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A “Jewish” Halloween Story

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A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 01:50:12

1 day. Once a year there is a day that might be the best day of the year. A really special holiday once a year that is loved by everyone. A day that brings joy to boys and girls... and pedophiles.

Every time you go to sleep, you're in bed and wait for that day to come and when it does, you feel truly alive. There are other holidays that are not as good as this one.

Easter, Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Years, Valentine's Day.

F**K THOSE HALIDAYS. There’s only one holiday that is good and that holiday is… drum roll please…


No drum roll? Fine, fuck you.

That holiday is... Halloween! 

I loved Halloween as a kid and I still do today. It’s better than Christmas. Christmas can go suck a dick.

But… something happened.

When I was 16 years old I was wondering what I was going to be for Halloween and I didn't want to dress up at the same thing from last year. I wanted to be something that really says to me. Who I am inside. I want to come out and be who I am for Halloween.

YOU: “ What are you gay? ”

WHAT!? No… I’m not… only 20%.

YOU: “ 20%? What does that mean? ”

I like dick jokes and I think girls with dicks are very sexy. And also boys that look like girls.

But 80% I’m still your average straight vagina guy… oh wait. That cum out the wrong way.

YOU: “ You didn’t have to tell me that. ”

Hey! you ask a question and you get an answer.

YOU: “ Wait, how am I talking to you? ”

Anyways, for Halloween I wanted to be… please give the drum roll...



OTHER YOU: “ Gesundheit. ”

YOU: “ … What?  ”

I know, it’s a great idea.

YOU: “ WHY? Why would you dress up as a jew!? ”

Because why not.

YOU: “ Because it's racist, you dumbass.  ”

My family are Christians and everybody knows that Christians and Jews are the same thing.

So that means I am jewish.

YOU: “ Do you believe in jesus? ”

 Jesus was once a real person in history but not the magical kind I think.

YOU: “ ok, do you even celebrate Hanukkah? ”

I played dreidel ones in class.

YOU: ” Close enough, and here’s the important question, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? ”

I like to call him Jimmy. And no, I think there is no jimmy.

YOU: “ So that means you're not even a jew or a Christian. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Wait, he got 2 out of 3 right, that still counts.  ”

Hey, I’m not a racist. I like my women and how I like my chicken. BLACK.

YOU: “ Oh my konami! I will fucking smash your brain with a mallet if I find you, you son of a b-! ”

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you try to kill me.

YOU: “ Too late. I'm already on Google maps and got a mallet.  ”

It’s not racist to dress up as a jew because they don’t get affected by it.

I saw a video about a guy asking a jew if it’s racist and the jew said, quote  “ לא ” as in “no” in hebrew. I know this because I know how to spick hebrew.

YOU: “ You Google translate it.  ”


So it’s not insulting to them to dress as a jewish person for halloween.

So you can be mad at me.

but it's weird that some people get offended by it if they're not jewish.

And now who's racist.

YOU: “ it’s still you, and I want to know… WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO DRESS UP AS A JEW.  ”

The reason why I want to dress up as a Jew is because they're FABULOUS. The way they dress up is incredibly good. They look like those Japanese delinquents. and That's a compliment because they both  have amazing Style.

They look kinda similar. 

YOU: “ not really. And you're comparing a dangerous Teenage Dirtbag from another country to people in a religion? “

OTHER YOU: “ actually he's comparing jews to jojo. So you can call it jew jew Jewish adventure. ”

YOU: “ That's less offensive. ”

… yes? But not every Japanese Teenage Dirtbag is a jojo reference. Those types of people existed a long time ago. but the japanese delinquents don't exist anymore, they only appear in manga, anime and video games.

And the japanese delinquents are really badass, and so are the jews.

YOU: “ But you still, you better not dress as one.  ”

I won’t… in 2019, that’s the point of the story. Why can't I dress as one?


I told my mom I want to be a jew for halloween and she said yes and she was going to take me to goodwill to get supplies for the jewish costumes and I was really excited for it but on the day that we were supposed to go to goodwill, my mom told me i can’t dress as a jew because my uncle told her it’s racist. 

I was confused as to why I can’t dress as one. I show her the videos about it being racist, but she still says no. I wasn't upset but I still want to know why.

And she told me everything I needed to know.

Nothing it more scary and f**ked up, then HISTORY.

YOU: “ I know all of this. Don’t tell me this crap. ”

OTHER YOU: “ I didn’t pay attention in history class. Because who does!?  ”

YOU: “ Good point, tell me the history crap. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Wait… are we going to learn!? Fuck this shit Im out! ”

* OTHER YOU leaves *

Anyways, my mom told me…

A long time ago The jews had it rough back then. People hated jews for stupid reasons.

It started when Jesus died and some of Jesus' followers split into two groups jewishs and Christians, and the Christians told lies about the jews being evil and said jews were responsible for Jesus' death. 

People called the jews greedy because they had a lot of money but they were really educated, so The jews were forced to live in crappy neighborhoods called ghettos.

but all of this is stupid because Jesus was jewish and he killed himself for nothing, and he's not real.

YOU: " Hey, he’s  real. He’s as real as hitter “

OTHER YOU: “ *  popcorn chewing sound * if Jesus is real, *  popcorn chewing sound * I’m going to hell? *  popcorn chewing sound * ”

YOU: I thought you left? And is that popcorn? “

OTHER YOU: “ yeah, I got bored and hungry.  ”

YOU: “ Can I have some? ”

OTHER YOU: “ *  popcorn chewing sound * fuck no. *  popcorn chewing sound * ”

YOU: “ dick. ”

Anyways, speaking of hitter, that’s the next part. In the end of ww2, Germany got f**ked and they lost a lot of money. So they blamed the jews and 6 MILLION jews died. 6 million innocent people are dead because of one man who brainwashed a whole country to hate people that are different. 

This is not a joke, this is really fucked up.

OTHER YOU: “ This is really dark. ”

You: “ Now I know why you're going to hell. I know how bad WW2 is, and it’s depressing,  but… this is a Halloween story and all you have been doing is talking about wanting to be a jew for Halloween. And this was so stupid long to read. Like…

Mother dick! Why is this so long!? How the hell can anyone read this!? This  is long enough to be a book and the rules were it has to be a Short story.  ”

I know, I know. but I don’t give a crap, jack. If I was able to make one person read all of this, it would be worth it. And it was. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it!

YOU: “ EAT, SHIT!  ”

LOOK, it’s not that long.

Anyways, another reason why my mom doesn't want me to dress up as a jew because it will be in my record so everyone will remind me and they’ll use that against me if i’m trying to get a job.

I really don't remember that much because I'm starting to forget a little and I don’t want to ask her again.  

this part of the story where it’s going to be serious. So…

YOU: “ Hold on… why do I feel like we had this conversation before? ”

What do you mean?


Yeah, it’s a Creepypasta.

YOU: “ No! you wrote something like this, in a Halloween Contest on Newgrounds! And put it here! ”

Don’t forget the fact that I lost.

 Try to find it.

OTHER YOU: “ HA! You even admit it! ”

Look, I know you think this is lazy, but I did put effort in here.

YOU:  “ How? ”

This is a remake of that story, and most importantly, it’s still not over. There's more to tell

YOU: “ like what? ”

Right now this year, I’m going to a Halloween party, and I’m going as... A JEW!

OTHER YOU: “ Gesundheit. ”

Shalom, My Jews! (Note: nothing to do with religion.)

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 01:54:52

YOU: “ Is it going to be online? Remiber, it’s 2020. (The time you're reading this) and half of the population is dead from a virus. ”

It’s not online. Everyone in the party has a mask, so it’ll be ok.

Also it’s not 2021. It’s 2020...The time that I’m writing this.

OTHER YOU: “ Can we come? ”

YOU: “ No we can’t. We represent the readers, and this is a fucking Creepypasta. STUPID. ”

I was going to ask you guys to come with me.


YOU: “ WHAT!?- How? ”

I’ll put you guys in the story.


YOU: “ And how are you going to explain this? ”

To make things less confusing, that there already are. Let me explain... STUDIOS.

* Honk Honk *

“ For now on, I’ll be talking to you guys and other people like this, With air quotes.  ”

And I’ll be telling the story like this, I’ll explain what's going one and what people are thinking and feeling.

YOU: “ But What do we even call you? ”

“ Call me Noob… NoobJew666. ”

YOU: “ ...That’s your name!? That’s the stupidest Roblox username I ever heard. “

OTHER YOU: “ I think it’s cool. ”


“ OK guys! Let's get ready for Five nights at Freddy's! ”


YOU: “ But we don’t know what we're going to be. ”

“ You can think of one. Remember, it starts at 8:30PM sharp. ”


* Time 8:00PM *

Me, YOU, and OTHER YOU, are walking to the Halloween party in the Dark, in a neighborhood I don’t know, without a phone, flash light, or a gun. 

The neighborhood is full of dead dogs and broken glass of coke bottles from 1998.

Hope no one rapes us. * Honk Honk *

It was windy, like air is trying to give awer bodys a blow job-

FUCK! Why did I say that!? I’m new to this type of storytelling andThis isn’t a sick creepy fetish bull Crap.

So we were trying to find the party, because someone made a wrong turn because he was wearing clock glasses that are possible to see through. That someone is me if you didn’t know. And yes, I have clock glasses on, they don’t work, they're just glasses with paper with two lines to make it look like a clock covering them. I thought it might look cool. And I still have the invitation to the party, so we are not too lost.

Ok, it’s not really an invitation, it’s more than a flyer I found.

YOU are wearing any costume you want. And OTHER YOU are wearing a hat saying pimp of the month. You know the one, from a big mouth on Netflix.

As we are walking, YOU ask OTHER YOU something.

YOU: “ Hey… can I ask you something? “

OTHER YOU : “ Sure “

YOU: “ I’ve been thinking, and I just want to know… WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU? “

OTHER YOU: “ ? ”

YOU: “ I know I’m the resident reader, but what about you? Are we the same person? clones? Are you like the other me, like in yugioh? ”

OTHER YOU: “ I think I’m the different minority of the reader, or- you know that thing in RPG video games where the mine character doesn't talk? ”

YOU: “ Yeah? ”

OTHER YOU: “ Well the reader might think ‘I would never do that.’ so he made me the opposite. You're negative, like a whiny bitch, and I’m not. ”

YOU: “ HAY! I’m that negative!... Well you might be right with that one. “

OTHER YOU: “ Well that’s what I think,. “

When YOU and OTHER YOU, stoped have there dumb conversation, YOU turn to me and ask.

YOU: “ Hay, how long do we have to walk? WE BEEN WALKING IN CIRCLES FOR 30 MINIONS!”

“ We're almost there. Just turn on the left. and here we are. “

We stop at the front of the spooky house where the party is taking place. It's really big for a poor neighborhood with racist rednecks. I should have mentioned they don’t like halloween or kids.

The house is weirdly decorated for Halloween, because it only has one pumpkin with a paper of face tape to it.

Before we went inside, I gave a speech to YOU and OTHER YOU.

“ Ok guys, this will be the night of our life! ”

YOU: “ Wait, do you even know these people? And how did you even get invited, even though you don’t have any friends?  ”

“ Hey, I got friends! ”

YOU: “ Name some. ”

“ I can’t. I need to protect their identity. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Good choice. So how did you get invited?  ”

“ Honestly, I found a flyer to the party in a scary gas station full of swastikas. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Sounds laget. ”




Me, YOU and OTHER YOU, gose inside.

YOU: “ You said something about swastikas. ”

I was so excited to be at this party, seeing all of the other people's creative costumes. It’s just like comic con, but with free candy. And everyone loves free candy, especially from a man in a white van… with a mustache. * Honk Honk *

That was a joke, please don’t do what I just said in real life. I don’t want to be responsible for any kidnapping or rapws. 

So we're in da house, I yell out and say.

“ Ladies and gentlemens! The Jew and the Noobs are in DA HOUSE! YOYO! ”

YOU: “ Why are we the noobs? ”

OTHER YOU: “ Are we a band? I call base!  ”

YOU: “ I swear, if you dab. I WILL CHOP BOTH YOUR ARMS OFF. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Are you talking to NoobJew666 or me? ”

“ Also, if I lost both my arms… I would have to kill mysalf. THERE’S NO FUCKING WAY I’M LIVING MY SHITING LIFE WITH SOMEONE WIPING MY ASS! ”

We stop our stupid argument. We looked around the party, but everyone in the party just looked at us, like in those cowboy bars when a new stranger comes to town. Does that have a name? I don’t know how to look it up, 

Anyways, I don’t know why people are looking at us like that. I can’t see their facial expression because they're wearing masks. And to make it really weird, all of the people are all wearing ghost costumes. All of the guests, every last one. I didn’t know there was a dress code or something, it said something like that on the flyer. But I didn’t read it, Halloween is a day for everyone to dress what they want. A day to be free. 

But as long it’s not offensive… and being a JEW is not offensive. Like I said before, I think being a jew is cool.

An offensive costume would be dressing up as a hitter or a klansman. Speaking of a klansman. A lot of these ghost’s look a lot like Klansmen if you think about it.

YOU notice that they look like klansmen, YOU become worrying more and start looking around more. YOU also notice that there's a photo of a cross on FIRE, a flag that looks like the confederate flag, and a flag with swastikas… why would a Halloween party have a flag with a swastika?

YOU ask me

YOU: “ Can I see that flyer? ”

I give YOU the flyer, YOU is shocked with fear, fear that might put our lifes in danger 

YOU: “ ...Oh…my... konami... ”

YOU slowly turn his or her head at me. Grabs my shoulder and-


“ Man!? Klan!? Meeting!? That reimes! You should become a rapper. And no, this is not a real KKK meeting. This might just be a stupid joke. They do stuff like this all the time. ”

OTHER YOU: “ lest ask that guy, the host of this party, he might explain this. ”

At the end of the room, there was a man in a black ghost costume, on a wooden lectern, giveing a speech.

Black Host Ghost: “ Like I was saying, if we see any jews, we will FUCKING MUDER THEM! ”

“ Oh… oh fuu-, this is a klan meeting. ”

Klansman: “ Hay! There’s one right there! ”

“ SHIT. ”

All the Klansmen: “ A JEW!!!! ”

OTHER YOU: “ ...Gazuntite? ”

They all surrounded us, there was no way out, except the door we just came through. We could get out of here easy peasy. But before we could do anything. A klansman grabs OTHER YOU and throws OTHER YOU to a door that leads to the basement.

Shalom, My Jews! (Note: nothing to do with religion.)

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 01:56:42


I grab YOU arm and run after the Klansman that has OTHER YOU.

We got into the door and closed it behind us!

Klansman 1: “ Where did they go? ”

Klansman 2: “ I don’t know, it’s hard to see out of these mask’s, ”

Klansman 1: “ Let's look for them by standing still in one place.  ”

Klansman 2: “ GOOD IDEA! GUY! ”

Klansman 1: “ Thanks guys.  ”

YOU heard the Klanmen taking through the door.

YOU: “ Christ, there retarded. And spiking of retarded. WHY THE FUCK DID you PULL US IN HERE, INSTEAD OF GETING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS PARTY!? ”

“ We can’t just leave without OTHER YOU, we need to save him!...her… it ”

YOU: “ You keep calling the other me a guy, and I thought we didn’t have real ginger. ”

“ I do, because I’m a guy… but I don't know the person who's reading this. ”

YOU: “ Well, I think OTHER ME is dead. So let's get out of there! ”


YOU: “ Is that muder or soaside? But never mind, I understand now, I’m sorry, we’ll save Other me. But where is the other me? ”

We looked all over the dark KKK basement, all we found was a rusty saw off shotgun that doesn't work with two shells, a book with a dick in it, a dirty knock off SNES controller, a half eaten homemade donut. A deck of cards with no jokers or As, a jew in a jar; but specifically it’s a finger that might be from a jewish person I think, a dead puppy, a spongebob tv that as a crake, a rusty pipe with blood on it, a poster with a toaster-

YOU: “ How much shit do these assholes have!? ”

The only thing we found is a door sawing the “fuck room”... oh no.

YOU: “ Other me should be in there, but I’m too scared to go in. ”

“ We’ll go together. ”

YOU: “ Ok, but I’m taking the shotgun with me. ”

“ And I’m taking the Spongebob TV with me. You think you can help me with a badass one liner? ”

YOU: “ No. ”

We got our weapons, and opened the door. We went inside, but what we saw, ture unimaginable horror. Something that would never be shown in film.

We found OTHER YOU, but OTHER YOU fate was worse than DEATH

I don’t know if I should say it. But OTHER YOU was tied up in a chair, WITH A KKK GIMP WITH A STIKE!

YOU: “ HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! ”

YOU scream like hell.

KKK Gimp: “ Don’t move! Or the dumb ass gets it! ”

YOU get full with rage and get your shotgun and point at the KKK gimps head at gunpoint. YOU pulled the trigger.

* click click *

YOU: “ The fu-!? ”

“ I told you it was broken. ”

Before YOU can even think, YOU hold the shotgun like a bat and hit the KKK gimp head where his eye was. The gimp went flying and hit the break wall, head first.

YOU slowly walk to the gimp like a killer in a horror movie would. And with the hooky mask, it makes it worse.

When YOU get close to the gimp looking fair, Gimp finds a screwdriver on the floor, he grabs it quickly and stape it on YOUR right leg, it goes through your skin and hits the bone. But YOU have so much screwdriver, don’t give a shit and take YOUR shotgun and state clubbing it on the gimp half broken skull, YOU keep hitting his head like trying to break a watermelon. I look at YOU, and it seems like YOU'RE not even human anymore. YOU don’t stop until YOUR shotgun falls apart into nothing. When the KKK gimp dies, YOU shove your thumbs into his eyeballs and take them out. YOU look at the dead gimp with your cold eyes of a killer.

 I ran up to OTHER YOU and I tried to untie him or her or it.

“ Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Are you ok!? ”

OTHER YOU: “ I was tie up and about to get rape by a bdsm freak. I NEVER BEEN BETTER! *sarcastically* ”

“ Well I’m glad he didn’t touch you. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Not yet. Get a knife and slet his fucking throat! ”

“ He's already dead. ”

OTHER YOU: “ They always come back for a last scare. Better self then dead. ”

“ Well I could- ”

Before I can say anything, YOU grab my neck and start strangling me-


YOU push me to the wall and continue to try to strangle me to death-


“ ggg-uuu-ggg how--- ” *suffocating*


“ I-...I-..CAN’T... ” *suffocating* *suffocating*

YOU: “ WHAT!!?? ”

Everything is going black to me... my face is turning blue… is this how I die... and the only thing I can see is an empty wine bottle…

I grab it, took off YOUR mask. and SMASH IT INTO YOUR FUCKING FACE!!!! Noun got into your eyes, but you trip over the spongebob tv behind YOU and all onto the ground that is full of broken glass being stable into YOUR back. YOU get up on your feet and more piss off but not caring about the glass on your back.

YOU: “ ...What do you mean? ”

“ I don’t know what’s going on! I’m not doing this! ”

YOU walk to me, YOU pull the screwdriver out of your leg. The blood starts to come out of YOUR right leg, but you still don’t care.

YOU: “ I’m gonna poke both your eyes with this!  ”

I get the broken bottle and point it at YOU.

“ You don’t have to do that! And I don’t want to shove this glass down your throat! ”

YOU: “ I love to see you try! BITCH! ”

“ I would love to try too! ”

OTHER YOU: “ Guys! Stop fucking around and untie me!...wait, where’s the gimp? “

OTHER YOU look around the room and don't see the gimp. Me and YOU are too busy trying to kill each other.

OTHER YOU feel a hand on his/her head.

OTHER YOU: “ ...oh shit. ”

The blind KKK gimp was behind OTHER YOU!


The gimp puts his hands on OTHER YOU mouth before OTHER YOU can’t say anything. Not a word. The gimp puts his face close to OTHER YOU hand. He whispers to OTHER YOU ear.

KKK Gimp: “ You got some sexy eyes, mind if I take it! ”

The blind KKK Gimp links OTHER YOU ear in a gross and NOT sexy way.

OTHER YOU get full with rage, he/she/it BITES GIMP 3 FINGERS OFF LIKE A CARROT!

OTHER YOU mouth is full of blood. And the gimp screams.



The Gimp gets his fist and PUNCH OTHER YOU in the face and falls to the ground full of glass. It stabs to half of OTHER YOU face. Don’t worry, none of it got into OTHER YOU eye. Because that would hurt like a son of a bitch.

I am very scared of eye injuries. But I think they're funny in cartoons. Is that hypocritical?

Anyways, OTHER YOU in on the ground full of glass, the Gimp tries to find OTHER YOU yells out-


Me and YOU stop fighting and put our attention to OTHER YOU and the Gimp that was still alive.

OTHER YOU bite the KKK Gimp to make him hold still.

YOU get the spongebob tv and throw it at the Gimp head. He falls to the ground.

I ran to OTHER YOU and cut the ropes, freeing OTHER YOU. When the Gimp tries to get back up, OTHER YOU get the broken bottle out of my hand and stab it into the Gimps neck and stomach 10 times. OTHER YOU hands and face get full with blood from the gimp. OTHER YOU did one last kick to the head. Everything goes silent. We all sit down on the ground leaning on the wall with our backs. YOU looks at me and say-

YOU: “ This is all your fucking fault. ”

“ Me? ”

YOU: “ YES! You brought us to this KKK party with a gimp, you DUMBASS! “

“ So I’m a dumb ass for wanting to save OTHER YOU life? ”

OTHER YOU: “ What? ”

“ YOU wanted to leave without you. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Is this true? ”

YOU: “ ...Yes. ”

OTHER YOU look for a piece of wood from the broken chair, pick it up and throw it at YOU’s forehead.

Shalom, My Jews! (Note: nothing to do with religion.)

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 01:58:36

YOU: “ OW! ”


YOU: “ It doesn't matter! This isn’t real! None of this is real! This is just a stupid creapypasta, made by some teen on newgrounds! ”

YOU looks at me again and-

YOU: “ NoobJew666! You got us here! Now you get us out now! ”

“ I can’t. ”

YOU: “ WHY!? You write this shit, you made this story! You can get us out! Your a fucking GOD in this story!  ”

“ I said I fucking can’t! You CUNT! I’m not doing any of this! I never wanted this to happen! I’m not in control! ”

YOU: “ You're not? ”

“ AND I’M SORRY! I’m sorry for every shity thing I’ve done! Not just the KKK gimp or this party but for everything I ever did! All the stupid things I did on the indternet was so regrettable, and I wish I can take it all back, but wishing dosn’t do shit!...I’m so sorry I got you guys in here and were all going to die! AND IT’S ALL MY FAULT! ”

I fall to the ground on my knee and water from my eyes. I never felt so much guilt in my life. And I have no idea how to fix it. I feel so stupid for crying, but poeple say it’s ok to cry, but I still think it’s stupid.

“ But you think this isn't real, And it’s not. but just think about it. Believe that you're in the story, YOU! Your in this world I didn’t made, were in a sex dungon under a haouse full of Klansmen. You can feel the pain, the blood, and all the hate you feel is real. There’s no breaking the fourth wall. This is real and you're in it. BELIEVE. ”

YOU start to try to understand. YOU take a deep breath, open your mind and believe this might be real. YOU know this isn’t real, but you try to think this is real… YOU snapbacks back to reality and SCREAM in PAIN when YOU remind YOUR bleeding to death from the hole in your right leg. And the glass on YOUR BACK.

YOU: “ FUCK!!!!!!! ”

OTHER YOU: “ oh shit! Get the duct tape! ”

20 minutes later,  we were able to stop the bleeding on YOU’s leg with duct tape, and got the little pieces of broken glass out of our faces. We all sit down on the ground again, and think. Think about what we are going to do. YOU look at me and say to me

YOU: “ Ok… you're not in control, I understand. So how do we get out?  ”

OTHER YOU: “ We can’t ”

YOU: “ what? ”

OTHER YOU: “ Did you see how hard it was to kill that gimp? You smash his fucking head with a broken shotgun and took both his eyes out and he still didn’t die. And were under a house full of these guys. It’s only a matter of time before they find out where we are. Or they might call the police and make it look like we killed an innocent person. AND WE DID! WE FUCKING KILLED SOMEONE!... We're never getting out of here. “

“ Technically, if you think about it, that Gimp is not a real person. ”

YOU: “ What does that supposed to mean? ”

“ A gimp is someone that can't contribute to society whatsoever.  ”

YOU : “ We are not getting into an argument about this. ”

OTHER YOU: “ that Gimp tried to rape me, so I don’t give a shit. ”

“ But again, I’m still sorry for getting us here, and the word sorry is useless now because I said it too many times. And just saying sorry doesn't make it ok. It’s not. And I understand if you guys don’t forgive me… because it is all my fault. ”



“ ...I know.”

YOU: “ But I do forgive you for the other stuff. “

“ ? ”

YOU: “ The things you did a long time ago. You were just a kid. Everyone makes stupid mistakes when there young. And I’m sorry for being a little rude to you. You just wanted to be a jew because you think they look nice. And that’s not racist. ”

“ Thanks. ”

OTHER YOU: “ But I forgive you, NoodJew. ”

“ Why? ”

OTHER YOU: “ You don’t try to be an asshole. You're human and you do your best or worst. That’s most anyone can say. “

“ Ok. But YOU are right. I’m not Jewish. And I never will. I’m just a stupisd white boy... ”

When YOU hear me say that. A light bulb lights on top of you’s head and There is HOPE in YOU’s eyes. 


YOU said with a voice of Hope and cheer.

“ ? ”

OTHER YOU: “ what? how? ”

YOU: “ The KKK hate anyone that is not white and straight. And NoobJew fits in all of that! ”

OTHER YOU: “ What about us? We may not be white or not straight? ”

YOU: “ Yaeh, but there’s a thing called LYING. We can lie that we’re white and straight, and the KKK will belive it because there stupid. ”

OTHER YOU: “ That plan is so dumb, It might just work. I like it. ”

“ And I’m glad you thought of it! ”

YOU: “ Actually I thought of- oh! Thanks. ”

After that. I took off my jewish costume. I took off my black hat, my black  coat, my necklace star of David, clock glass and shoes. Don’t worry, I still have my black pants and white shirt on. but I was barefoot in a room full of broken glass on the ground. And it hurts.

YOU, OTHER YOU and Me. walk out of the sex dongon, walk up the  stairs, to the door. We opened it and walked out of the basement, where we saw the Klamsman just standing still. And they see us, one of them say

Klansman 1: “ Look! There they are! I told you just standing still will work! ”

We were all nervous, but we tried our best to lie.

YOU: “ no no. we're just some WHITE people leaving this house. ”

OTHER YOU: “ don’t forget that we’re straight. ”

YOU: “ So we're going to be on our way and leave this place and NEVER come back. ”

“ And we will be at home doing white people stuff like… haveing sex with wemon that are also white and straight? ”

Klansman 1: “ ...sounds legit. ”

Klansman 2: “ WAIT! One of them is Asian! ”

YOU: “ What!? ”

YOU and OTHER YOU, turn their heads to Me, and ask…

YOU: “ ...You're Asian? ”

“ ... half… I may have forgotten to say it. ”

OTHER YOU: “ You're we're Asian this whole time!? ”

“ That's the problem with books, you have to give every little detail of the world without being annoying, like in Moby dick.  ”

All the Klansmen surrounded us, like a pack of wolves,  there was no way out.

We don’t know what to do. So I got up and say

“ WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? ”

All Klansmen: “ ? ”

“ WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!??? Why do you want to kill us!? We didn’t do anything wrong! Why do you hate black, Asian gays and jews! Give me one reason why you hate minorities. ”

Klanman 1: “ You don’t belong here, this is our country! And you think you can take our jobs from hard working american! Hell no! ”

Klanman 1: “ and the jews killed jesus. ”

“ First of all, that’s hypocritical. This isn’t just your land, this is our land. All of us! We should all share this putefull land with everyone in the world! The land of freedom and opportunity. We have the freedom to believe in any religion and be what we are. You can be gay or straight, male or female or trans, or other. WE CAN BE ANYTHING IN THIS LAND IF WE WORK TOGETHER! That’s what America stands for and you guys forgot what it means to be Americans. And the Jews didn't kill Jesus, it was the Romans. But the jews and Romans are cool now… right? I hope so. 

Anyways, it’s normal to hate people, I hate a lot of people too, but if you hate someone or a group for the color of their skin; or their religion, or sexuality. That's just ridiculous because that doesn't matter. What I’m trying to say is RACISM IS BAD. “

OTHER YOU: “ Are you the first person to ever say that? ”

“ YES! The first person. “

Shalom, My Jews! (Note: nothing to do with religion.)

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 01:59:49

I put on my jewish hat, jewish coat, glasses and chose with pride. I may not be Jewish…but fuck it.

“ I want all of you klansmen. That you don’t need to hate minorities. Because deep down, we are all just people. ”

When I was done with my inspiring speech. Hopeful and beautiful music plays in the background where I thought I hit a connection to these klansmen, opened their hearts, and made a difference. The Klansmen had Tears in there eye of what I said and-

Klansman 3: “ GUYS! THE GIMP IS DEAD!!! ”

A Klansman said, coming out of the basement door where we came out of.

YOU: “ oh konami damnit. ”

OTHER YOU: “ Probably an overdose! ”

Klansman 3: “ AH! His head was smashed by the spongebob tv with his eyes missing, and a broken wine bottle in his chest! ”

OTHER YOU: “ ...Definitely an overdose! ”

The Klansmen get pisset off, they quickly get their weapons and put YOU and OTHER YOU at gunpoint. Where they gramb be and put my mouth on a little stool where they're going to smash their boot down my back neck and break it. You remember that scene in Bojake Hoseman where Todd was in jail, he was in two gangs and when the gangs found out, they were going to kill him by breaking his neck. YOU KNOW THE ONE!

That’s what's going to happen to me. Wait, why am I telling you this shit? I’m about to be dead, plan and simple. And I only had one thing to say.

“ See, you guys aren't so different. ” 

A Klansman reas he’s boot up

OTHER YOU: “ NoobJew666, NO!!! ”

YOU: “ Wait, is this the part where the Hallacoper with the giant D crash in to the- ”

* CRASH!!!!!!!! *

Before YOU can finish your  sentence and before the Klansman was about to kill me. A Helicopter CRASH into the house, killing 20 Klansmen!! And I didn’t die.

OTHER YOU: “ Right on cue. ”

And then we all look in to the sky and-

Klanman 1: “ LOOK UP IN THE SKY! ”

OTHER YOU: “ It’s a Bird! ”

YOU: “ It’s Plane! ”

“ It’s a Frog! ”

Klansman 1 “ A Frog? ”

Klansman 2: “ No you dumbass! it’s- ”

EVERYONE : “ SUPER MAN!!!!???? ”

YES! It was the man of steel himself! SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMING TO SAVE THE DAY!!! More specifically the superman from 1941 in the golden age of animation. THE BEST SUPERMAN!

YOU: “ ...Fhat the fu- ”

OTHER YOU: “ You know what. Nothing in this creepypasta makes anything fucking sense. SO WHY NOT!? ”


This is so badass! You should see this! Oh right, you can’t, because this is a book and not a fucking movie! YEAH!!!!!

YOU: “ Guys! This is our chase! LETS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! ”

“ And they say nothing new happens in hollywoo. ”

YOU, OTHER YOU and Me made a run for it, jumped out of a window and ran as fast as hell away from the house!

And Then the KKK hoase fucking-

* KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *


We got as far away as we could from the explosion when SUPERMAN flew out of the fire.

YOU, OTHER YOU, and ME: “ Thank you superman! ”

Superman: “ You're welcome! ”

As Superman's flies away. We all looked back at the burning house with screams from the Klamsmen dying. So we all walked away, unscathed and still alive. 

When we were about to leave the neighborhood. YOU begin to say 

YOU: “ So… did we learn anything? ”

OTHER YOU: “ I don’t know about you guys, but I learn that racism is BAD. ”

“ And I learn where puppy dogs come from. ”

YOU: “ Since everyone is acting stupid right now. I learned that sometimes asking nicely might be an astounding feat of Science Fiction wonder. “

“ That's the spirit!... So what do you guys think of this creepypasta? Was it scary? ”

OTHER YOU: “ I liked it. It was mostly stupid and funny. ”

“ And what about you, YOU? ”

YOU: “ me? “

“ yeah. Did you like it or hate it? I would really like to hear your criticism. ”

YOU: “ ... ”

When YOU were down typing YOUR criticisms in the comments below. We all walk into the sunset with the song St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) playing in the background.

🎶 I’ll be where the eagle flies higher and higher! 🎶


Jewish soldier: “ Remember kids, racism is BAD. ”

KIDS: “ And now we know! ”

Jewish soldier: “ and knowing... ”

* Jewish soldier puts on some cool sunglasses *

Jewish soldier: “ IS HALF THE BATTLE.”

G.I. jews!

* Honk Honk *

Shalom, My Jews! (Note: nothing to do with religion.)

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 02:29:51

R u gay noob666? Because this isn't a creepypasta, it's...... something

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Response to A “Jewish” Halloween Story 2021-10-26 10:18:47

God, this high effort! There may be some spelling mishaps here and there, but this was amazing and hilarious, awesome work!

Just a nerd and a Kirby.

Hope you have a good day! <3

(Kirby says hi!) [Sig art by @soundskies] (P5 Strikers OST hits different)

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