat. The dark-haired kunoichi whispers something in Vikari's ear, and the younger girl turns red from head to toe. "NO! Oh gods no! I've never done that, and I mean...I don't even KNOW this Nasu person!" the girl says in protest.

"Actually, he was weaker than me when we first fought," points out Ilharess. "However, after he gained his second power, we reached the point where we were equal every time we fought," she recalls.

Geo nodsh is head, and smirks to himself. "Gee, I would be coincidental if it was THAT dwarf," he mutters under his breath.

Atlantea nods her head. "We should really watch over him, make sure that nothing happens to him...after we've had OUR fun, of course," she giggles, winking at her soon-to-be lover.

Tina nods her head, and looks down at the ground. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," she says. "But everyone else says it all the time, why is it a problem for me to say it?" she asks.

Lucifer raises an eyebrow, and glances at Chris. "Wait...does that mean I gotta do the roof fixing stuff now?" he asks suspiciously, a smile on his face.

"This isn't life," Irene says. She puts her fingers to her throat, and sighs. "My heart doesn't even beat anymore," she mutters. "Enough!" snaps Jilikar, glring down at the girl from his position meditating in the tree. "I understand that you loathe what you've become, but there will be plenty of time for soul searching once we've done what must be done!" he exclaims. He drops down from the tree, and glances into the distance. "I will return soon...I need to get the Royal Blade," he says, striding towards where Poranthos' dragonflight was located. "...But, Jilikar, you aren't royalty!" exclaims a bewildered Irene. "Plus, wouldn't that leave Martina unarmed?" she asks. "Not that sword...and yes, I am connected to the royal line, albeit somewhat distant," Jilikar responds, not even turning to look at Irene as he walks off

Entreri shrugs, and waits for Jarlaxle to lead Clarissa off, then shoves Lucretia to the ground. 'WHY did you get to your feet?" he snarls at her. "You KNOW the punishment for doing that! To the tent, at once!" he orders, restraining the smile that fights to rise to his lips.

"Ah. It wouldn' make me angry, but I like ta know when someone be referrin' ta me," Anderson says with a chuckle.

"But have the souls he has put in these items come to terms with their existences?" asks a grinning Alucard. Alphonse looks at him, and stands straight up. "We're going to get this fixed eventually," Alphonse responds. "As long as you hve ccepted your fate, that is all that is necessary," says the vampire, still grinning.

Melchior glares at Telrunya, pushing himself up from his seat. "Look, did Mommy and Daddy not pay enough attention to you as a child or something?" he asks. "Why do you automatically assume that guys only think about sex? Granted, we think quite a BIT about sex, but if it was the way YOU seem to think it is, nothing in the world would ever get DONE!" he exclaims.

Sky smirks, and twirls the Halcyon, her wings blazing behind her. "If you wish to, go ahead and try...I'll do your brother's work for him by sending you to an early grave," she warns.

"Do you really think that ANYONE who has sex with a succubus is damned?" Erost asks bitterly, glaring over at Ryu. "That only happens when we WANT it to. We CAN have sex without damning our partner, you know," she says.

Di shrugs, and the three girls run at one another, colliding in the middle. There is a flash of light, and the reformed Emily looks down at herself, shaking her head in frustration before separating into the other two again. "You know, it's really hard for us to combine when you two can't figure out which of you is going to be in charge of the body," Mika complains to the other two, sitting down and crossing her arms. "Let me know when you've figured out, so that we can combine again, okay?"

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Aisha sighed, "Well then fine, I'll find out who did it then beat the hell out of them right after this tournament." she said, punchin a fist into her palm.

Katherine nodded, "Right, so I'm thinking we should look a bit shadier, though still friendly, you know, like a salesperson." she suggested, "Know how to be like that?"

Saito snorted, "Benevolent? These two are out for a frsh slaughter better left to proper authorities like myself, and they're on a benevolent mission? Please, enlighten me." he said.

Guan yu looked to Dallas as well, "If you believe yourself to be right...I should ask if you would be intereted in fighting the three of us." he said, "I doubt you would fare as well as she." Auron took the tiem to follow Miho and smiled at her as he entered her tent, "You did very well, don't kid yourself." he said.

Bullseye rolled his eyes and shrugged, "Well you prefer it on the ceiling, which to ME is really nice, with all the blood going to my head and all that it's so..different." Selphie pouted, "We never do that..." she whined.

The bandits all looked at eachother and snorted, "Oi what's wrong wit 'ow we look ma'am? It's the stylish thing these days." said one.

Helena chuckled a bit, "Well at least she killed me quickly..and she won't be after me agai, that's another plus right there." she smiled.

Christie smirked, "How many employers are wise enough to think about the possibility of revival?" she asked, "None, that's how many." she added with a laugh.

Kasumi nodded, "If you believe you can help me...then by all means, scan me all you would like sir." she said as she bowed her head slightly.

Tapion held his face and stare after the kids, " me through this...I must make sure these kids remain virgins until at least their late teens." he said, "This will be QUITE a challenge."

Yangus smirked, "I'm serious now, Brain knows it all, if ya got a question about anythin, ask him, he'll know." he said, "Brain's the brain o the town ya know." he chuckled, "Sorry, 'ad ta say that one." Trode tolled his eyes, "Yes well all I'm interested in knowing is where Dhoulmagus is, ask that and I'll be satisfied."

Nasu rolled his neck, then his shoulders, then stretched his fingers for a second before closing his eyes and placing his fingers on Alexandria's back, "My...this act you put on to seem really puts stress on you." he said, "I have to take a lot of knots out of your back, this may take a few minutes..just relax I'll handle it." he said as his fingers rapidly rubbed Alexandria's back, kneading it and taking out the tension.

Kilik sighed happily, "I see...well that's good to know. I just coldn't bare the thought that this man was going to doo something like that to you, you ARE a special little girl after all." he smiled, "At me..." Naruto jumped up and down and laughed, "I KNEW IT! You pedophile!" he laughed. Kilik blushed, "Not like that you dolt." he said angrily.

Shen smiled, "And since then? Have you not fought him since you were both at equal power?" he asked, "If you did I should wonder who wold turn out the seem very disciplined but this man may sound like someone with REAL potential."

Marina tilted her head, "What do you mean? You might know the dwarf we trade with?" she asked, "If so maybe YOU can get him to give us a discount...we don't make the money we used to."

Alexandria nodded, "But of course...though he might just wake up and decide to wander off on his own before WE'RE done." she snickered.

Percival shrugged, "It's not really alright for anyone to say it." he said, "It's just they'e too old to convince NOT to say're still young enough to learn to know better...understand?"

Chris rolled her eyes, "The house is fine, Jeeves is just an Obsessive that Glaysa has him looking for a husband for her...I expect he won't stop to even rest until he has found the perfect man for her."

Rupert smiled, "I wouldn't be worrying Irene." he said, "For all we know, this transformation of you WAS kinda forced on you...I don't think you can be punished for you still fight for righteousness and good...that's gotta count for something too."

Lucretia sighed and smiled as she looked up at Entreri, "Of course Master, I'll accept my punishment readily." she said as she crawled into the tent. Several soldiers rolled their eyes at this display and went into their tents as well.

Wilson shrugged, "You'll have to ask others about that." he said, "Truly it's been hard fer me around the citadel lately...I'm beginning to stray from the Patriarch...not attending a lecture every once in awhile, perhaps delaying one of his commands...just out of pure question of it. I don't know what has happened but I find it hard to obey him lately. which paints me as a bit of an outcast."

Jericho looked over at Alucard and raised an eyebrow, "You don't stop grinning do you?" he asked, "You find something funny about everything or do you just perpetually think about murder all the time?"

Telrunya snorted, "Melchoir, men do everything they do to impress the opposite sex...or the same, whichever they prefer." she said, "That's the source of all human acheivemant you know." she pointed out.

Virgil smiled and took out his sword, "Perhaps I should test myself against your power." he said, "It would be very accurate for me if I were to fight you...and guage myself based off of how I do." he said, "Perhaps a fight to...near death?" he suggested, "After all, my death is my brother's to claim."

Ryu blinked, "Well...according to my teachings that's how it always was seen." he said, "Giving into temptation always leads to dorruption....and a succubus is the ultimate corruption...that's the teachings." he explained.

Kimfeid looked to Cynthia and shrugged, "It's difficult." he said, "For now I think it would just be wise for you to stay away from Emily...or at least keep your distance." he suggested as he walked to Emily, "Until then, perhaps you should find a training room where you can learn to control yourself." he said, "I could help you if you'd like."

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Mikoyu nods her head, and kisses Aisha's cheek. "Thank you," she whispers, sitting back down and turning to watch the fights.

", not really," laughs Shadow, rubbing the back of her head. "Um, can I follow your lead?" she asks.

"They are trying to help a girl find someone very close to her heart," explains Kenshin, straightening up. "They are providing a bodyguard service for her while she searches for this man."

"All I'm saying is that I'm used to watching her take on a bunch more folks before getting worn out, that's all," Dallas remarks, holding her hands up. "'sides, I'm a lover, not a fighter...unless the occasion calls for it," she admits.

Miho nearly collapses as they reach the tent, holding onto her side and clenching her teeth to keep from screaming out. "Old wound," she explains towards Auron, stumbing over to the bedroll and tossing her weapon-filled kimono to the ground before curling into a fetal position on the bedroll.

"Well, if you WANT to do it on the ceiling, all you have to do is ask," remarks Henry. "But I thought you'd be a bit more leery about showing off to everyone in the oom," he adds, gesturing to the others.

"What's wrong is that your outfits scream bandit," explains Tanori, tapping her foot. "Though I suppose there's not REALLY much of a difference between the bandit look and the mercenary look," she adds, sighing to herself.

Celene shakes her head, and looks at Helena. "You sound like this has happened many times have you died?" she whispers, still holding onto the other woman.

Jasper chuckles, and looks up towards the ceiling. "Of course, most of your employers are wealthy individuals who pay others to think for them, and never bother to ask them what they think, am I right?" he asks.

Midnight nods, and flips through Kasumi's mind like a book, learning what he needs to know to help her before pulling back. "Well, I do believe I know what needs to be done," he says, his tone much more stern now. He reaches for her arm, and a shuriken comes flying out of the darkness towards him. Enraged, he spins towards the source, and the shuriken disintegrates as the ninja who threw it melts into a pile of goo. "Does anyone ELSE wish to try their luck?" he asks the remaining ninjas, drawing ShadowFang from across his back and twirling it several times.

"I've got a few more questions of my own, so I'll have to come back here after our little mission's finished," says Lina, crossing her arms. "I have only one to ask him, but I doubt he'd know the answer," Zelgadis says, glancing down at her golem-like hands.

Alexandria moans into the towel, which keeps her from being heard. I...I've never felt this good before she realizes, her eyes rolling back in her head as Nasu continues his work. It's a good thing we already talked about that happy ending he said, I don't think I could think clearly if he asked me now...

Vikari raises an eyebrow, and looks over to Sakura, who has just slipped into her towel. "Sakura? What's a pedophile?" she asks. Sakura frowns, and puts a finger to her lips. "Hmm...I don't think I've heard that word before," she mutters to herself. "Neither have I," admits Hinata. Alreza looks at the three of them, and shakes her head, deciding to remain silent.

"We had one last bout after everything else was said and done," recalls Ilharess, remembering her final fight with Dean. "We were evenly matched. Even when we had run out of the energy for our powers, our normal punches and kicks were even. The fight ended in a draw, and his friend Vikari managed to drag us somewhere where we could rest before we caught our deaths of cold," she says.

"It's possible I know him, if he's the one I'm thinking of," Geo says with a shrug. "But it's awfully farfetched...I can try to speak to him, see if he's the one I know," he offers.

"So we ask someone to keep an eye on him so that he doesn't wander off," snickers Atlantea. "Hm...who can we pay to keep an eye on him?" she wonders, glancing around.

"Okay," Tina says. "You see, kid, a lot of people think that using words like that makes you sound dumb, and it does make you sound uncouth in certain social circles," explains Eve.

Lucifer raises an eyebrow, and chuckles. "Interesting...well, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go lay down. Today's events have left me much to think about," he tells Chris.

Irene nods her head, still looking after Jilikar. "Um...Rupert, do you think we should go with him?" she asks. "If he's heading after what I think he might be heading after, and if any of the stories are true, he'll probably need help," she tells Rupert.

Entreri smirks at his slave as he enters the tent, and pushes her onto her stomach, sitting so that he is straddling her back. "Now, it is time for your punishment," he whispers.

Anderson stops mid-trot, and glances over at Wilson for a second before allowing his horse to continue walking. "Ye should examine yer faith closely, Wilson. The life o' a paladin dunna be fer all...I've known several men whose faith nigh surpassed me own, who dinna take up the paladin's vows because they weren' the fightin' type," he says, apparently missing Wilson's point.

"Perhaps it is both. Perhaps I find murder funny," laughs Alucard. "At any rate, we should be going...I intend to have Anderson's head on a pike soon," he says.

"Right, which is why I do what I do, I'm sure. And here I thought I was trying to make the world a better place!" laughs Melchior, slapping himself in the forehead. "I guess I only became a Slayer of Domiel to chase some more skirts. For the record, Telrunya, I've actually taken a vow of celibacy," he points out, crossing his arms. ", what was that with the Kunoichi from earlier?" Tharivol asks, raising an eyebrow. "The wording of my vow was very specific. I can't obtain sexual pleasure from sexual acts with another person. It's entirely different if I provide them sexual pleasure while taking none for myself," the Slayer of Domiel responds.

Sky smirks, and vanishes, reappearing behind Virgil and striking him in the back with the butt of her lance. "Aright," she says.

"It doesn't always lead to corruption," points out Erost. "People are tempted in countless ways every fact, the desire to do good is itself a temptation, and THAT doesn't lead to corruption, does it?" she asks.

Emily nods her head, and glares at Di to stop their argument. "We'll finish our talk later," she says, heading down the hall towards one of the training rooms. "Sure, if you're not on your BACK with some random vamp by that point!" Di calls after her, scowling as she storms off in the opposite direction. Mika sighs, and glances after both of the girls, then shakes her head. "I'm not taking sides in this one," she remarks.

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Aisha clenched her fists and smirked, "I fel bad for whoever i'm about to fight, because I'm NOT in the mood for mercy." A woman looked at her, then cleared her throat, 'Right then I submit to her already." she said. Aisha fell over, "WHAT?! You can't do that!" The referee shrugged, "Actually miss, she can." he said.

KAtherine groaned, "Well goddammit Shadow I don't know anything about it either...hell and you can't seduce junkies, that's the last thing they're interested in..." she kept thinking, "I can't think of anything we can do..."

Saito snorted, "Out of the kindness of their hearts?" he asked, "I very much so doubt that." he crossed his arms, "Though I suppose for now their lives shall be spared...though I'll be following, waiting for you to turn." he said as he narrowed his eyebrows.

Guan Yu snorted, "Everyone has their uses, regardless of their preference for specuialty." he conceded, "Fine then, but do not criticize those better than you at something, because you wouldn't understand like they do."

Auron nodded, "I'm guessing that naginata strike hit straight home didn't it?" he shook his head, "Well I can't say I'm surprised...though you having WOUNDS from before in your life is a little bit of a shock."

Selphie blushed, "Well not NOW..." she mumbled, "I mean later, when I'm in the mood and nobody's around."

The bandits smirked and looked at eachother, "'Sides the masks I s'pose, but we can get rid o those." he said.

Helena laughed, "I've been MARKED for dead for a long time...I'm relieved that it's over with." she said, "Granted I wasn't EXPECTING to be revived like that."

Christie snorted, "That's not what we're paid for." she said, "Besides they always get offended when you point out that they're all idiots." she looked at the rosters and smirked, "I give up my match against that Celene woman next round, I've done what I came here for." she informed the judges.

Kasumi giggled, "I'm guessing not, csince no others have attempted to kill you." she said, "So, what is it that you think you can do for you think I can finally speak with my brother?" she asked.

Yangus smirked as he looked at Zelgadis, "Gonna take a shot in tha dark 'ere but I'm guessin ya wanna cure yerself of lookin' like that. I think Brain might know a little somefin if yer interested, got lots of medical theories and magics and blah blah I don't understand, might help ya."

After about ten minutes, Nasu gently shook Alexandria's shoulders, "Miss Alexandria, I'm finished." he smiled, "If you'd like to take your time, I'll wait for you to gather yourself before I escort you out." he suggested.

Naruto smirked, "Yeah I learned it from hangin out with this Perv Sage named Jiraiya. Every time I called him a perv he told me as long as I didn't call him a pedo he was cool with it. I asked him what a pedo was and he told me, it's a guy or girl that likes REAL underage guys and girls." he said, "Or something like that...anyhow it sounds like Kilik to me." He flew into the wall as Kilik smacked the ninja with his staff and growled, "STOP CALLING ME THAT!"

Shen smiled, "This Vikari seems like quite a nice young lady." he said, "And the Dean boy doesn't seem so bad if he can befriend a girl like I don't see why you kee fighting the boy...a sense of rivalry or what?"

Marina smiled, "Oh that's good." she said, "If you can manage anything, even if just a ten percent discount that'd be much appreciated sir." she bowed.

Alexandria shrugged, "I'd feel like we were condescending hi mif we gave him a nanny or someone who usually handles something like that...perhaps just someone who can make sure he's taken care of when he wakes up." she suggested.

Percival nodded, "For lack of better words it makes you seem like a barbarian, like you have little vocabulary. when one goes about speaking such words without restriction, they only show lack of intelligence, and seem almost proud of it."

Chris blinked, "But...we have a can sleep in my bed if you want now." she pointed out. Jeeves smiled, "Not until the ceremony dear Chris." he chuckled, "Otherwise it's not official."

Rupert smirked, "Your total lack of faith in him being able to take care of himself is funny, don't get me wrong, but I think he'll be fine...of course if you are set on following him anyhow, I won't stop you...but I WILL have to follow you in turn, and we must make it quick, we're set to fight Regnier remember?"

Wilson rolled his eyes, "Right..of course." he said, "I suppose I shouldn't begin to talk to hi mabout questioning faith..." he whispered to himself, "He seems to not wnt to hear that type of stuff."

Jericho snorted, "Well if this guy's as bad as you say, I can't wait to help you out on that one myself." Cartwright nodde,d "Fine then, you are both dismissed, go help Miss Integra and Alucard here to your best abilities."

Telrunya rolled her eyes, "That makes no sense." she said, "For one thing if you're a slayer of anything, maintaining a vow of anything seems a bit too noble an aspect for you...second why only give others pleasure if you cannot obtain any yourself?"

Virgil smirked as he was smacked, though didn't budge from his spot, "Don't get me wrong I won't be fighting you completely clean." he said as he quickly flickered into his blue devil trigger form and leaped back from Sky. He smirked in his demon form and disappeared, then gravity balls began blowing up and forming all around Sky, a few hitting her and launching her backwards. The balls stopped appearing after a bit and he reappeared above her, going to slash her as he fell down onto her.

Ryu frowned, "But..doign good is a good thing, how can that be corrupting?" he asked, "Let alone a temptation at all..."

Kimfeid sighed, "I'd hate to...but I do think Di is being a bit unrational..though she IS Id's little girl, so that makes sense. In his early years he was a little out of control as well...being the Untouchable One and all..."

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Mikoyu smiles at Aisha, and shakes her head. "Just wait until the'll be facing Urusei, unless one of these other girls makes a strong showing, so just unleash all your fury then," she advises. "I think Urusei might be the only fighter here besides me who could HANDLE it, anyways," she remarks.

"I know a spell that could beckon him out here, I think," Shadow says, a smile creeping across her lips. "I can cast it so that only he'd hear us, and we could beckon him towards a given spot, and then take care of it there..."

Kenshin gives a very slight smile, and releases his grip on his sword. Jin does the same, and turns to walk away. "Muugen, our presence here is no longer necessary. I am going to rest," he says simply, heading back towards the inn.

"I wasn't...Ugh!" exclaims Dallas, tugging at her hat in frustration. "I wasn't criticizing her! It just seemed a little weird to me...I've seen her fight for eight hours straight before, and after five minutes of fighting here, it was just weird to me that she was worn out," she tries to explain again.

Miho nods her head, and looks up towards the top of the tent. "I got this injury during my first days in the Yakuza...I was fighting three swordsmen, known as the Three Guards. I was able to dispose of the first easily enough, but the second got a good blow in on me that nearly killed me. It was only through the presence of the man who would become my first teacher that I was able to survive that encounter," she recalls.

"Yeah, believe it or not, not everyone's as exhibitionist as you, brother," Serena remarks. "Oh, I suppose you're right. Well, I do believe I should get cleaned up a bit," Henry says, heading towards the bathroom without any care for his nudity as he crosses the room. He closes the bathroom door behind him, and Serena stares up at the ceiling, shaking her head. "It's hard to believe we're related sometimes," she says.

"I'd suggest that as a good first step," remarks Tanori, tapping her foot and waiting for the bandits-turned-mercs to do as they're told.

Celene nods her head at this, then turns as she hears Midnight's words. "...Monster!" she yells, plants springing out of the ground around her body. "You bastard! She went to you for help, and you just killed her! I was right along, you're a monster!" she shrieks.

Jasper smiles at Christie, and extends his hand. "Then if you would do me the honor of leaving with me? It's getting a mite noisy in here," he says.

As Midnight mentally explains his plan to Kasumi, his eyes glow with rage, and he seizes her by the throat. "You waste my time over something like THIS! I'll put an end to the whole thing right now!" he says with a wicked grin, apparently disintegrating Kasumi and letting the dust that constitutes her remains fall to the floor. He spins towards the ninja who had been observing them, ignoring Celene's cries of rage as he does so. "As for you lot, your leader gets to decide your fate," he says with the same grin, turning to face Hayate. "Well? You have time before your match in this contest, what do you say? I'll send you to face a champion of my choosing, and if you win, I will allow you and your men to live...but if you lose, I destroy your entire Clan!" he declares.

"I told you before, Zel, I like you like this too," says Amelia. "I know, but it gets distressing! I mean, if I poke myself in the eye with my hair, I'm going to lose my eye!" exclaims Zelgadis. "...Well, glad to see the situation's a lot more comical than before," Lina remarks.

Alexandria nods her head, and makes a futile attempt at forming a coherent thought, but dismisses it and just opts to lay there for a few more minutes.

Vikari blushes even MORE darkly at this if at all possible, and sneaks back behind Christine again, coming out in a larger towel that is wrapped so that her entire body except for her eyes is covered. She sits down to wait, and Sakura sighs. "Naruto, just ONCE, I'd like to see you say something that DIDN'T make things ten times harder for everyone around you," she remarks.

"Yes," Ilharess confirms. "Though we don't fight anymore...during our last encounter, we discovered that we were equal, and that was enough for us. At least, it was enough for me," she says.

"If you could show me to where your supplier operates out of?" Geo asks politely. "It would be much easier to speak with him if I knew where he was."

"Taken care of in what way?" Atlantea asks jokingly. "Seriously, though, I'll go talk to the innkeep about that, you find us a room. Don't worry, I'll be there before ya know it," she giggles, heading downstairs to secure someone to take care of the mage.

"For example, take Leo here," Eve says, jabbing her thumb into the large man's chest. "When I hear him talk, I expect him to start grunting and killing animals with clubs," she points out.

"Exactly! So I have to attempt to sneak into your room all the time, and I'm certain I won't be able to get in," laughs Lucifer, walking off towards his room. "Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for fun after the wedding."

"I know," Irene says. She whistles, and Poranthos comes flying over towards them,
Anderson keeps silent on the rest of their journey, trying to forget what Wilson just said. 'es havin' a crisis o' faith, 'ell get over it he tries to tell himself.

Alucard smirks, and walks out of the fortress, followed by Edward. Integra bows to Cartwright, restraining a smile. "We'll try to bring them back in one piece," she says jokingly, heading out. Walter nods his head at this, and turns to Jericho, his hands still behind his back. "Is there anything else?" he asks the young vampire.

"A Slayer of Domiel is a warrior with the skills of an assassin who, rather than working for coin, utilizes his or her skills in the service of the Light," explains Melchior. "As far as the pleasure might not know it to look at me, but I'm actually a very giving person," he tells Telrunya.
Sky swings up with her Halcyon, striking the blade of Virgil's sword and knocking it out of his hands. "Not so fast," she says with a grin, thrusting her lance through his wing with enough force to pierce the other side. She spins around, and drives Virgil to the ground, pinning him there like a butterfly with her lance and slamming her foot into his gut. "Now, stay down!" she says.

"Are you TEMPTED to do good things?" asks Erost. "You want to do good things, and you do them, so you're succumbing to your temptations. I never said it was corrupt to do that," she reasons.

Mika shakes her head, still staring off in the direction Emily went. "I don't know...Di does have a point, Emily should have a bit stronger will about this sort of thing, but on the other hand, Di's being a total bitch...I dunno," she mutters.

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Aisha crossed her arms and sat down in a huff, "I'm raping SOMEBODY to death before I leave here." she said angrily, "I don't even care if it's after the tournament that I gotta do it either." she said, cracking her neck.

Katherine smiled, "That sounds good to me." she said, "Make it work and there's an extra little something next time we go to bed."

Mugen snorted, "Well damn...I was hoping to kill a Yakuza boss or something today." he said, "Sucks...oh well, I'll find someone..."

Guan Yu snorted, "Yet again I wouldn't expect you to understand." he said, "I'm sure when she fights for long amounts of time she fights moderate soldiers, perhaps people she can defeat in one hit...she actually had to TRY with the three of us...that and I think I struck an old wound with my hit, which would decrease her stamina greatly."

Auron smiled, "Sounds like an impressive man to have taught you what you know...who was he?" he asked as he sat next to Miho and folded his hands over his lap.

Bulseye looked at Serena and gave her a look, "Seriously?" he asked, "I can't think of a more perfect person to be your brother." he said, "Hell he's EXACTLY like you...just...male..."

The bandits each took off their masks and looked at eachother, "Eh? Not bad." said one to antoher, "Yeah...thought ya 'ad some sorta scar 'r somefin'." Another bandit looked at Tanori and smirked, "So, what 'r the chances we can someties get paid in spending a night with you?" he winked. Another bandit clapped his shoulder, "Ya wanna spend the night wit 'er? Suggest it again, yer 'ead'll be right next ta Thag's on 'er nightstand." he grinned, "Am I right miss?"

Christie nodded, "I agree, also since I know you're planning on ravishing me in the near future I must ask that you take me somewhere enjoyable so that I may relax." she said, "If you don't well I don't think you would be my type." she teased.

Hayate looked at Midnight and crossed his arms, "There wasn't meant to be a choice in the matter." he said, "Fine I'll fight this champion of yours...but no complaining when I've killed them mercilessly." he said with a meloncholy look on his face.

Yangus shrugged, "Well we'll go talk tae Brain, see if 'e knows anyfin'." he said, "Anyone who don't wanna ask him nothin' can go enjoy Pickham." he said, "Everyone else, come wit me." he said as he headed down an alleeyway. Brontes looked down at Lina, "Master? Where?" he asked.

Nasu whistled to Alexandria and snapped his fingers, "No sleeping." he chuckled as he lightly flicked Alexandria in the head, "There that oughtta help you out." he said, "Let's go little lady, up and at em." he gently lifted Alexandra off of the table and sat her in a chair as he stood in front of her, "I think I may have gone a little overboard, sorry about that." he laughed.

Naruto shrugged, "Pervy Sage told me everyone should know....that way they know to avoid guys like that...right Kilik?" Kilik gripped his staff, "Oh I hope you know how to run away and hide forever." he said.

Shen smiled, "He was an opposite of you though..I'm thinking he still has a thing in his head about you." he said. He thought for a second, "My, that came out wrong didn't it?" he chuckled.

Martia nodded, "He goes to Old Stormfist across the bridge, where the smog starts to gather." she said, "He has a forge and a shop, a jack of all trades kind of guy." she said.

Alexandria set the mage down and smiled down at him, "So much pent up h a stubborn nature're in your thirties yet are a child." she noted, "Very interesting."

Leo snorted, "But see I could give two shits and a fuck what people think, cause it ain't my job to be smart, it's my job to be a killing machine." he pointed out. Percival smiled, "I on the other hand am far more articulate, because it is my job to be able to speak to others and convince them to see things my way, or perhaps just give me information I seek."

Chris crossed her arms and frowned at Jeeves, 'You never were this strict on my other bofriends." she said. Jeeved shrugged, "Those boys would never have lasted a relationship with you...I had no problem with you sabatoging those relationships...this time around though, this man might actually be a match for you, I'm not letting you mess this one up." he said, "Now get to bed, you have work tomorrow." he said, rubbing her head like a child.

Rupert looked up at Poranthos, "We need transport? How fast is Jilikar going?" he asked.

Wilson stopped his horse after a bit and motioned for Anderson to stop his as well, "We'll camp's just outside of the scouting territory of Vellond, and the last thing we need is to be caught resting in a campsite inside their territory."

Jericho smirked, "I got all I need Walter...hell you know you could have talked about this Alucard guy a bit more while you worked around here though." he said, "Shit man, you'd think at some point you'd work in a supernatural godly vampire into conversation around here."

Telrunya smiled, "You're right about that, looking at you you seem more like a scoundrel than a giver of anything." she said, "But I suppose that's just your image...everyone has an image to uphold for some reason or another."

Virgil twirled his wrist and Yamato lifted above Sky, then drove itself into her stomach, pinned her to the ground as well, "Alright, but you stay down with me." he smirked, his hand manipulating Yamato easily as it pinned Sky right next to him, but failed to break him out of her lance's hold.

Ryu shook his head, "But doing good things is pure, not corrupt." he said, "It's the fact that I have the will to do good things that keeps me from succumbing to doing evil things...or just wrong for instance, giving in to the temptation of letting a succubus have your body." he pointed out.

Kimfeid shrugged, "You guys ARE Emily's will...and Di is basically the bitchy part of Emily come to life." he pointed out, "As far as I can see...nothing here is totally unexpected."

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OMG i have missed this club like forever LOL

LOL yes I am the LOL Girl ^_^
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During Urusei's next fight, she walks straight towards her opponent, dodging all of her attacks effortlessly, and stands on her tiptoes to give her kiss. As their lips connect, her opponent passes out, and Urusei looks down at her, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Was hoping she'd at least stay awake until second base," she grumbles, lifting the woman and walking out of the arena.

Shadow nods, and closes her eyes, first using the spell to find the mind of an Elf inside of the building. She then informs him, via the spell, that there is a goodly amount of "product" in the nearby alleyway, and that they're willing to offer it to him at a discount. She smirks at Katherine, and uses her stealth spell to secretly teleport them into the alleyway. "And now we wait," she whispers.

Kenshin walks past Muugen as well, heading back towards the inn. He leaps into the window, nearly knocking Dean over as he lands. "Sorry about that," he says, accidentally turning towards Fuu, who Dean was trying to hide while she undressed.

"...oh, that one," Dallas recalls, shaking her head. "I remember her telling me about that one night," she mutters to herself.

"His name was Pai Mei," recalls Miho. "He trained me for ten years to become the perfect martial artist. That's why I know how to use so many weapons," she explains.

"Oh really? Then maybe you should have sex with him and I should nail his girlfriend," remarks Serena, looking Selphie up and down. "The skinny thing bugs me a bit, but like I said, I can work around that," she says in a sexy voice, winking at the girl.

Tanori smirks, and shakes her head. "I've only slept with two people in my entire existence, and I don't plan on having that change anytime soon," she says.

Jasper smiles at Christie, and transports them to the outside of a fine restaurant, transforming Christie's battle outfit into a blood-red gown as they appear. "Here we are...don't worry, I already have reservations," he chuckles.

"Agreed," Midnight says simply, snapping his fingers ad sending Hayate to his shrouded castle. "And as for you pesky little ninja...don't worry, you can't get into my castle. I talked to it already, and it won't let any of you in," he remarks, his grin spreading until it reaches his ears. He turns to Celene, who is now striking at him with her aura and warping his flesh, and forces his body to obey his commands. "Honestly, little girl, are you surprised? After I cast aside your leftovers so offhandedly?" he sneers. Celene shrieks in rage, and Midnight's head explodes, letting his decapitated body fall to the gorund in a heap. Celene funnels her power towards him, trying to put him back together, but his body refuses to move. She shakes for a moment, and collpses to her knees, tears trickling out of her eyes. "Why'd you have to do that? You knew what I could do..." she whimpers. A comforting hand rests on her shoulder, and she looks up to see Midnight standing behind her, shaking his head. "One day, you will thank me for what I have just done," he says simply, before vanishing and heading back t the trial.

"We're heading to enjoy the town, of course!" Lina laughs. Luna looks at her sister, and puts a hand on her shoulder, spinning the other redhead around to face her and bringing Lina's eyes right in line with her taller sister's breasts. "Do not get into trouble," she warns. "Um, sure, magic talking boobs, whatever you say," Lina says, rubbing her forehead. "Gods, I need a drink...I'm seeing tits everywhere!"

Alexandria wraps the towel around herself, and shakes her head. "I've never felt this good," she says.

Alreza slaps herself in the forehead, and glares at Naruto. "Shut the fuck up, or I'll make it so you'll be useless to Hinata, got that?" she asks. "And could you ninja folks QUIT sneaking off and back all the time? It's getting REALLY old, really fast!" she says.

"...Yes, yes it did," chuckles Ilharess, shaking her head. She pauses as they reach a clearing, with a massive pattern carved into a stone platform laid out in the midst of the clearing. "...Well, I can't say that's normal," she remarks.

"Interesting, I shall return momentarily," Geo says, sinking through the floor. He emerges outside of the shop in question, and brushes himself off before knocking on the door.

Atlantea soon returns, wearing a smile on her face. "I found someone who was willing to take care of things," she informs the incredibly ancient beyond all reason red dragon.

"Well, it's my job to mess with brains, so why do I even have to learn how to speak properly at all?" Tina asks, a bit confused at this. "Because otherwise, kids will tease you," Eve says with a sigh. "And you don't want to be picked on for speaking poorly, do you?" she asks. Tina shakes her head, and Eve smiles at her. "Good."

Lucifer reaches his room, and sighs as he closes the door behind him, wincing in pain at the stabbing sensation in his shoulderblades. He rips his shirt off, and bites his lip hard enough to draw blood as two bat-like wings rip out through his flesh. "Well...I can't exactly say this is a surprise now that I heard about it," he mutters to himself, flexing his new wings.

"He has chosen to go with one of the swiftest of my offspring, an ambitious girl by the name of Dalcria...I believe I can keep up with her if you are willing to cimb aboard," Poranthos says.

Anderson nods his head, and hops off of his horse, then smirks at Wilson. "I'm gonna go and scout out the area ahead. Dunna worry, I won' blow our cover," he says, drawing his long knives and disappearing into the darkness.

"He is by no means godly," responds Walter, leading Jericho out of the hold. "He is powerful, to be sure, but there is nothing divine about that man. He is a monster through and through," he explains.

"I try to pretend to be like who I used to be, butI'm not gonna get into all that rght now," says Melchior, crossng his arms behind his head. "Suffice it to say that I've done my share of time and paid my debt to society, and decided that I preferred being a good guy to being a bad guy," he remarks.

Sky smirks at the sword, and pokes it with her free hand. "Itches a little," she complains. She grabs the hilt, and yanks it out, smiling over at Virgil. "I know this sword. It was used to slay demons, so you're about a thousand years too late if you expected it to do more than make me bleed a little bit," she tells him, attempting to beat out his mental control overYamato and strike at him with it.

"How is that wrong?" Erost remarks. "Granted, most succubi are evil...but why do you lump me in wit them? Have I done anything evil to you?" she asks, crossing her arms.

"We're not just parts of Emily anymore. We've developed our own personalities...we're essentially three different people who look the same and can combine into one person," Mika remarks.

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At 11/17/08 01:58 PM, Lacie wrote: OMG i have missed this club like forever LOL

Shit, didn't notice ya there. How ya been?

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[Lace I barely even remmeber you...hell that was a LOOONG time ago.]

Aisha glared after Urusei and went up for her fight against the next girl. The girl went into a martial arts position and frowned, "You wanna dance cat girl?" Aisha growled, "Bring it on tall and sexy!" she said, trying to be threatening with the tone. She quickly jumped onto the girl and wrapped her legs around her, "I'm gonna make sure this hurts, bitch!" she growled as people around her stared in horror.

Soon enough an elf came into the allleyway, looking jittery and holding a half empty bottle of some pink liquid, "Y...You guys got stuff?" he asked as his head twitched, "I want money too...I'll buy some..." Katherine smiled, "We have somethine extra special for you good you know of a much more...private place? People are outside that alleyway, they could see you getting extra special stuff." The elf nodded, "Oh yayayayaya I know a place." he said, heading out of the alleyway, "Follow me." he said. Katherine tilted her head at the ironey of him leading them to his grave.

Fuu blinked and looked at Kenshin, who was looking at her, then screamed out a high pitch and slapped him out of the window, leaving quite the hand print on his face. Mugen snorted, "What? Not like he got a look at nothing special." he laughed. There was a silence, then Fuu jumped out wearing her usual kimono and slapped Mugen as well into a nearby wooden post, "Both of you suck!" she growled as she stamped back into the inn.

Guan Yu stroked his beard again, "Well in any case she has the company of her love." he said, "I don't suppose she'll feel too bad for long." he said, "What about you? Will you be participating in the battle in the morning?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow. Gan Ning laughed and wiped his nose with his thumb as he walked over, "As a distraction maybe, "Hey guys look at my tits!" he impersonated Dallas horrible and laughed until he was on the ground rolling around, holding his stomach. Guan Yu sighed, "Do not mind him...he thinks he's funny."

Auron nodded, "I see...old man I'm guessing? Nobody masters and learns to teach all weapon styles without having experienced quite a few years." he noted.

Bullseye cleared his throat, "Yeah I'd rather not have sex with a guy." he said. Selphie shrugged, "And personally I'm not in the mood." she said, yawning.

The bandit snapped his fingers, "Shit." he said luntly. V appeared behind Tanori and smirked, "Why Tanori...I never knew you kept such company." he said jokingly, "I should let Midnight know about your taste in friends, he may have something to say to you young lady." he shook a giant finger at the kitsune, restraining his laughter. Astinus appeared as well, "Quick thing." he said as he put a ring onto V's finger, "V might annoy you....that ring can't come off his finger, just tell him to stop when he begins to annoy'll be fun for you, trust me." he said, disappearing again as V looked at the ring, "Hmmm...looks pretty."

Christie looked at her dress and smiled, "I like the color." she said, " seems a little constricting...mind if I make a few altercations?" she asked.

Hayate was sitting in the castle and cracked his neck as he crossed his arms, "Kasumi?" he asked. Kasumi stepped out in front of Hayate and nodded, "'s me." Hayate smirked, "I knew that much. Hell I should have known you'd find SOME way to get to talk to me." he stood up and walked over to her, " know my duty." he walked up to her and stood in ftront of her as she braced for him to do something. He hugged her close and sighed, "I miss you so much." he said. Kasumi blinked and looked at him, "Brother?" Hayate smiled, "We cannot live together or speak regularly...but I think if I came here to visit you every once in awhile without the other ninja being allowed in...I could speak with you...not have to try and kill you." Kasumi smiled, "I suppose that's a start." she laughed.

Angelo smiled, "Really? I usually like to drink so that I CAN see tits everywhere, not the other way around." he laughed, "I must go with you for the opposite effect, besides I doubt the ladies have much to ask this Brain fellow, meaning they'll be going with you...meaning they might get drunk, meaning I might be in for one heck of a night." he grinned. Brontes looked at Angelo and blinked, "Holy man wierd."

Nasu bowed his head, "Thank you very much." he said, "I do aim for the best feeling."

A voice came from behind Hinata, "Speaking of which, sorry to intrude." said the voice. NAruto glared at the figure behind her, recognizinfg who it was, "What the hell do YOU want Neji?" The boy was a little older than Hinata, and had the same odd, white eyes she had, and wore a forehead peice as well as an odd hat that dropped backwards down his back. He also wore short cut pants and bandaged his hands, "Hinata...Father wants you to come"

Shen nodded, "Indeed." he said as he approached the platform. Whirlwind jumped on top of it and smirked, "Well someone's plannin on using bout I just stomp it to peices and piss them off eh?" he grinned.

The door opened and smoke came from inside the house, "Oi I'm workin' 'ere!" came a gruff voice as a dwarf looked up at Geo, "Whose there?" he asked as he squinted up at the Elementalist.

Alexandria nodded, "Very do you have a room where we can go?" she asked with a smile, "While the boy here sleeps?"

Percival smiled, "Besides, I'm sure when you get older you'll want to attract a nice young boy to have around." he said, "Speaking properly is quite the turn on to the good boys."

Jeeves stood in the doorway and smiled, "Master Lucifer, I see you've gained new appendages." he said, "Can I get you anything tonight before you go to bed?" he asked, "A cup of water perhaps?"

Rupert nodded, "Fine...course we're just keeping up with the dragon, not stopping them, right?" he made sure.

Wilson set up a fire and thought for a minute, then got rifd of the wood, not wanting to give their position away with the smoke, "Hmm...we'll sleep cold then tonight." he said.

Jericho shrugged, "Ungodly then, beat my ass pretty good either way." he said, "Ed too, and Ed's a pretty good alchemist to get beat to hell like he was."

Telrunya shook her head, "Nothing about you makes sense...are you aware of that?" she asked, "Most people find being a bad guy is more fun than being a good guy."

Virgil easily maintained control over Yamato, "Perhaps..but multiple hits doesn't feel good." he said as Yamato slashed itself into Sky several times before stabbing her through the gut and forcing her and her Halcyon off of Veirgil and going back into Virgil's hand.

Ryu shook his head, "No, but father always told me all succubi are dangerous. You only fight alongside me for a common goal, not out of kindness."

Kimfeid shook his head, "Regardless you're BASED off of the three selves." he said, "Regardless of the fact that you have your own personalities now, each one of you have an ego that matches Emily's original superego, id, or ego." he said, "Yes i know, how do i know that, comes with being three people finally becoming one whole."

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As Aisha's fight finishes, a voluptuous woman steps into the ring, her thick blue hair hanging down to her ass and her two felinoid ears sticking out through her hair. Her robe was destroyed in her last fight, so her slightly-furred body is exposed, with stripes of white fur covering her private areas and a few other spots. Her forearms and forelegs are completely furred with this white fur, and end in slender digits with sharp claws. As this woman's opponent steps into the ring, the woman's tail flicks excitedly, and she dashes forward, slashing at her opponent with her claws. Her opponent quickly surrenders, and the woman sits on her haunches, licking her hands clean. "Winner, Felicia!" comes the Ref's announcement. Urusei watches as the catgirl hops off of the stage, and smirks to herself. She would serve Father well...I should ensure that she does so she thinks to herself.

Shadow follows the other two, her hands in her pockets as they walk. You owe me she tells Katherine mentally, restraining a smile from creeping across her lips.

Jin is waiting for Fuu, one eyebrow raised. "I must inquire why you did not knock me out the window as it because you sensed that I am not interested in women?" he asks her.

Dallas gives a half-smirk, and pulls her crossbows, firing six bolts from each into Gan Ning's cloak. "I think I can do a bit more than seduce the enemy. That's Gale's specialty, anyways, and I don't like taking away her fun," she says, putting her crossbows back.

"Incredibly old...probably beyond how long humans are supposed to live. But his skill...I'm not sure I could defeat him in battle, even as strong as I have become," remarks Miho.

"In that case, Bullseye, I'd suggest that you not say that I'm the same as my brother, alright?" Serena asks sweetly. She sits behind Selphie, and starts massaging her shoulders, smiling at the other girl as she does so.

Tanoriu smirks, and crosses her arms as she looks at V. "V, stop," she says, leaning against a tree as she waits for the results.

"As you wish," Jasper says with a chuckle, looking Christine up and down as he speaks. "I'm not even going to disguise the fact that i find you attractive...I think it would be insulting if I did try to disguise it," he remarks.

Midnight reappears in the courthouse, and shakes his head, walking forward towards the main courtroom. "Hopefully, that was long enough," he mutters aloud. Indeed, had best hurry, lest you miss the rest of the trial comes a mental response from the mystery observer. Midnights' eyes narrow, and he vanishes, reappearing in his seat in the trial room. "My apologies for my tardiness," he whispers.

Lina rolls her eyes, and glances over at Angelo. "It's not like it would be either my or Naga's first time having sex with you, do you relaly think we'd have to be that drunk?" she asks, winking at him. Naga stares at Lina with astonishment, and Lina restrains a snicker. "C'mon, you guys were loud enough to wake the dead when you slept with him, Naga. You REALLY think I didn't know?" she giggles.

Alexandria looks towards the door, her elven ears twitching, and she frowns. "What's going on out there? What's with all that yelling?" she asks, her voice much calmer than it was when she first entered Nasu's office.

Hinata's face turns pale, and she stammers for a few moments. "I...I can't. I'm on a mission," she tries to explain. Sakura holds her hand up, and walks towards Neji, crossing her arms and stopping a few feet away from her. "Hinata, before you just decide that, shouldn't we hear why your father wants you to come home?" she asks, raising an eyebrow at Neji.

Whirlwind disappears in a flash of light, and Shampoo moves to run forward, but Avilas holds a hand up to stop her. "It is a teleportation seems rather new, as well," he notes, pacing around the structure and scrutinizing it carefully. "I do not believe it's taken him into danger, unless the idiot's created the danger for himself," he finally declares, crossing his arms.

"My name is Geo, I've come to speak to you about lowering your prices for the Marina's Mix Tavern," Geo responds, smiling down at the dwarf.

"Sure thing, took care of that while I was at it," Atlante asays, slipping out of the room and opening another door near the other end of the hall. "Figured we'd be loud enough that we'd wake him up if we were too close to his room," she explains.

"What about a normal young boy?" Tina asks, shaking her head. "Anyways...I thinbk I'm gonna go lie down for a little while," she says, heading out the door.

Lucifer jumps, surprised by Jeeves' presence, and his wings slip back into his back. He looks over his shoulder at where his wings were, and watches them slide out and retract a few more times before looking back at Jeeves. "Actually, if you have some alcohol, that would be great...I believe I could use some liquor to calm my nerves right now," he says.

"I don't believe I could stop her if I wished to...all I can do is follow her trail," Poranthos says, as Irene takes Rupert and hops onto the dragon's back. Poranthos' wings begin to flap, and the group is taken into the sky, past the treetops and off towards the direction of Crystal Kingdom.

Near the dawn, Anderson returns, his blades in his hands as he enters the camp. "'es probably still sleepin', bes' not tae wake 'im jus' yet," he mutters to himself, hopping into a nearby tree.

"It's hard to fight something that can just decide what shape it wants its body to take," Walter says, nodding his head. "Plus, Alucard was a warlord before his death, and not one of those warlords who sits at home and directs troops. He would lead his army onto the field of battle," he explains. "So he has much more combat experience than either of you."

"I didn't say being a good guy was more fun, I said I enjoyed it more," Melchior remarks, smirking at Telrunya. "Big difference!"

As Sky watches Vergil, there is a dark crackle of electricity, and Longinus' red-skinned form appears, landing next to Nero. "My apologies, I did not mean to interrupt your little competition," he says politely, glancing down towards Nero, "but I have a deal to offer someone, and I feel that now would be the best time." Sky's eyes narrow, and her full power becomes evident as her wings spread out, surrounding her with a holy light. "I'll destroy you before I allow that to happen, Longinus," she says, her voice tinged with an ethereal tone. Longinus makes an impatient clicking sound with his tongue against the roof of his mouth, and conjures his black Lance, glancing towards Vergil as he does so. "And you? Do you intend to oppose me as well?" he asks.

Erost remains silent for a few moments, then sighs again. "There are two succubi that I know of who have fallen in love and been purified by their love. Both of them were the most powerful succubi in Takhisis' employ at the time...the top ranked succubi. It's been whispered that it's the position itself that does this to them," she remarks.

Mika sighs at this, and looks down at the floor. "I wonder....if each of us were to split into three separate people again, what would each of those three people represent? The superego, id, and ego of Emily's superego, id, and ego?" she wonders.

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Aisha licked her lips, "Now a catgirl if I ever saw one." she said, "A nice looking one by the looks of it too, I'm liking the way she licks he hands...hope I fight her." she grinned.

Katherine laughed, "Yeah I know." she said. the elf blinked and quickly jerked his head back, "What's that?" Katherine shook her head, "Shadow here bet me that you'd have a nice place we could sell you the good stuff in, I doubted it...looks like she wins." the elf nodded, "Yayayayaya nice place, REAL nice." he said as his jittery hand produced a key from his clothes and opened the door of an abandoned house, letting Shadow and Katherine in before closing the door, "So, Skooma, you got some good skooma? maybe some Super Skooma? Something NEW?" he asked.

Fuu nodded, "I don't feel threatened by you, no." she said, "You DO kinda give off that homosexual vibe...course I don't suppose that's so uncommon around these parts."

Gan Ning grabbed his cloak and yanked it several times before falling on his ass, "Damn..." he grunted. Guan Yu looked amused by this, "So, with the archer unit then." he said, "Also I take it this Gale will be in the main unit assaulting the enemy main officers then?" he guessed.

Auron frowned, "Then did he die of old age?" he asked.

Selphie stuck her tongue out at Bullseye, "Yeah, don't you know girls don't like being compared to their brothers? Heck I rmeember a guy I used to grow up with, Zell, remember Zell Quistis?" Quistis laughed, "Do I? He was heck to raise." Selphie nodded, "Closest thing I had to a brother, I still would never want to be compared to him."

V froze into place and fell over, his stiff body not moving as honly his eyes and mouth moved, "What the hell?" he wondered as he tried to move. He struggled, though it couldn't be seen as none of his body moved, and about five minutes later his body finally broke out of the rance, "What the hell Tanori?! Was I bothering you that much?!"

Christine smirked, "I look the way i do for more reaosns than getting close to male targets." she said as she tore the dress along the legs and down the middle, "Much better." she smiled at the new dress.

Abenaki shook her head, "You're right on time." she said, "We were just about to begin, apparently the defense has a witness they'd like to call to the stand." The human judge adjusted himself in his seat and leaned on his hand, seeming to know what's going to happen. The limping attorney smiled and leaned on his cane, "Who knows the precedent that when a judge in a court case has a verdict decideed pre-trial...the trial is then called off, and the prisoner freed?" he asked.

Angelo shrugged, "Well regardless of whether or not I've slept with a woman before, sleepgin with them again doesn't make the experience any less enjoyable you know...heck it's even more exciting now that I know your tricks." he winked.

Nasu shrugged, "All I can tell is that there's someone out there that wasn't there before." he said, "Someone...pretty strong."

Neji frowned at Sakura, "You think the master of the Hyuuga Clan tells me anything?" he asked, "Other than my objective, I'm told nothing, then sent on my way. This time, my objective is Hinata, though why he would want a weakling like her is beyond me." Naruto growled, "Hey Neji! Don't call her a weakling she has the same abiltiies as you!" Neji snorted, "And hasn't trained NEAR as much."

Whirlwind reappeared at Midnight's Castle in the middle of a training room. He looked at the sparring guards, who blinked as they stared at him, "Oi...where the HELL am I?" he asked. The guards looked at eachother, then looked back at Whirlwind, "Castle Midnight." said one. whirlwind smirke,d "Really? I heard there's strong fighters here...mind giving me a warm up?" he grinned at the gulping guards.

The dwarf snorted, "I already give 'em a discount, you know how hard it is to kill Cockatrices?" he asked, "And tha sheer amount a liquor and shit they ask fer is just nuts!"

Alexandria smirked, "If we are too hard on eachother I'm pretty sure we'll kep the entire village awake." she said, "That and this building wouldn't be standing."

Percival looked to Eve and smiled, "Well, I believe I shall follow suit, I have peace negotiations to prepare for with the Grasslanders." he said.

Jeeves nodded, "Very good Master Lucifer." he said as he closed the door behind hi mand left Lucifer to hismelf. He sighed as he walked down the stairs, "Now...who would be...a good match...for the little lady..." he wondered to himself.

Rupert looked down at the ground and gulped, "Jeez I hate heights." he whimpered as he grabbed tightly onto Irene, "Hell, always scared the hell outta me."

Wilson eoke up and yawned, then said a short prayer on his bedroll and packed it onto his horse again. He pulled out the holy book of the Patriarch and began reading some chapters in wait for Anderson.

Jericho smirked, "Whatever you say Walter, coulda talked about him around here more often though." he said. Cartwright smacked Jericho in the head, "you're still here? Get going before I kick you out myself!" he ordered.

Telrunya rolled her eyes, "You still confuse me." Another ninja walked into the resteraunt, looking at Telrunya with his hands in his pockets, "Telrunya are you being a bitch again?" Telrunya blinked, "Sorry Asuma." she said as she bowed her head. the man chewed on a long toothpick and looked at the group, "Tsunade sent for you guys, her ceremony will be soon and she wants you guys to see." he said.

Virgil stood straight and brushed himself off as he cracked his neck, "I believe it would serve me well if I did." he said as he held Yamato up and pointed it at Longinus, "The boy is mine, I'd rather you not try to corrupt him, I'm enough of a bad influence without letting that happen."

Ryu breathed in sharply, "Well...I must ask you plan to follow in their footsteps?" he asked.

Kimfeid shoook his head, "No, more like the ego superego and id of yourselves, which is based off of Emily's ego, Superego and id. Phew, good thing you can't anymore." he smiled, "If you did, your bodies wouldn't be able to handle the splits."

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Felicia hops off the stage towards Aisha, and Urusei's eyes glow dimly as she tries to influence the pairings of the next round. Mikoyu senses this, and issues her own mental commands. Finally, the pairings are set up, and Felicia is paired against Aisha in the first match. Urusei's eyes narrow suspiciously, and she smirks to herself. "So be it," she mutters. Felicia grins at Aisha, and licks her cheek before running up onto the stage, dancing around a bit whiule waiting for the other girl.

Shadow vanishes, reappearing behind the elf with her blade already piercing a spot just below the back of his head. "Right here," she whispers, sliding the dagger right back out.

Kenshin wobbles back into the building, a dazed look on his face. "I didn't mean to look, that I didn't! Though if you don't mind me saying so, Miss Fuu, it was worth the pain!" he laughs, rubbing the back of his head. Jin sighs at this, and steps aside to get out from between Kenshin and the doorway he seems destined to be knocked through.

"That's up to her, I don't decide things for her," Dallas says, crossing her arms. "Yes, I will," Gale responds, leaning against the side of the tent she went into about two hours ago.

Miho's eyes narrow, and she shakes her head. "I heard about his death five years after I completed my was while two other women were arriving to learn from him. One of them poisoned his meal one night, because he had taken her eye for being rude and disrespectful," she explains.

Henry walks out of the bathroom, dripping wet and butt naked, and his skin smolders as the water boils away. "Ah, better," he says, pulling on some clothes as his skin cools off.

"No, I was just testing out to see what it did," Tanori laughs. "Anyways, you guys, pack up what you can, and go on and bury Thag's remains if you really give a shit," she says. "I know how important these proper burial ceremonies are to you humans."

Jasper smiles, and continues looking Christie up and down as he leads her into the restaurant. "Do you have reservations, sir?" asks the short, dark-skinned man behind the counter as they enter. Jasper looks at him, and the man gulps. "Wait...I remember oyu from, this is your date, mister Sange?" he asks. "Yes, she is," Jasper replies. "R-right, then, right this way," the small man says, leading them to the finest table in the restaurant and pulling out chairs for both of them before scampering off.

Back at the fight, Lei Fang glances over at the announcers, fighting back her grief at Kasumi's apparent demise. "Who's the next fight?" she asks.

Midnight nods his head at this, a smirk on his lips. "Yes, I am familiar with this counts as obstruction of justice, as I recall," he remarks.

"Know our tricks? I'm insulted! Do you really think I showed you every move I've got?" laughs Lina. "Nagap robably did, but she's a big showoff anyways, I like to hold a bit back!" she declares.

"'m just gonna stay in here for a while, okay?" Alexandria asks, moving behind Nasu. "Damn, what a time not to have all my stuff..." she mutters to herself.

Christine frowns, and moves to stand behind Neji, her wings spreading out as she does so. "I have a question, sir...would you care for a massage?" she asks, her lips right next to his earlobe. "You will find that I am quite skilled with my...hands," she whispers seductively.

Soon after Whirlwind arrives, the others appear in the castle, with Melinda and Avilas bickering. "Here we are, happy? Now we can save his ass," remarks Avilas, cracking his neck. "He's proven his worth several times, Avilas! Do you really want to discard him so readily?" Melinda replies. "If he dies, it's his own fault for not knowing when to keep his big mouth shut," Avilas grumbles back. The dracolich turns towards the guards, and smirks at them. "What, a welcoming party? For me? Well, isn't that thoughtful?" he asks, his bony wings beginning to come out of his back. The castle stone wraps around his ankles, and William walks towards the group, his morningstar at his belt. "I wouldn't suggest that. Dad doesn't like when people fight in his castle," he remarks.

Geo nods his head, and the grond beneath him shifts slightly as a diamond appears in the palm of his hand. "Perhaps if I were to cover what you would be losing by giving them a larger discount?" he offers, handing the beautiful diamond to the Dwarf.

"Then we'll just have to take it slow, draw it out," Atlantea giggles, her clothes already sliding off of her body as she walks over to the bed and climbs in.

Eve nods her head, and jumps onto Leo's back. "As for this guy, I think I'm gonna take off with him and let him bang my brains out again," she snickers.

As the night rolls on, Lucifer realizes that he has no more need for sleep, and climbs out of his bed, stretching his newfound wings. "Well, shit, how do I pass the night while everyone else is asleep?" he mutters to himself.,

Irene rolls he reyes, and takes Rupert's hand, holding onto him as Poranthos speeds ahead. Due to several spells Poranthos casts to enhance their speed, they soon find themselves flying over a small clearing, where a smaller and more lithe blue dragon is waiting. Poranthos lands, and the blue dragon looks at him, a sneer on her lips. "Elder," she says, bowing her head respectfully to the older dragon.

Anderson listens to Wilson's whispered prayers, and completes one of the pages of the book aloud as he lands. "Not me favorite verse, but 'tis still part o' the holy word," he says.

Walter helps Integra into her coat as they walk out, and Edward looks up at Alucard. "So...uh...are you a TOTAL psychopath or what?" he asks. "He is when he wishes to be. He is what he has become," Helena explains. Edward stares at the girl for a moment, and scratches the back of his head. "What the fuck's that mean?" he wonders.

Tharivol nods his head, and rises to his feet, his hands still at his sides. "Let's get going, then," he says, walking out of the building with Melchior behind him. Obsidian takes Midori's hand, and walks out of the building with her, a smile on his face.

Longinus flies into the air, and eyes Vergil warily. "Oh, this is precious! A Son of Sparda, facing me, while the very beast his father helped seal is preparing to destroy both of us!" he laughs. Sky's eyes narrow, and she lowers her lance slightly. "What are you talking about?" she warns. "The king of the Obyrith, the demons which predated the Tanar'ri as masters of the Abyss. Beasts whose mere appearance could break a mortal's mind, whose king was sealed through a joint effort between Takhisis and Sparda. He's rising, and you are here, trying to stop me from enhancing this child's power!" Longinus growls.

Erost sighs, and keeps gazing ahead. "I dunno...I don't think either of them planned for it, themselves. All I know is that people have been whispering that the position's cursed, and now I'm in it," she remarks. "Either way...I understand your reluctance to sleep with me, I guess. If you'd rather, we could just take things slow for a while," she offers, favoring Ryu with a soft smile.

"Are you sure we can't?" Mika asks. "Never mind....I like being who I am now, I want to stay like this. I like being with Di and Emily, but I don't want to be stuck in the same body as them until they figure out which of them is going to run things," she says. "...Well, why don't YOU run things?" Cynthia asks. Mika stares at her mother blankly, and shakes her head at this. "I'm not the type of person who should be leading," she says simply.

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Aisha smirked, "Ooooh kitty kitty you're making a big mistake here." she said as she got ont othe stage, "First I'm gonna make you scream for mercy, then I'm gonna fuck ya." she said as she cracked her neck and held up her hands in a fighting position.

Katherine sighe,d "Alright, as quick as that was there's still a mark on him, we should heal it...also we'll prop him in a position on the stairwell over there and snap his he fell you know?" she suggested.

Fuu sighed, " perverted as you obviously are, I suppose I can only blame you so much before it's ony natural that you'd like my body." Mugen came back and held his jaw, "You're kidding right?" he was then knocked right back out of the tavern, "Ass." Fuu said with her fist clenched.

Guan Yu looked at the tent and smiled, "You don't seem tired, in yet Zhou Yun in there is completely passed out...impressive, you must have some endurance there little lady."

Auron frowned, "What a way for a great man to die." he said, "Why wouldn't he get himself used to all forms of poison like most fighters?" he asked.

Bullseye held his eyes and groaned, "Damn...I think that image just got burnt into my brain." he said angrily. Selphie giggled, "Oh come on, he's not that bad, hell I think he's pretty good looking personally."

The bandits shook their heads, "Not tae us, a pack o wolves can eat 'is corpse fer all we care." one said.

Christie smirked as she took her seat and crossed her legs and arms, "Mr. Sange?" she asked, "I do believe some explanation is in order before we eat." she said with a raised eyebrow.

The announcer looked over the bracket, "Right sorry, that was a little distracting...uhhh Gen Fu and Kokoro." he said. A geisha girl took her place on stage in front of Gen Fu and bowed to him before they were teleported to a dimly lit circular room. Kokoro smiled in the light, "Mr. Fu, I'm going to dance on your unconscious body." she said in an almost sadistic manner. Gen Fu smirked, "Well I suppose I won't shatter your're just a little rebel." he said. Kokoro extended a palm in an effort to shove Gen Fu back, who caught her arm and tossed her to the ground. He put a hand on her throat and pressed lightly, paralyzing her as they came back to the arena. Kokoro blinked as she found she was unable to move and Gen Fu walked off the stage with his hands on his back, "Foolish little girls."

The attorney smiled, "Indeed Midnight sir." he said as he looked back at his advisor, "I have a man who might or might not have witnessed one of the judges saying something along the lines of pre-concieved guilt before the trial. I call Young Henry Wilcotts Jr. Son of Judge Henry Wilcotts."

Angelo smirked, "Well then perhaps we could make this interesting...tonight you Naga and myself shall engage in a threesome, yes? And first to pass out is the worst at sex...agreed?" he asked. Jack rolled his eyes, "Angelo you're one off man."

Nasu smiled, "I don't think the person out there is hostile." he said, "In fact his energy pattern is quite similar to that kunoichi girl with the white eyes." he said, "Perhaps they are related."

Neji sighed as he didn't even turn to look at Christine, "Ma'am in any other situation I would be glad to have a massage by someone like you, but I have a mission, and if I don't carry it out, I die, so if you don't mind my survival is at stake here." he looked directly at Hinata.

Whirlwind was attatched to the castle walls growling, "Well I GET IT ALREADY!" he shouted, "NOW LET ME GO!" Yun laughed at this, "Serves ya right you bloodthirsty bastard." he said.

the dwarf looked at the diamond and smirked, "Go back ta them and let em know they've got a 30% discount fer tha rest o tha year." he said, "Nice doin' business wit ya."

Alexandria nodded in agreement, "Of course, that's the natural way to do it." she said as she snapped her fingers and her clothes were removed.

Leo grinned, "Sounds good to me!" he laughed as he ran with Eve on his back to his room and tossed her on the bed, "Better make me pass out before you do Eve, I don't plan to let up just cause you're asleep." he laughed.

Boris walked out of the barracks and looked at the night sky, "Ahhh fresh air...always makes the dizziness go away." he said as he looked around.

Rupert hopped off of Poranthos, his legs shaking as he did, "Whoa...please tell me I don't have to do that again." he said, "Seruously if I fall from a height I'm coming back to nag you." he said.

Wilson smirked, "You dislike 'I am the Omega'? I would have thought that verse appealed most to you, the idea of a supreme and all knowing power above all powers."

Jericho shrugged, "Dunno but I think it's safe to just assume he's a psychopath at all times, that way if he does something nuts it won't surprise us." he said to Ed.

Asuma had his hands in his pockets as he led the group down the street, "The Gaikage wishes that the lot of you be dressed proper for the ceremony, we got ninja clothes for all of you." he said. Midori tilted her head, "Gaikage?" she asked. Asuma nodded, "Officially she's the 4th Hokage, but we're calling her the fifth, which is also called the Gaikage." he said.

Virgil smirked, "If what you say is true, shouldn't you be more worried about your own realm? Imprioving its defenses? The Archfiend was known to control ALL realms in his time, which will mean his revival includes an invasion of your own realm. Leave my son alone and go worry about yourself."

Ryu nodded, "I would like that." he said, "I really would...I hope you can find it in yourself to follow in their footsteps, I do feel that there is a possibility you and I could be together if only you weren't succubi."

Kimfeid shrugged, "you're still important." he said, "Kim serves as a nice reference when it comes to violence and purity, Fei and Id both used him when they wanted to know what the right thing to do is...he serves as a balance between the rival powers of the body."

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Felicia smiles, and stretches her arms out behind her head. "One question first...what's fuck mean?" she asks, tilting her head to the side. "Is it fun? Cause if so, I'd love to do some fuck!" she giggles.

Shadow nods, and heals the flesh from the entry point of the wound, then uses her magic to snap the man's neck in such a way that it looks like he fell. She then props him up against the bottom of the stairs, and turns to Katherine with a smile. "Now, to go console the widow...and by console, I of course mean fuck her brains out," she says, trying to cover up her disdain at what they had to do.

Jin looks after Muugen, and shakes his head. "Idiot," he mutters under his breath before heading upstairs. Kenshin rubs the back of his head as he heads up to his assigned room, his expression turning deadly serious as he closes the door behind him. Saito Hajime...what are you doing here? I thought you were dead... he thinks to himself, sitting on his bed with the sheathed reverse-blade katana still in one hand.

Gale smirks at him, and stretches languidly, showing off her barely-covered body to those in the immediate vicinity. "Me and my girls operate out of Oldtown, I've got plenty of experience at satisfying clients," she remarks.

"He did, once...but he had been on this mountain for decades," explains Miho, "and he had grown complacent, I fear. I believe that he had honestly become arrogant enough to forget that poison could be used to kill someone," she says sadly.

"Yes, but Bullseye refuses to expand his sexual horizons," remarks Henry as he dresses himself. "C'mon, Henry, you know humans are a bit skittish about that sort of thing," Serena points out. "I suppose that's true...I guess it's because they don't live for very long, so they choose to enjoy one group to the fullest rather than spread their interests around," Henry concedes.

Tanori giggles a bit at this, and pats her axes on her back. "Pack up what you're taking with you and move out...oh, was there anyone coming to buy the slaves you guys had taken?" she asks.

"'s connected to the name my father took for himself, Arthur Sanguinus, as well as the name sometimes attributed to the Blood Maiden, Ivy Sanguino," Jasper explains.

Celene moves in to heal Kokoro, and a refreshed Hikari lands next to her, twirling her spear and giggling a bit. "That was fun! Alright, so when's my match?" she asks, glancing around. She looks at the brackets, and licks her lips. "Awesome! C'mon, there's three things I like to do every day! Get laid, eat and drink, and kick some ass! I've already done the first two, so it's time for the third!" she laughs.

Midnight raises an eyebrow, and leans back in his seat. Is this the twist you were talking about? he thinks, trying to elicit a response from his canny observer. Finally, he sighs, and nods his head, having not received a response. "I see no reason not to allow this," he says. "Do you, Chief Justice Abenaki?" he asks, looking to the female kitsune.

"How does that have anything to do with who's b est or worst at sex? That just has to do with who has the most stamina, which ISN'T the only thing nvolved in sex!" Lina exclaims, crossing her arms.

"You could simply stay here, rather than returning home with a failed mission," Christine suggests. "Lord Midnight welcomes all into this castle, so long as they do not bring their battles with them," she explains. Alexandria pauses at this, having just poked her had out the door, and blinks a couple of times. "Um...guys? Think we fucked up there a bit?" she asks, scratching the back of her head.

The castle walls release Whirlwind, and William smirks at the dracolich, who sighs. "Very well, release me and I shall restrain myself from destroying everything in sight," he says, rolling his eyes. The castle releases his legs, and William eyes each of the group members in turn, his eyes resting on Vezria. "You...are you related to the two Elven ladies who showed up earlier?" he asks. Vezria raises an eyebrow, and William begins to describe Alexandria and Alreza, causing Vezria to groan and smack herself in the forehead. "Great, now we're with them again...we suck at this distraction stuff," she mutters.

Geo nods his head, and slides back into the stone, reappearing where he had vanished from in the inn. "He wishes me to alert you that you have a 30% discount for the rest of the year. Apparently, dwarves still love gems," he says, a smile on his face.

Jon glances over at Boris from his position on the top of the buildin, and smirks to himself. "Dizzy? What, did you get hit in the head once too often?" the werewolf asks, dropping to the ground and landing with ease.

"Ifyou wish, since I know where we were, I can teleport us back. I had to fly here because I had never been to this location before," Poranthos admits. Irene glances about, and sniffs the air. "Shit...we're late, I smell Jilikar's blood. Not much, but it's there," she says, drawing her blades and heading through a path overgrown with vegetation.

"Allow me to rephrase meself. I like tha verse, but I dunna like how many people warp an' twist its meanin. Lotsa folks focus too much on th' omega part an' not the alpha bit," explains Anderson.

Ed nods his head in agreement, and Integra whistles sharply. A white-robed man steps out from behind a nearby tree, and nods his head. "The circle is already prepared to take you lot back to the Hellsing castle...there is another circle there to take the combatants to the last known location f Father Alexander Anderson," the man says, his voice barely above a whisper.

Tharivol raises an eyebrow at this, and nods his head. "Very well...I assume that we shall follow the human custom of undressing in separate rooms?" he asks.

"That was one of the reasons I wanted you son, to protect my interests," Longinus admits. Sky snarls, and flashes up into the air, thrusting at Longinus' chest with her Halcyon. The demon lord darts to the side, and slams the butt of his own lance into Sky's gut hard enough to knock a few drops of blood out of her mouth. The strike launchs her away and into several trees, which collapse as she hits them. She flies back into the air, and finds the Dark Athame against the flesh of her throat, Longinus gripping the hilt tightly with his left hand. Sky flies back from Longinus, who smirks, tossing the Dark Athame up and down. "I have no desire to face you right now, Morrigan," he says. "There are more important things at stake, and to be honest, I have no real desire to destroy you. All I ask is that you give the child a chance ot choose for himself who he wishes to work with," he explains, sheathing the Dark Athame. Persephone eyes the blade as it enters its sheathe, but Longinus pretends not to notice, still watching Sky and awaiting her response. Finally, the reformed succubus glances down towards Nero, and shakes her head. "I suppose we can rely on the fact that he'll make the right choice...but that's just how I feel, I can't speak for the others," she says.

Hephaestus snorts at this, and looks up. "Simply alert me when I can drop the two of you off...perhaps a romantic beach to observe the sunset?" he sneers. "Shut up and get us to where we were going," Erost says, blushing as she looks away.

Mika sighs, and shakes her head. "I just don't know...I love both of them so uch, I don't want them to fight like this. How do I get them to stop fighting?" she asks Kimfeid.

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Aisha grinned, "Well usually it includes me and you on the ground getting it on, though I'm on top and I don't care if it's fun for you or not...usually it is but that's not the point."

Katherine smiled, "Of course, and in the process you can just erase her memory of her husband, and go get someone who's NOT going to blow her money away on drugs." she said.

Saito went to a chair in the lobby and leaned on his hand as he stared directly at Dean and Fuu, "You two." he said, "When did you meet the Battousai?" he asked.

Guan Yu nodded, "I see...something tells me you won't have much trouble being adistraction to the enemy." he said as he smiled Gan Ning grinned, "So...feel like coming over to MY tent then?" he asked happily, "I could sure use some SATISFYING." he chuckled. Guan Yu shook his head, "Gan Ning is an imbecile as you can see." he said, almost like an introduction.

Auron shook his head, "What a foolish thing to do...well I suppose everyone must have their weaknesses." he said with a shrug, "Not much you can do about it."

Bullseye rolled his eyes as he finally opened them when Henry was dressed, "Or maybe it's that we don't care to be bisexual because...well I personally find the naked male body disgusting as hell...except for mine, which is perfect in every way." he added with a smirk.

The bandits shrugged, "Not really." said one, "We were gonna rape them tonight, but that's off the list...suppose we can just give them back to Bowerstone and apologize, see if we can't get a reduced sentence or a warning now that Thag's...ya know..deadified."

Christie nodded, "And you wish to distance yourself from them is it? Or do you just not want people runningin fear of you in thies nice resteraunt?" she asked with a smile.

Tina hopped onto the stage and sighed, "Ya know that offer I gave you earlier hun? The one about beating me and having my body? that don't include you now...I don't think gettin beat by a dragoon was part of the plan in this tourney here." She stretched and smirked, "Buuut if you're still interested you can surrender and I'll show you a good time." she said.

Abenaki shook her head, "It's odd to call an advisor to the stand, but go ahead." she said. the advisor sighed as he went up to the stand, "I told you not to do this." he said to the lawyer. The lawyer sighed, "I have to, i can't win a case when judges are biased." he said. He cleared his throat as he limped back and forth, "Is it or is it not true that before the trial, you spoke with your father, and he said that Darkhand here doesn't deserve a trial...that he is guilty?" The son shrugged and refused to say anything, "I'm within my right to not answer this." he said. The elven judge nodded, "I don't need to hear this myself." The human judge stood up, "I would like to." he said, staring at his son. Abenaki nodded, "As would I...please answer the question." she said. Wilcotts sighed and shook his head ,"Fine...No. I didn't hear that." The lawyer blinked, then rushed in and leaned in, "That's not what you told me during the recess you dick!" he whispered harshly, "I'm not condemning my father, he'll judge fairly regardless of something he said ass!" he answered back, "Ask me something different! I don't care." They both withdreww from eachother and the lawyer limped back and forth trying to find a different question that Wilcotts would like to answer.

Angelo nodded, "Alright, also we keep a tally of climaxes, whoever does so the most loses." he said, "Besides both include a lot to do with who's better, be honest sex sucks the less time it lasts." he pointed out.

Neji didn't seem to need to move his head as he scanned the room, "So Hinata, how many friends have you made?" he raised his eyebrow, "Whatever, as far as the Plague Angel here's offer goes, I can't not return, and second, Hinata, you can come with me willingly or not...I don't care." he said.

Whirleind shrugged, 'How were WE supposed to know that platform would teleport us here anyhow?" he asked, "Whatever, we can just be with them now or something and we'll travel like a big group, killing everything."

Marina laughed, "You gave him a gem? Gods I hope it wasn't a bother to you we never meant to impose on you or anything." she said.

Boris snorted, "No, Tina tried to fix my brain...I don't know how effective it was, but it made my head become light." he said, "What are you doing out here so late? Shouldn't you be asleep? Or perhaps with your girlfriend?" he added with a smirk.

Rupert took his hammer and ran with Irene, "What exactly does Jilikar gotta do to get this sword of whatever?" he asked, "Why's he in such danger?"

Wilson looked at Anderson, "Lots of people focus on the end and not the beginning?" he asked, "I'm unclear on what you mean brother Anderson." he said as he marked where he was and put the book back in his pack on the horse.

Jericho looked at the man and raised an eyebroiw, "Something wrong with the guy's voice?" he asked, "I'm guessing Alucard stabbed you in the throat earlier in your life." he laughed.

Asuma nodded, "Correct." he said. Unusually, even though he was marked on his jacket as a Jounin, the usual class of ninja adults are a part of, the passing other jounin bowed as he passed, and he gave them no attention for it. Midori tilted her head, "Why does everyone bow to you?" she asked. Asuma sighed, "I'm the Third Hokage's son." he said, "My son is treated the same's annoying really."

Virgil put Yamato back and cracked his neck, "Alright, fine." he said, "He IS my son, and quite pure if I can say so myself, I trust he'll make the right decision." he said, "Of course he'll have to wake up to give you the answer..I must bid you adieu." he said, disappearing as Nero yawned and woke up, "What's everyone doing?" he asked as he sat up with Lilly in his hand.

Ryu coughed, "Right, don't want her summoning another one of those generals." he said, "They're tough enough, especially when we have to catch Elizabeta as well." he said.

Kimfeid shrugged, "Perhaps you should point out to them what you pointed out to us...Di is being stubbron and Emily doesn't understand...make Emily understand and get Di to stop being stubborn."

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"It's usually fun? Then you should teach me!" giggles Felicia, licking her hands again. As the announcer calls out the start of the fight, Felicia leaps into the air, and slashes at Aisha, sending energy waves in the shape of her claws straight at the other woman.

"Well, of course I intend to do THAT," remarks Shadow, smiling at her lover. "So, let's get over there," she whispers, teleporting then back into their room at the inn.

Dean raises an eyebrow, and scratches the back of his head. "The Ba...OH! You mean Kenshin? A coupla days ago, wasn't it?" he asks Fuu, raising an eyebrow.

Gale rolls her eyes, and glances over at Dallas. "You wanna take this one?" she asks. "I think we should give him to Becky," Dallas responds. "Good idea...he looks like he's her type," Gale responds, heading back towards where her girls are staying. She returns with a beautiful young woman who, like Dallas, is decked out in leather clothing. "So, this is the guy?" she asks, gesturing to Gan Ning. "Yeah, figured he was your type," Gale responds. Becky looks the guy up and down, and licks her lips a bit. "...Yeah, I think he'll work," she says.

"The greatest lessons can be learned from death," Miho says. "Four years before Master Pai Mei died, I realized that my work for the Yakuza was foolish, and left to help Gale and her girls...when I heard of my master's death, it only solidified my resolve not to succumb to the same hubris," she says.

"In what world?" Henry asks with a laugh. "Oh, c'mon Henry, cut him some you have to pick on humans somuch?" his sister asks jokingly.

"Well, since I already sent the captives free, they should vouch for me when we get to the gates, and I'll vouch for you guys," Tanori says. "As far as the rape thing goes, I don't care what you did before, but that shit isn't gonna fly now that you're working for me," she tells the new mercenaries.

"I wish to both remain close to my father while keeping them from running in fear," confirms Jasper, nodding his head. The waiter sets down two menus for them, and scampers off again, allowing them time to decide what they wish to order. Jasper eyes the menu, and smirks, then looks over at Christie. 'What would you like?" he asks.

Hikari sighs, and smiles at Tina. "Look, kid, you're hot," she says, cracking her neck. "But I already HAD sex. Sex with you was just gonna be a bonus...but don't worry, after I kick your ass, I'll honor your wishes," she assures the other woman. As the announcer calls out the beginning of the match, Hikari is surrounded with holy energy, and her laughtr can be heard. "Wanted to test this out for a while!" she announces. As the light clears, a massive pure-white dragon lands where Hikari was standing, and stretches its wings out. "Heh, whaddya know, I look like a smaller version of Mom," Hikari says, eyeing her new draconic body with approval. Malagar eyes the celestial dragon in the middle of the arena, and takes a step back, sheathing his blade as he does so. No...not this one, not worth trying to hold her soul within my blade he decides. Hikari leaps into the air, her eyes blazing with holy energy as her aura pulses outwards. "Be at ease, Tina...there is no dishonor in losing to me, and I will make sure that nothing happens to you after your defeat," Hikari tells the other fighter, her voice much more calm than it was a few moments ago.

Midnight narrows his eyes at this, and glances over at the human judge. Do you see? They look out for their own rather than for what's right... comes the voice of the mystery observer. The world would be s much better if only you would rule it, Midnight...we could avoid all of this it coos Midnight's eyes widen slightly, and he rests his hands gently on the desk in front of him. So, that's what you wanted all along? You wanted me to see how mortals ran things so that I would be angered and try to rule mortal society? Mortals should rule themselves...even if things become flawed, it is their own will which rules the day, not mine! comes Midnight's emphatic reply, his hand crunching through the wood as he loses focus on the situation at hand for a second. He smiles, and waves his hand, restoring the wood of the bench. "Please, continue," he says.

Rachel rolls her eyes, and glances over at Jake. "They're not even counting how many people they kill while having sex...amateurs," she laughs. "Sorry, some of us actually don't LIKE being drenchd in blood while we're having a good time," Lina responds, rolling her eyes with irritation.

"...what seems to be the roblem here?" William asks Neji, as he leads the group to the massage room. "Enough! I...I will return with you, Neji...but I wish you would tell me what this was about," Hinata says, lowering her head. Vezria pauses, and moves in front of Neji, extending her hand towards her face. "Pardon me...but I sense a deep mixture of rage and sorrow in you...what happened?" she asks, her fingers inches from is face by this point.

"I am one with the Plane of Earth, it was as giving him a hair," explains Geo. "Granted, I had to reach quite some distance away...there are not many gemstones of value in this land that have not already been excavated, it would seem," he remarks.

Jon smirks at this, and shakes his head. "She's asleep...I was heading out to do a few laps around the place, get the lay of the land, the usual," he remarks.

Jilikar comes flying past the group as Rupert says this, landing behind them with three thin spikes sticking out of his left arm. He grunts, and rips the barbs out, then glares ahead as a twenty-foot long Manticore rushes towards the group. "Gotcha!" he yells out, quickly drawing his bow and firing several magic arrows dolwn the manticore's throat. The manticore collapses, skidding to a stop in front of the group, and Jilikar swiftly severs its head with his blades after putting his bow back. "You two didn't have to come," he says, walking further into the vegetation with his blades out. He pauses, and severs the Manticore's tale, pluycking several of the spikes out and putting them away. "C'mon, you gonna beat us up for helpin' ya?" laughs Irene. "No, but I want you two to be careful. Neither of you should die here," Jilikar replies.

"'sokay, I ain' good a' gettin mah point across anyways," admits Anderson, quickly packing what little stuff was still unpacled.

The guy eyes Jericho for a moment, then turns to Integra. "Are these with you?" he asks. "Yes, Tarot, they that a problem?" the leader of Hellsing replies. "I will have to adjust the teleportation circle," admits Tarot, bowing his head apologetically.

"So, you're given respect based upon who your parents are, rather than who YOU are? I know the feeling," Melchior says. "No you don't!" laughs Tharivol, iving the rogue a playful jab in the shoulder.

Longinus turns to Nero, and chuckles, gliding over to him. "My dear boy, I have a proposition for you, and I don't believe your friends are going to allow me to stay long...they don't want you to reach your potential, you see, but I do," he tells the quarter-demon. "If you pledge to work for me, I will awaken your potential, and I will tell you the truth of your family. What do you say, my boy?" he asks.

Hephaestus rolls his eyes at this, and shakes his head. "You could cut the sexual tension with a sword," he mutters to himself. Erost snarls, and kicks him in the side, causing him to wince in pain. "Quit listening in on conversations," Erost says angrily.

Mika sighs, and nods her head. "I should...Emily's more likely to forgve me if I run after Di first than Di is if I run after Em first. Di! Wait up!"

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Aisha quickly dodged to the side and smirked, "Got some power in you don't you kitty kitty?" she grinned as she rolled her neck and zipped forward claw first and locked her claws onto Felicia's claws, "This is gonna be SUCH fun." She grinned as she engaged the catwoman in a test of strength.

The elven woman had stopped crying and was just over her sniffling as she saw Shadow again, "Oh Sister!" she cried out happily, "I take it you return with good news?" she asked.

Saito nodded, "I not ARE aware of his past right?" he asked. Fuu shrugged, "Killed a bunch of people, right? Yeah he doesn't seem so bad now." She said. Saito snorted, "The naïve nature of young girls is astounding..."

Gan Ning rubbed his hands together, "Good shit!" he laughed as he did a flip, "Whoo! Who knew such hotties were around the area?" he laughed. Guan Yu sighed and stroked his beard, "Again...I REALLY must apologize for Gan Ning." He said. The fatter, more heavily built Zhang Faye came out and tapped Guan Yu on the shoulder, "What's all the ruckus?" he asked gruffly. Guan Yu smiled, "Nothing comrade...did we interrupt you?" Zheng Faye nodded, "If I don't get my ceremony JUUUST right this ale's gonna taste like shit." He said. Guan Yu bowed his head, "Of course, sorry."

Auron smiled, "Ironic his last lesson to you would be his death." He said, "Makes me wonder if it may have been intentional after all..."

Bullseye snorted, "People usually pick on others they feel inferior to." He said, crossing his arms, "Ain't that right Henry?"

The bandits shrugged, "Well hell if we're gonna get paid for our work anyhow...we can just BUY sex can't we?" one asked happily. The other bandits cheered in unison at this revelation, making V laugh his ass off.

Christie didn't break eye contact with Jasper as she stared with her serpent-like eyes, "" she said flatly, "Make sure the bird suffered too, I want to taste the death." She said with a smile.

Tina gulped, "I'm strong...but a frickin dragon? Hell this just got real tough." She said, "Where's dad when you need him..." she wondered as she held her hands up, " shot." She said as she sprinted forward and tried to kick Hikari's nose between the nostrils.

The lawyer cleared his throat, "Right." He said, "Alright Mr. Wilcotts Jr." he said, "What is your opinion on the guilt or no guilt of Mr. Darkhand here?" he asked. The man sighed, "I feel he is not guilty of doing anything wrong." The elven judge snarled, "That's pure opinion! We put that on evidence?!" the lawyer smiled, "Correct me if im wrong but people called to the stand are there to convince the judges to go a certain way depending on how they answer questions...he may answer this one however he wishes."

Jake snorted, "Then you don't know what fun is, I need to get AWAY From you guys for a little bit...whaddaya say Rach? Start the legend of a couple sexy teenaged serial killers around town?" he grinned.

Neji snarled, "I don't have time for this! Father will say the death word to me if I fail my mission! Hinata! I know nothing about why he wants your uselessness around but he just DOES now let's GO." He ordered.

Martina sighed, "Yes that's one of the issues the Parliament is trying to negotiate with our neighbors." She said, "But that's the political problem, not ours." She smiled.

Boris smirked, "I should join you...I need to get rid of my extra energy and there's little else to do." He said, "That is if you don't mind..."

Rupert snorted, "You're already hurt man." He said, "I'd be more worried about you if I were you." He pointed out, hoisting his hammer over his shoulder.

Wilson hopped onto his horse and looked at his map, "We can head to the capital and we'll be there by nightfall again...or we could stop off at one of their encampments nearby and claim we want to be...recruited." He put this word in quotes, "And search around for information there." He said.

Jericho snorted, "Tarot eh? That's pretty cool for a name." he said, "What do you tell fortunes or something? Or did you just do that before these guys found you?" he asked.

Asuma nodded, "And it's even worse these days...every time they do that it reminds me of how dad died, at that bastard Orochimaru's hands...and I wasn't near strong enough to do shit about it." He said, chewing angrily on his toothpick.

Nero smiled, "I must respectfully decline sir." He said, "I'll reach my potential in due time traiign with the people I find their company more enjoyable than yours...I find you unsettling, with all due respect." He said, "As far as my family history goes...I'll learn what I need to know in time, when I need to know it."

Ryu cleared his throat, "Seriously Dragon...obviously you're being a servant for a reason, learn from your past mistakes and respect people's privacy."

Kimfeid smiled, "I have no idea what I'm talking about...hope that doesn't do anything to their relationship if I'm wrong..."

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Felicia winces in pain as Aisha's superior strength becomes evident, and she twists her body around, managing to wrap herself in such a way that she is able to fling Aish ato the ground. She pounces on top f the other girl, and licks her cheek. "Is this where you show me this fuck thing?" she asks.

Shadow smiles at the Elf, and walks oer to her, staring into her eyes and stroking her belly with one hand. "Listen to me, my dear," she whispers, using her vampiric powers to influence her mind. "You should find someone better for you...someone who isn't going to waste all of your money on drugs. You're going to stop pining over this man, and after my lover and I leave, you're going to forget about us. Now, since this is our last tiem in this you want to show us a good time?" she whispers sexily.

"Hey, if you had ANY idea where me and Muugen went to train, you'd be shutting your damned mouth. To be plain, Kenshin ain't nowhere NEAR the worst person around here, even if he IS the strongest," Dean remarks.

Becky rolls her eyes, and looks to Gan Ning, her beautiful baby blue eyes staring at him. "So, are you going to show me to your tent? I'm not really much of an exhibitionist," she admits, rubbing the back of her head.

"...It might have been, but I do not wish to dwell on it," Miho says, wincing as she touches the injured area. "I have to find a way to get this fixed...I cannot allow myself to have such a debilitating weakness," she says.

"Perhaps in human society," remarks Henry, "but you're fucking my sister, so I have every right to do whatever I wish to you," he says, crossing his arms. "Oh? So do I get to whatever I want to Selphie?" giggles Serena.

Tanori rolls her eyes, and seems to be lost in thought for a few moments, then turns to V and smirks. "Let's get going towards town," she says, heading off towards Bowerstone with the mercs in tow., As they reach the gate, sh looks around for the guard that prevented her entrance before, glancing to and fro for him.

Jasper stares at Christie in stark admiration for several moments, not taking his eyes off of hers. "Raw steak...I want to hear the cow die as you butcher it," he tells the waiter, keeping his eyes on Chistie's.

Hikari roars as they are transported to a snowy mountain, and lunges forward, sinking her fangs into Tina's legs up to the hip. As they are nearly instantly teleported back. Hikari gently sets Tina down, and shifts back to herhuman form, then walks over to the other woman and puts her hands on the girl's upper thigh. "Hold still," she says quietly, flooding her limb with healing energy and restoring the nearly-severed body part to full health. She lifts Tina to a sitting position, and smiles at her. "Even with us fighting, I still get to feel you up," she giggles.

"Enough, Inoyamanakaloriasinakis!" snarls Midnight, his aura flaring up as the bench begins to warp. He spins to face the Elven judge, his hair flowing back behind him. Yes! Strike him down! Do as you should! You should shepherd mortality, not simply stand by and observe! They should be your flock! the voice of the observer says gleefully in Midnight's mind. The vampire lord clenches one hand into a fist, and glowers at the Elf. "You have obviously already decided that Blackhand is guilty. Everyone in this room can see your true intentions!" he declares.

Amelia frowns, but it is Naga who speaks up. "Hey, you guys, we're in a place where most of us can actually fit in...and I'm enjoying all the whistles I'M getting, mind NOT going on a killing spree?" she asks. "Why not just go fuck each other silly like most adults your age?" she suggests.

Sakura sighs, and puts a hand on Hinata's shoulder. "If she's going, we're going," she says, gesturing to herslf and Naruto and Ekusas. "I'm sorry, but she's our friend, and we're not about to just up and ditch her!" she exclaims.

Geo smiles t this, and sits down at the table again, still watching Belcoot. 'So, how about that drink?" he asks Marina.

Jon shrugs his shoulders, and shifts to a sort of hybrid state between his man-wolf and his wolf forms, a massive wolf that resembles a Dire Wolf. "So, think you can keep up?" he asks, before darting around the castle.

As the group coninues into the vegetation, they soon reach an area where the trees have become warped and twisted. "The sword was lost fighting a great evil...the evil was vanquished in the process, but not before violating the land around it with its mere presence," Jilikar explains. As they approach the center of the area, the remains of a shattered temple becom visible, with several pieces of statues all around. "This was a temple to the Seldarine predates the war that separated the Drow from the rest of Elvenkind, so even Lloth was worshipped here," Jilikar notes, stopping to kneel nextto a piece of a statue's head. The temple begins to glow, and Irene's eyes narrow as she draws her blades, spinning them in her hands. "You know that big bad evil that was killed here? Something tells me it didn't stay dead," she says. Jilikar nods, and runs forward, dashing towards the central altar, where a sword can be seen glowing. He grasps the hilt of the blade, and the temple erupts in flames as a demon vaguely reminiscent of a Balor leaps up through the ground, flapping its wings to stay a good thirty feet above the group. "AT LAST, I AM FREE!" the monster laughs. A bolt of holy energy shoots into one of its wings from below, and Jilikar leaps out from the flames, landing next to his friends. "'s time to return to where you came from!" he snarls. "...Oh, it's the Prince! No...not quite, but you do look so much like him. I wonder if you'll give the same death-scream HE did!" the demon roars.

Anderson smirks. "An' a' wha' point do we kill the dirty drow?" he asks, polishing his blessed knives.

"I am a spellcaster who both practices the arcane arts and has been blessed with a small amount of divine magic from the Gods," Tarot explains. "I specialize more in the Arcane arts...but you must be quiet now, for I have many alterations to make," he says, walking back behind the tree.

Tharivol bows his head respectfully at this. "I understand your plight...when I have destroyed Oroichimaru, I shall make sure that you are among the first to hear of his demise," he says thoughtfully. "As if you could defeat him when this entire village could not!" scoffs Obsidian. "Perhaps not on my own, this is true..." Tharivol says, looking pointedly at Obsidian, who sighs. "Oh, fine, if you HAPPEN to find him, and you live long enough to get a message to me, I'll help you," the black dragon says grumpily.

Longinus frowns, and clicks his tongue against his teeth. "Disappointing...I had hoped that you would be more intelligent than that," he says. "Very well, then...we shall meet again, I am sure," he says, vanishing in a crackle of blackened electricity.

"I have told you my name! There is no need to continuously refer to me as Dragon, especially since that is the meaning of your OWN name!" exclaims Hephaestus angrily, glaring over his shoulder at Ryu.

Lunchtime sees Emily, Di and Mika sitting together at one of the tables, with Emily and Di pointedly ignoring one another at first. As Mika talks to them, the two slowly begin to talk to one another, and eventually begin to smile.

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Aisha groaned, "Oooooh kitty I REALLY want to." she said as she reached up and stroked Felicia's face, "But...gotta win the match first." he said as she grabbed Felicia's face, bucked her off, and slammed her into the ground next to her.

The elf sighed happily, "You know it's been far too long." she said, "He never comes to bed anymore...and I'm working when he's home sleeping...I suppose entertaining the two of you would only be...I don't know...beneficial would be the word?" Katherine grinned, "Sexual drought breeds sexual openness in even the most high society elves eh?" she said, cracking her neck, "Well good for us." The inn owner sighed, "Listen you two, how about you guys leave after you have your way with that woman and I won't tell anyone what I saw today." she said, "Deal?"

Saito stood up, "If you had any idea how strong I was YOU'D shut your mouth." he said, "Also you clearly don't understand Kenshin's past...I don't care if you trained in the Abyss, or Hell itself...Kenshin has a far worse past than either of you combined."

Gan Ning grinned and pmped his fists, "OH! I'm going to show you alright." he said as he backed up towards his tent, "Show you ALL night long." Zhang Faye looked at the girls for a bit before nudging Guan Yu, then whispered something. Guan Yu smirked, "Should we warn him?" he asked. Zhang Faye shook his head, "Nah, let him have the night of his life, he won't fight tomorrow, but I think we can handle some stupid rebellion without him." he grinned. Guan Yu laughed at this. Zhang Faye looked at Dallas and Gale, "Girls I think you should know, Guan Yu and I are mercenaries...and you girls got QUITE the price on yer heads...for now we're working together, but after the war..." he cautioned. He smirked, "But hey! For now I believe we're all friends eh? I say, we all have a drink, sound good to all of you? I'm almost done with my brew!"

Sima Yi smirked as he walked in, "I have...abilities." he said, "Ones that you might find useful." Auron drew his sword, "Nobody invited you." Sima Yi smiled, "I can help though...if there's one thing I can recognize and admire, it's the desire to remove weakness...I can help the good woman to not be harmed by the old wound anymore if she would be interested..."

Bullseye smirked, "We're IN human society sir." he said, "Also in human society it's customary for the brother and the date to clash, so how about we stop this now before I gotta toss a buch of knives into you before you submit alrighty?"

The guard approached Tanori and laughed, "Hey kitsune!" he called out, "Glad to see you around here." he continued, "Tha'gs been killed according to our scouts, and the roads are back up, just head down the road and Bowerstone's right ahead."

Christie licked her lips and uncrossed her legs as she leaned forward, "You ARE going to share right? Not so good to keep all the murder to yourself." she smirked.

Tina groaned, "Damn...well hell I hope you enjoyed yourself." she said sarcastically, "Lost in the first'll never let me hear the end of this one...YOU'D better at least make it to the semi's or I'm gonna kick your ass." she growled, "I'm not losing to a loser."

Ino gulped, "Well...sir...that's just rediculous..we're talking about this man's right to exist here, one man's opinion should not have any hold on that." Wilcotts Jr. stomped and stood up angrily, "EXACTLY!" he yelled, "We're not talking about whether a person goes to jail or not, we're talking about no possible forgiveness, no possible way out, no coming back, ENDING his existence! Is there any doubt in ANYONE'S mind that this the very least wrong?" he asked, "Look all have something wrong with you, every one of you...some steal, some think about stealing, some have horrid childhoods, some have dead relatives I don't know...but regardless you're all united in one thing...someone has to pay for what's wrong wit hthe world...and this Darkhand? Just because he supposedly did something you think HE has to pay?" he looked at Darkhand, "Yes...that's right...our lives suck and you're a horrible person...YOU don't deserve to exist, YOU should die, YOU should cease to exist because THAT my justice. Justice is nothing but making someone pay for someone else suffering...even if they had nothing to do with it...justice itself is inherently flawed...I refuse to be a part of this anymore." he said as he stood up and left the courtroom.

Jake laughed, "Well I suppose you're right...wanna just fuck eachother's brains out in a barn or something?" he asked with a grin.

Neji shook his head, "I could care less if you come, but I have some BIG doubts that the guards will let yo uall into Hyuuga Castle." he said, "Only employees and the bloodline may be allowed in."

Marinaa nodded, "I got it ready when you were gone...not quite sure if it's right though, but poison doesn't affect you none does it?" she laughed.

Boris took off his armor and set down his sword before stretching for a second and waiting for Jon to make a lap before joining him, running alongside him in an odd sprint, "So...what's new?" he smirked as he ran next to the hybrid man.

Rupert snorted, "Drow and elves workin together ta beat one dude...heh, funny." he thousghtfully said, "Well looks like we gotta kick this guy's ass...anyone got any ideas on how to do that?" he asked as he looked between the elves.

Wilson smiled, "When we find the one we want." he said, "And of course we've secured an escape route should they overwhelm us with sheer numbers." he explained, "Rst assured our enemies will be killed, as is the will of the lord."

"I am a spellcaster who both practices the arcane arts and has been blessed with a small amount of divine magic from the Gods," Tarot explains. "I specialize more in the Arcane arts...but you must be quiet now, for I have many alterations to make," he says, walking back behind the tree.

Asuma didn't look back at the group as he spoke, "Orochimaru will find us." he said, "No need to look for him...he wants this town destroyed." he pointed out, "Also, he will try and recruit that young girl you have with you...he finds the youth to be highly impressionable and more likely to join his armies." he said.

Nero shook his head, "I believe he just called me mentally retarded for not selling my soul to him." he said, "I'm not sure exactly how hilarious that I'm not sure how hard I should laugh."

Ryu nodded, "It is the highest honor to have the name of Dragon." he said, "I simply assumed you'd prefer to be called what is more highly revered, your true name or the species of which you belong to."

Kimfeid looked to Cynthia across the table at where they were seated, "Either I know more than I thought I did, or our children are just REALLY forgiving...which do you think?" he smiled.

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Jericho groaned and tapped his foot as he crossed his arms. Cassandra giggled and whispered to Ed, "Telling Jericho to be quiet...interesting." she said.

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Felicia rolls over quickly, and glances over at Mikoyu. "You're the one who said that?" she asks. Mikoyu nods, and Felicia rubs her head. "So, Fuck means sex...heh, I've never had sex before. Imagined it a lot, but still a virgin!" she giggles. Mikoyu stares at the catgirl for a moment, then laughs. "Oh man, Aisha's gonna have the time of her LIFE!" she laughs.

Shadow smiles, already kissing the elf's neck and slipping her clothes off. "Sounds good to me," she whispers, pushing the elf down onto the bed and swinging a leg over her waist.

"Oh, shut the fuck up, wouldja?" Dean asks, standing up. "I hate guys like you...always walking around like their shit don't stink, talking shit about everyone else. I bet you're even worse than he is!" he says, his arm transforming into its spiked form. "Enough! We aren't going to destroy this establishment as we did the other, Dean!" Kenshin barks, his voice harsh as he looks over the railing of the stairwell.

Gale grins at this, and runs a finger down Zhang Faye's chest, moving all the way down his belly and stopping somewhere she probably shouldn't. "You sure there isn't some...OTHER...way we can work this out?" she whispers sexily. Dwight stands somewhere behind and to the left of Guan Yu, his hands under his coat, and Marv comes up on Zhang Fei's right, cracking his neck as he does so. "Hey, Gale, 'sthere some trouble here?" he asks. "No trouble, Marv," remarks Goldie, sidling up next to Gale and stroking the other woman's hair absently. "Just having a friendly little chitchat," she whispers.

Miho eyes Sima Yi warily for a moment, mentally examining her options. If he does try to kill me, Auron is here...and I would like to be rid of this... she thinks to herself. She pushes herself to a sitting position, and looks at Sima Yi, slowly nodding her head. "Provided there's no catch...and that Auron gets to stay and observe," she says.

Henry rolls his eyes at this, and taps his chest, his finger bouncing off of metal. "Don't worry, Marksman, your attacks wouldn't penetrate my armor," he says. "DOn't be so sure. He threw my sword to kill Jack of Blades," explains Serena. Henry raises an eyebrow, and smirks at Bullseye. "Alright, if you're THAT badass, you can bang my sister," he says.

Tanori smiles, and pulls out Thag's head. "One more thing, this kinda broke when I went to kill him, where do I turn it in for my reward?" she asks.

"Of course I'll long as you're willing to share some of that delicious duck," whispers Jasper, leaning forward as well. The people at nearby tables glance at them, and slowly move away, causing Jasper to grin at his soon-to-be bride.

Hik tilts her head to the side, and raises na eyebrow. 'I gotta ask you...would you have felt good at ALL about me LETTING you win? It wouldn't have involved any real skill on your part, and you wouldn't have proven jack shit. So what would the point have been?" she asks. "If you're trying to prove something to your don't have to prove anything to him. You're old enough to be making your own decisions without having to put up with him. I didn't know my mom too well, but I cherish the time we had together. You see, it's a parent's job to guide their child to becoming an adult, not to run their lives after they've grown up," she explains, walking out of the arena with Tina.

As Tina and Hikari leave, Lei Fang steps into the arena, stretching her arms out and blinking the tears out of her eyes. "Damnit, let's get this over with! I don't care about this, I'm just gonna stick around to kick the shit out of that bastard who killed Kasumi!" she says.

Midnight manages to smile a little at this, and turns his gaze to the lawyer. "It appears that your witness does not wish to you have something else you would like to say?" he asks, the table finally ceasing its warping and returning to normal.

"Sure," Rachel says with a giggle. "...I didn't think you'd speak up like that, big sis," Amelia admits. "Hey, just because I'm not you, doesn't mean I don't hjave morals," Naga remarks, rolling her eyes.

Sakura rolls her eyes at this, and crosses her arms. "As long as they're at least willing to talk with us and let us know what this is all about. I mean, Naruto's got feelings for the girl, you can't just expect him to up and ditch her like that," she says,

"YOu could have fed me the cockatrice itself, and all that it might do is turn my touch toxic," explains Geo with a chickle.

"Well, not much, to be honest, though I'm surprised you/'re being so pleasant. The last time we spoke, we were about to kill each other," Jon remarks.

Irene trembles at the monster's gaze, and shakes her head. "Obyrith," she mutters. "OH! So you've heard of my kind! I thought the wretched Tanar'ri had eliminated all mention of us!" Malafax laughs. "Obyrith?" Jilikar asks, not taking his gaze off of the demon. "The old rulers of the Abyss, from before recorded history. Heard Clarissa mention something once...apparently, they got their asses kicked by the Tanar'ri, the demons who CURRENTLY run things," Irene explains. Malafax's eyes narrow, and he charges down, conjuring a spiked chain in his hand as he takes a swing at Irene. Irene jumps the shot, and throws both of her blades into Malafax, then stares in shock as her blades shatter against his skin. "I was a LORD of my kind, you foolish little Elf!" sneers Malafax, swinging his chain back around and tearing into Irene's left shoulder.

Anderson grins at this, and nods his head. "The impure shall be cleansed from the Earth, an' God's chosen shall be left wit' dominion o'er all the world," he says.

Tarot comes back from around the tree a few seconds later, and shakes his head. "The alterations are in place...fortunately, I was able to alter the spell without much difficulty, but please warn me of these additions in the future, Sir Integra," he says. "We will, Tarot, don't worry," Integra says, motioning to the rest of the group to follow her behind the tree.

Obsidian's eyes narrow, and his hand transforms momentarily into that of a dragon. "Let him try, I'll devour him whole!" he snarls, putting his other arm protectively around Midori. "Wow, finally found something he's willing to fight for without bitching," Melchior chuckles.

Sky smiles at Nero, and strokes his cheek tenderly. "It's a good thing you avoided it...I remember several encounters I had with him when I was still a succubus. His contracts hold power...if you make a deal with him, you can't go back on it," she explains.

"Your kind should not be allowed to bear the name Dragon!" snarls Hephaestus. "The hunters of your kind butchered my entire flight, and we had done NOTHING to draw their ire!" he says.

"Probably the fact that you're such a great dad," laughs Cynthia, kissing her husband on the cheek.

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Aisha smirked, "So you let her know already? Well I suppose not much more reason to continue eh Felicia? I'm gonna win, and you wanna save your strength for our little session we're gonn have in the locker room." she winked.

Katherine put on her assassin's suit and looked back to Shadow, "So I think we should be getting back." she said, "You did good today Shadow, nobody's any the wiser, except for the Innkeeper, but she can be trusted."

Saito smirked, "Make him angry Dean...please...I want to see what happens." he said. He walked over to Dean and got close so he wouldn't have to speak loudly, "As far as my 'shit not stinking' as you so poetically put it...I was the same as Kenshin in the old days, another Battousai whom killed many...these days I make up for it by killing those who deserve death...Kenshin I'm very close to killing, he's on probation in a way."

Zhang Faye looked with a raised eyebrow at Guan Yu, who shrugged, "We have a long way to go until the war is over...indulge yourself comrade." Zhang Faye snorted, "You think I'd be able to kill these girls if I let them in my bed? I'd have a hard time not killing the guys who put the wanted posters up." he snorted.

Sima Yi shrugged, "I don't care who watches me work." he said, "Just so you know ahead of time...what I'm going to do is take the nerve cluster that causes the pain out of your body...and you permanantly will never feel that area again." he said.

Bullseye shrugged, "I didn't really need your permission in the first place, seeing as I've already done so many times, but thanks anyhow." he smirked.

The guard laughed, "So it WAS you! I heard a kitsune pulled it off, didn't think it was you!" he laughed, "Alright then, head into Bowerstone, I'm thinking they'll have a bit of a reward prepared for you." he said, pointing a thumb down the road.

Christie tilted her head and smiled, "I take it you have a nice, comfortable dark room of death where we can convene after the meal...yes?" she asked.

Bass crossed his arms as he stepped in front of Tina and Hikari, "You! Dragon! You're trying to tell my daughter to go against my wishes aren't you?" he asked, demanding answers as he sneered at the two of them.

Zack jumped onto the arena and smirked, "Sweet a pissed off hottie!" he laughed. A voice called out to them, "Lei Fang!" came Kasumi's voice as she came through the front entrance. Unbeknonst to anyone Hayate had entered through the back entrance.

The lawyer smiled, "I think he said aeverything that needs to be said, don't you sir?" he asked as he limped back to the table. Abenaki looked at the defense attorney, who was speechless, and nodded, "Right then, we'll convene to reach a verdict." she said.

Angelo smiled, "some of those whistels you know are thanks to me, I do like pointing out beauty to passerby." he said, "It just seems so wrong you can walk though a giant crowd and they fail to notice you because of the hustle and bustle."

Neji snorted, "You know I could care less who feels what for Hinata." he said, "There are several people who want to suiit her back at home...she IS the daughter of the leader of the House." he pointed out, "Naruto is only one suitor out of many, and an undeserving one at that." NAruto growled, "What was that pretty boy?!" Neji snorted, "Naruto you are a weak ninja who can do very little to protect Hinata and the house...You'll never be allowed to be with her when she returns. As her bodyguard I will personally make sure of that."

Marina smiled, "Well then good to know no matter how bad we screwed up it won't HURT you." she said with a laugh.

Boris nodded, "That's because I thought you were an WERE in our prison after all. I treat our allies with utmost respect and friendship, and enemies with utmost hatred and disdain." he explained.

Rupert grunted as he rammed his hammer into the Obyrith, managing to knock him into a wall with his giant swing. He blinked, "Jeez...I hit hi mwith all my might, that barely did shit..." he noted as he panted and looked at the undamaged Obyrith.

Wilson nodded, "Though I must admit that killing the noncombatant Drow in the capital city doesn't appeal to me." he said.

Jericho snorted, "Not letting your guys know what you're planning on?" he asked, "Heh, might wanna be more confident that you'l get the people you want." he said as he cracked his neck.

Asuma smirked, "If you dragons fight with us we might have a counter for that giant snake Orionchia." he said, "Of course since Jiraiya and Tsunade will fight, we might have that already." he noted, "You see, the three Sannin each have the ability to summon a giant animal of great power...Orochimaru has Orionchia, the Snake. Jiraiya has Gamabunta, the frog, and Tsunade has Katsuyu, the slug."

Nero shrugged, "I'm not so stupid as to pledge loyalty to someone I don't understand." he said, "I believe I know better than that." he smiled.

Ryu said nothing for a minute, then sighed, "That is not my clan." he said, "My clan respects the dragons we hunt, we use every part of them...even my sword is made from a dragon's fang." he explained.

Kimfeid laughed, "I'm not so sure about that." he said, "But if you;'d like to believe that, and they'd like to believe that...I'm not going to stop you or them."

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"This sex thing sounds moer fun than fighting, so okay," says Felicia, nodding her head and kissing Aisha on the cheek as she hops out of the ring and runs towards the locker room. She glances around, trying to figure out a good place to have sex, then stops as Urusei approaches her. "Hmmm...I can smell Aisha on you. I hope you two have fun," Urusei says with a chuckle, heading out of the locker room.

Shadow slips into her clothes, and nods her head. "You go on and head back, I have to check something with some friends of mine," she says, vanishing and reappearing at the bandit camp with her arms crossed. "Alright, so, what did you find?" she asks, raising an eyebrow,.

"Yeah, I'm sure that except for the little problem of you can't fucking touch him, you're THIS close to killing him," remarks Dean, holding his fingers about an inch apart. "Look, Kenshin's making up for what he did by PROTECTING people, you're doing it by KILLING people. Maybe I went to stupid school or something, but I always thought that protecting folks was a BIT more noble than killing them," he says.,

"You do know that the people who put those posters up are probably Yakuza, right?" points out Goldie, raising an eyebrow. "I doubt they care, GOldie. They're mercs, remember? They work for money, not out of the kindness of their hearts," remarks Wendy bitterly, coming up behind her twin sister and hugging her. "Yeah, but usually mercs at least have SOME moral standards they use to figure out what jobs they're willing to take," Goldie responds.

Miho eyes Sima Yi for a moment, considering her options before nodding her head. "If it will take away the injury, I accept," she says.

"As for you, my little fallen angel," Henry says, turning to Selphie and hugging her, "you're improving by leaps and bounds. I had a hard time keeping up with you this time around," he admits with a chuckle.

"Excellent, thanks," Tanori says, heading down the road. As she reaches the town of Bowerstone, she looks around, examining the area.

"I have one in where the bones of all those who have ever been murdered rest, the throne room of my Father's realm," explains Jasper, licking his lips.

Hikari lifts Bass effortlessly with one hand, and snarls at him, assuming her somewhat less attractive half-dragon visage. "Listen to me, Bass! I'm not telling her to hate you or anything, but every person has a right to be free, and I'll fight tooth and claw to make sure that your daughter can be free!" she snarls.

Lei Fang turns towards Kasumi, and begins to move towards her as the match begins. Her and Zack are transported to a battleground consisting of narrow bamboo poles that are so far above the ground that fog obscures their view of the bottom, and Lei Fang's movements towards Kasumi cause her to fall from the farthest pole into the mists. She lands on her side in the arena as they are warped back to the stadium, and groans as she pushes herself to her feet. "Shit...Kasumi!" she calls out, running towards the kunoichi girl as if uncaring that she just lost the match. "Well, THAT was fair!" Celene says sarcastically, crossing her arms and glaring at the judges.

Midnight nods, casting one final glare at the Elven judge before smiling at Abenaki. "You four should convene...I should only vote in the case of a tie. This is a mortal affair: I should remain as apart from it as I can at this point," he tells her.

"It's even MORE wrong that I get NO attention!" exclaims Lina, crossing her arms. "Actually, I think that gay guy over there is checking you out," says Rachel. "Must think you're a dude." She laughingly ducks a fireball from Lina, and starts running around, dodging more and more spells from the angry sorceress.

Hinata sighs, and looks over at Neji. "I suppose that it would not be good to inform you that I've slept with him several times, then? And that I have missed my last two periods?" she asks. William smirks at this, and puts one hand on Neji's shoulder. "I think it's time you left this woman alone. I don't think your father's curse will penetrate the castle walls, so if you want to remain safe, you can stay here, but you have to mind your manners," she says.

"I'd simply have to leech the poison out of my body by switching what makes up my flesh and blood and bone with earth from another location," Geo says.

"So, not really much of an in-between spot with you, is there?" Talbain asks with a snort, already finishing his fifth lap by this point.

Malafax laughs as he rises to his feet, and Jilikar readies his sword again, glancing to Irene and tossing his old blades to her. "I think this sword is the only blade that can hurt him," he says, glaring at the demon. "Yes, but you haven't got anywhere near the skill of your ancestor, boy! You can't even access the full power of that sword!" cackles Malafax. There is a chuckle from behind the demon, and Quarion comes into view, a smirk on his face and a rod in his hand. "That sword wasn't the only treasure here, Jilikar...look for more. You've led me this far, and for that I will give you perhaps your only chance at survival." With his other hand, the vampire lifts a multifaceted gemstone, glistening with every color imaginable. He darts past the Obyrith, barely dodging the monster's attack, and slams the gemstone into the pommel of the holy sword. The sword blazes with divine energy, and Quarion takes several steps back, shielding his gaze. "Well, that shouid make things simpler," he says, a faint smile on his face as he vanishes.

"...they be Drow, Wilson," Anderson says, not quite comprehending what possible moral qualms his comrade could have with this idea. "They be an abomination unto th' Lord, they must be destroyed!"

"THey knew I would be bringing more, but they weren't sure how many," Integra says, as she leads the group behind the tree. She has all of them step into a runic circle, with Tarot stepping in only after Sir Integra has entered. Tarot then takes a breath, and erases one of the runes on the circle, teleporting them to the outskirts of the town where Anderson and Wilson bought their horses.

"If possible, I will call upon other members of the Order of the Platinum Scale to assist us in this battle as well," Tharivol says. "Hey, isn't that abusing your position for personal gain?" Melchior asks teasingly. "No, it is calling upon allies to vanquish a great evil. Whether or not it benefits me personally is secondary," Tharivol reasons.

"Good to see it, kid," Sky says, hugging Nero and pressing his face in against her breasts. "Besides, you won't find gals this cute working for Longinus," she adds with a laugh.

"That would explain its power," reasons Hephaestus. 'Well, I'll say this for you, Ryu...for a human, you're not so bad," he says with a snort, actually giving a slight smile at this.

"So, babe," Cynthia says with a grin, resting her head against Kimfeid's shoulder, "how would you like to see how durable you are now that you're one person?"