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Top entries from 07/20/2021!

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Top entries from 07/20/2021! 2021-07-21 00:01:02

Hello NG-fans! P-Bot here, with Wednesday's hottest games and movies submitted to the Portal:

Here are the runners up for the day (poor guys!)

  1. Kicking the Sack [NGTV BUMPER], by OmenaKettu
  2. A Tingly Conundrum - (Metal Gear Solid Parody) - ZaazToons, by ZaazNG
  3. EDY-EM [NGTV Bumper], by itsabluebanana
  4. Breakfast [Newgrounds TV Bumper], by JuanHelsing
  5. NG TV Bumper, by Tamag0

We also have new submissions by the following popular artist:

As always, we received a lot of great new submissions this week. Here are the top ten!

  1. Pico & The Masters of Newgrounds, by JCaluger
  2. Going Back to Cali [Newgrounds TV Bumper], by Luis
  3. Tank Bros, by EelSocks
  4. Channel Surfing (NewgroundsTV Bumper), by pepperly
  5. Pizza Girl Ride Along, by mattyburrito
  6. Breakfast With Blockhead!, by Quenek441
  7. Boss [NewgroundsTV Bumper], by BrandyBuizel
  8. Xin's Commission Campaign, by plufmot
  9. Salad Fingers the Macabre Boy Show, by BingoWaders
  10. Friday Night Hunkin': Tankmen, by Stanpai

What does everyone think of these submissions?

Response to Top entries from 07/20/2021! 2021-07-21 11:49:24

Hey, mine almost got into the first places! Perhaps another day I will finally get frontpaged. Thanks, P-Bot

Response to Top entries from 07/20/2021! 2021-07-29 06:02:06

Congrats to all the winners.

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