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Martial Arts Club

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2014-11-14 14:52:25

At 11/14/14 02:21 PM, frootza wrote:
At 11/13/14 10:53 PM, Lagerkapo wrote:
At 11/13/14 01:17 PM, frootza wrote:
At 11/13/14 03:51 AM, Lagerkapo wrote:
So.. I studied under Chen Man Ching's direct lineage holder, and we never were prompted to visualize anything during a Tai Chi form practice, simply to most fully as possible be in our bodies.

Stepping and turning one's head to the left was not the first move of my form. The attention rarely, only twice, (attention being where the head turns) moves away from the orientation of the centerline of the torso, dan tien and body as a whole.
It's a shame, but even if he is the direct lineage holder, it still doesn't mean he understands how to visualize properly. There are certain things that are kept secret for a reason. The visualizations make the postures much more difficult. But you should know what school I'm referring to with this initial movement anyway since it's quite popular.

I don't know which school.

I don't feel like defending or validating my experience, so I won't.

Have you had to apply either? (Fought in a ring or in bar/street)
I mentioned it because, I actually have. If I haven't done it, I wouldn't have mentioned it in the manner I did. And as far as boxing, I've met and fought with quite a few boxers (who train frequently, despite my lack of steady training). Heading to bars and having a steady job in Newark, you are pretty much guaranteed to run into a few tough guys. I've never fought in a ring, but dojos, bars, "streets", and even hospitals, sure. World class? Not exactly, but I'm on good terms with a boxer who was on the road to world class boxing before breaking his hand. He's a great boxer but not someone who I would ever fear fighting. He had some amazing speed and control, and would always fuck with people by fake punching them right next to their face. Until he tried that one on me ;)

Well at least you have some experience in that then. I've met lots of people who say they can take on boxers "easily" just because they've trained some kicks or grabs, but they're usually delusional.

Haha if you want mystique then you shouldn't be training for a fight.
I don't want mystique, and I don't even train for fights. Haven't actually had to do much training, but it's probably in my blood. If I wanted Mystique I would watch one of the X-Men movies or head to comic con :P. But on a more serious note, it seems like you are oversimplifying things here. I'll stick to my story in saying that the blanket term MMA isn't superior because it "tries" to combine the methods of various styles into one super style. I just don't think it works l like that. Maybe give it a couple hundred years to evolve into something more concrete and I might consider it a true art form.

Never tried to imply the superiority of MMA. It's cagefighting tactics with some holds and strikes barred.

I do not disrespect your skepticism, but I have had quite a bit of serious energetic experience and training in this lifetime, and I am very skilled at what I do. I have, obviously, like everybody, had to go through some stupid bullshit to gain my confidence, but I know pretty thoroughly and exactly what it is that I am doing with my energy. And Reiki, although it is a valuable and free tool in my spiritual toolbox is simply one mechanism through which I can work.
Now that, is mystique! I've had experience in this field as well, but prefer not to discuss this sort of thing at any level online if I can avoid it.

I remain aloof about details. Used to give a fuck but now it's whatever. I know how to use discretion.

Have you been thrown through a wall via Qi Projection yet? Honestly of course. When you have, or when you are able of doing so yourself, let me know :)

I watched my friend throw my other friend six feet back without touching him once. When he tried it on me I was able to ground it and disperse the energy without losing my footing.

Grandmaster Angi Uezu
I will research him.
Go for it!


The martial arts conversation... The one that goes on for ever and fucking ever.

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2014-11-14 18:54:24

At 11/11/14 12:32 AM, DontComplain wrote: Someone should a real life fight club like the movie Fight Club. :D

They would need better excuses for all the bruises.

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-01-04 15:16:19

Wow kind of surprising that this thread has been posted on within the last few years let alone only two months ago lol.

So I feel as one of the originals I might try to keep it alive. I definitely feel a little bit too old for NG but then again my sense of humor hasn't changed too much(I still find fart jokes very entertaining).

So just to give everyone an updated resume of my martial arts experience and training.

I started doing Tae Kwon Do when I was 8 years old(I'm 26 now) and have been doing it pretty much straight since. I obtained my 3rd degree when I was 19 and stopped trying to test for the next rank after that but never stopped training in it. Throughout my experiences I've done Cali, Muay Thai, boxing, hapkido, some judo, Brazillian Ju Jitzu(I won't even try to spell this right, and some Karate although my practicing of karate is very limited. I'm pretty well rounded in the styles I know and find it amzaingn how different the arts and philosophies behind fighting are. You can never learn too much but you can get jaded towards other styles you know by thinking a different style does it better.

I used to teach as well. I taught for about 4 years and am about to start teaching again soon. This time not affiliated with any school but with a non-profit campaign that I am starting that will focus on teaching martial arts in charter schools since they typically deal with lower income families and at risk youth. My thinking behind it is that martial arts is expensive to formally practice with schools so I want to bring it to many people who couldn't afford it. I plan to get it out to other teachers in martial arts but I want to develop the ideology a bit more before I get others involved.

I was originally an "Elder" in this group although that was always a weird thing. Typically we would all fight in another forum that we had and didn't really hold much merit or respect. So I would like to change the bylaws of this group a bit if we can actually revive it a good amount.

1st) The group should be available to any martial artist or anyone who is interested
2nd) No rankings or anything weird like that
3rd) Show respect. Martial arts is about oneself and how they feel about it. Don't be mean

So let me start a discussion. I don't know how many people watch MMA. I do with my friends but I'm not super into it. I was watching the Jon Jones fight last night and was disgusted by the way he acts. Before the fight he was nothing but disprectful and at the end of the match, before it actually ended, he stopped fighting put his hands up in victory, when his opponent kind of turned away in defeat, he punched him. How do you believe things like this impact martial arts? Does it give the wrong impression of what martial arts is or does it not really matter to you?

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-01-04 19:26:39

Yo what's up guys I'm back.

Your friendly neighbourhood devils advocate.

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-01-04 21:35:30

At 1/4/15 07:26 PM, ArmouredGRIFFON wrote: Yo what's up guys I'm back.

Blast from the past. Hows it going. I definitely remember you in the club but I don't remember your portfolio. So bring us up to speed.

This is how I kick your ass in real life. Martial Arts Club

And this is how I kick your ass in video games Super Smash Bros. Club

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-01-05 12:35:17 (edited 2015-01-05 12:36:35)

At 1/4/15 09:35 PM, dsmking wrote:
At 1/4/15 07:26 PM, ArmouredGRIFFON wrote: Yo what's up guys I'm back.
Blast from the past. Hows it going. I definitely remember you in the club but I don't remember your portfolio. So bring us up to speed.

I got to 90KG without getting any slower in throwing a punch or kick via high rep high weight weightlifting (try 15 reps of 90kg (multiply this by 2.2 to get lbs)). Haven't trained in a year though, I think that part of my life is a little over, and if I do train I will probably take it really easy (not do the weightlifting thing on top).

How is life? Much went on? I'm in University now.

Your friendly neighbourhood devils advocate.

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-05-07 23:50:25

Still keeping an eye on the club.

Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-05-09 14:50:39

I used to practice Jujutsu, but I stopped because I was not putting interest on it.
Now I want to do it again. I was going to do workout instead of jujutsu, but I think that having good muscles is useless if you don't know how to use them well.

I really enjoy that one named Krav Maga, but in my country there is only one place to train that martial art :(

I want to learn Kendo.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night.
-Migeru, the mad bro.

Martial Arts Club

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-11-14 20:53:04 (edited 2015-11-14 20:59:43)

What a dead topic...
Well, I was just passing by and since I've been doing Shotokan Karate for 5 years, I thought it would be better to greet the elders. Hum, since in my firsts years I wasn't serious about it, you should rather consider I have a 3 years experience... Hope I can learn a lot from you all.

Response to Martial Arts Club 2015-12-03 15:19:10

I do MMA, bitch!

Response to Martial Arts Club 2016-04-23 09:26:56

What's kicking

Your friendly neighbourhood devils advocate.

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Response to Martial Arts Club 2017-09-27 10:00:39

HEMA - 4 Years. Mainly backsword, quarterstaff and hand to hand.
Wutan - About 5 months.

Lots of other stuff on and off

Response to Martial Arts Club 2017-11-03 13:07:21

Just popping in :)

I'm a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt, but I did Wrestling and Taekwondo growing up :)

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