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Guess i wrote this.

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Guess i wrote this. 2021-01-15 17:22:06

at first light 

a grimdark garden warfare story 

“Big guns never tire” That is what sgt. petals was telling his men when they were about to leave their trenches for the first time since the third offensive. Morale was low, The boys hadn’t heard anything about more rations or ammunition from command in three weeks.

The little radio in the bunker was all they had for ways to contact command. Save for sending a message on foot. But it was dangerous work. Leaving the trenches and walking through miles of swamplands, shell craters, what barely counted as ruined houses, 

and pits full of the bodies of human militia and plant soldiers. And at any time you could be ambushed by zombies that got seperated from their marching convoy, hit by a shell, Or just fall into a pit and never get out. And that is what you had to do if you wanted to reach forward command. Sgt. petals would never let his men die for a message that would be almost always ignored by the brass. He focused his mind on the business at hand. The men were lined up in the trenches. They had been there, ready for the attack since midnight. Waiting for the all-clear from overwatch.

Pvt. sanders, A human soldier holding a rifle and wearing worn-out civil defense fatigues approached sgt. petals and told him “Overwatch has given us the ok” Sgt. petals told his men to rise from the trenches and run to the zombie trench. They would be covered by heavy weapons on the way over. Sgt petals gave the order to rush out of the trench. On his order twenty peashooters and five human soldiers rose from the trench to raid the enemy. The attack was going as planned. The plants and human soldiers reached the middle of no man’s land before the zombie gun crews spotted them and opened fire. The plant gun crews at the trench opened fire as well, Sgt. petal’s men were caught in the crossfire and they kept running. The zombies were preoccupied with shooting at the plant heavy weapons that the plants and humans all reached the trench in time. Alarms began to sound inside the zombie trench. And zombie soldiers began to attempt to stop the raid. One group of poorly trained zombies ran out of the barracks and began trying to take down the plants. Only one of them had a gun. Pvt. sanders was quick to gun down one of them heading straight for him. The one with the gun was quickly blasted with what solar energy petals had left in him. He had to start using weapons made for humans because zombie factories and vehicles clogged the air up with smoke, This was a battle tactic that the zombies use constantly. Plants can’t make their own ammo without the power of the sun. After the welcome party had been finished. The real battle began. Their mission was not just a raid on the trenches. Zombies almost have an infinite recruit pool. So thinning their ranks was almost a pointless exercise in futility, “the hunger of the dead knows know end” The point was to capture their leader and destroy their weapons and infrastructure. The strike team entered the indoor area of the trenches. It was dimly lit with yellow incandescent bulbs. 12 sets of tables, chairs and beds filled the room. Red lightbulbs on the ceiling flashed when they entered. A door on the other side of the room opened with a rusty hiss.

A squad of zombie troopers opened the door and threw gas bombs in, These bombs began to release a mixture of chlorine gas, weed killer, and other toxins into the air of the room. Pvt. sanders yelled “Remember your training men! masks on!” In almost an instant Everyone pulled their masks over their faces and were protected from the gas, The air was soon tinted a horrible shade of purple as the enemy entered the room. The first shot was fired by a zombie entering the room and it hit the gas mask lens of one of the human soldiers and broke it. the gas seeped in the crack, killing him. The men would mourn him later. They returned fire and hit a zombie right in the head, and his head popped right off his thin neck. Sgt. petals reloaded his pistol, he could feel The sap in his veins rushing through his body. One zombie shot the masks of three peashooters. Killing them. The zombies were quickly disposed of with a frag grenade. then they passed through the door, taking them to where the zombie armory was, racks of rifles, bombs, and armor, filled the room. This was their first objective. Sgt. petals took out a peculiar device. A garden gnome holding a bomb. He lit the fuse. He told his men “we have ten minutes to find the zombie officer and take him back for questioning.” He ordered the humans to stay behind and defend the gnome bomb. after a short walk through the tunnels, They found a room labeled: “Boz offiz (NO ENTERIN WIV OUT PERMIZION)” After kicking down the door, They found the zombie officer they needed. He was found defenseless and raised his hands, admitting defeat. After cuffing him sgt. petals ordered his men to return to base. The mission was a success. After crossing no man’s land and throwing the zombie officer in the holding cell for questioning later. The men watched the zombie bunker explode for across no man’s land. It was an energetic boost to morale. Sgt. petals knew this was but one tiny victory in a war on a scale never before seen. But he knew that he couldn’t save suburbia himself. His men were the real heroes.

Good? bad? im the guy with the gun! I'd say im sorry, but you'd know it wouidnt be sincere, so have a nice day!

caleb reads ep1!

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