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LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+)

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LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:33:25

(Gosh I wish the forums had ratings like art posts did, but for goodness sakes please I don't want minors around here.)

Hi, call me LL, L or Lady. I'm just a woman in my 30's that likes to draw and write porn on occasion. (sometimes that occasion is rather frequent)

I've been able to throw on sketches to more of my finished pieces for fun but I have a bunch of other sketches that have no real place, so I'll just use the forums as my sketchdump spot or whatever art I have that I just don't feel fits having it's own entry in the art portal. I have plenty of work in my art submissions you can check out, otherwise


What to expect here:

A lot of Women with non-human Men or Men in Armor, capable women, and women's-focused pleasure because that's what I like. Also Helmet girls are cool and you don't see enough of them in porn IMO.

If I have any outliers, it's because it's something I drew for a friend.

I don't draw a lot of fanart, instead most my art is character-focused works so I might as well use this place to introduce them so that it's not completely confusing when I post sketches:


First and foremost, my girl Ketna, you'll see her the most in my art. She's an Armor-wearing vigilante and takes her the secrecy of her identity enough to even try to obscure it in civilian settings. As such she makes a point to obscure her most identifying features so you won't see them in my art. So if you see her with head-coverings and what not, that's why.


A full profile on my toyhouse if you want.



The next character you might see frequently is Vazaroust. He is an alien courtesan, and his species is blind. He makes for the second main character for a lit series I've been slowly working on.


His full profile as well.

(will be adding more)

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:34:58


Next character you may see frequently is R'Vindr. A full body cyborg in the sense that his only remaining organic component is his brain, though he'd prefer to be referred to as a robot. He's incredibly wealthy and a self-described slut and hedonist. Takes a great interest in sexual modifications for both cyborgs and robots alike. His knowledge of the brain/machine interface is unparalleled. 




Another notable but less frequent character is Zorn, bio-synethic cyborg. Assassin by trade, he's been so modified and his original species is both unknown and unidentifiable. Has an appetite for testing his limits, dominating sex and sadism. One could say he enjoys his job a little too much.


Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:37:29



These two are more side characters than anything, they appear less frequently than the others.

The first is Udaesnmocris, a self-important Dom, and the second is Sikarien, his much larger live-in Pet and Sub.



Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:41:19


Wojciech used to be a Private Sector Security bot but lost that job after he experienced a breakdown at the loss of his handler. Just really likes organic partners.




Q'ymot has some appearance in what I'm writing but I haven't drawn him much.


Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:46:22

These next two characters aren't mine, but rather they belong to friends of mine but I borrow them frequently enough that I feel I need a footnote for them.


So if you look through my art you gonna see this guy... a lot...

He belongs to GildedAshes and is a Mob Boss. And what's more fun than making a Vigilante hook up with a Crime boss? Well, there you have it, that's the hook, and it's spurred so much porn both written and Illustrated. Ketna and Xerxes relationship is complicated and there's a lot of Power Play between them,

I have a running series of their written escapades on AO3





This is another friend's character, Hartequate, a blind alien race and 3 part multiple system.


Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:49:32

Okay enough of the character dump, have a couple of older sketch pages I like


I just think the top right sketch is cute


Some sketch of Udaesnmocris and Sikarien double teaming Ketna. Was gonna color it but never did.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:52:13

A rare fanart post I didn't feel like submitting to the art gallery.

Pokephilia :U


I just want a Tyranitar to rail me.


A dragon and monster pokemon party all teaming up on a female Kommo-O

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:53:47

Okay another 2 fanart


Samus and Doomguy quckie. Armor Only.


Siris and Isa from Infinity Blade getting some much needed stress relief.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-03 16:56:35


Some Vazaroust and Ketna sketches, with R'Vindr's hands in the top right corner.


Some really, really really self-indulgent fingering.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-04 13:09:02


Something a little different, Ketna fellating R'Vindr upon his instruction.

What's not depicted however is that R'Vindr's got feedback toys in Ketna while she's doing this. So he can feel her mouth and her cunt at the same time if he so chooses, on top of stimulating her.


Complicated is definitely a word for their 'relationship'.

My Ketna directing gilded_ashes's Xerxes by the leash.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-05 15:22:42


A study I did involving one of those underboob jackets.. Only there really wouldn't be much to show in this case.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-05 15:24:25


It's a crime that it's taken me this long to give Ketna a bodysuit/crop-jacket look. Still need to finalize it.


The only problem with full body suits is you gotta pull the whole thing down and it's not very great for being discrete.. unless you don't care about being discrete. 

(also I wasn't sure who to partner her with so the hands don't belong to anyone in particular)

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-04-20 17:11:13


Some sketches with Vazaroust


Drawing very large characters is difficult but it's fun to draw manhandling when I get it right.

Response to LL's Sketchbook (NSFW 18+) 2021-06-02 09:24:03

It's been a while, time to update the thread with a couple more sketches.


Because I like to make outfits


face reveal, for him, not for the audience.