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Your thoughts on Cancun Cruz?

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Rafael seems to be in a bit of a pickle guys.


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Hmmm... What should I think of a guy who didn't support the Constitution for a mostly ceremonial event of recognizing the next president, while supporting a former president's bid to stay in power by trying to scuttle our democracy in an attempted soft coup that led to violent insurrection that ultimately failed on Jan 6th at the capital?

And what should I think of a guy who ran to warmer weather, and getting police to meet him at the airport for protection, during a time when his own constituents were freezing to death in their homes, after state wide power outages, and then blaming his daughters for the idea because he wanted to be a good father to them....

Something beneath pond scum, comes to mind.

Response to Your thoughts on Cancun Cruz? 2021-02-23 11:51:45


Photo op of Ted giving out water for PR, which is like Trump holding a bible in front of a Church after gassing peaceful protestors out of the way for it.