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NG Voice Acting Collaboration 2021!

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Hey everyone!

I posted a thread in the voice acting forum for NGVAC 2021! Here’s the link to it so you can take a look!


What I’m looking for on the collaboration forum are individuals with experience in sound design/production. I didn’t realize how time consuming it was and I was very fortunate to get some help to wrap up the first NGVAC. For the second one, I want to make sure I have more hands on deck for the production side, especially in sound design. Having the right music and sound effects will give the skits the character and personality they deserve. If you have experience in sound design and you’re interested in joining the NGVAC crew, shoot a reply below or send me a direct message 😊

If you took the time to listen to the first collaboration, thank you so much for listening and showing your support! The entire crew appreciates it!


You need a voice? I got one for ya! :D

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